Cannabis Culture News LIVE: 4/20 Bigger Than Ever in 2011

CANNABIS CULTURE – Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE for the latest news and views on pot politics and the marijuana community. Today on the show: 4/20 around the globe! This year’s April 20 celebration of cannabis culture was more massive than ever before. Get high with us and watch some videos from the big day.

Vancouver 4/20 organizer Jodie Emery joins Cannabis Culture Editor Jeremiah Vandermeer to discuss the marijuana community’s biggest 4/20 celebration ever, with large events in Vancouver, Colorado, and many other locations in North America and around the world. We will play some choice videos of the global celebration.

Jodie will also discuss the latest on her imprisoned husband, Prince of Pot Marc Emery. Go to to find out more about Marc Emery.

Also on the show: we play cannabis activist (and former CC editor) Dana Larsen’s speech from the BC NDP Leadership Assembly and show you some great coverage of the event from the CBC.

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Stuff from today’s show:

Dana Larsen Speaks at BC NDP Leadership Assembly

BC NDP Candidate Dana Larsen Interviewed at Leadership Assembly

Vancouver 4/20 Celebration Gets Political

Media Loves 4/20 Marijuana Celebrations

Vancouver 420, Toke to Vote 2011, CTV News, Jodie Emery

Vancouver @ Victoria,420 Global BCTV NEWS, With Ted Smith

4/20 Hashmob in Dundas Square

‘A’ NEWS Cops Bust 4 20 Pot Puffers, LONDON ONTARIO

420 Vancouver history

Libby Davies Says NO to the War on Drugs at Vancouver 4/20

420 Denver Colorado 2011 KINFOKE TV

Thousands show up for 420 at the Vancouver Art Gallery

420 Vancouver 2011 marijuana party WIZARDS (WIZERDZ) PLAYING LIVE

420 Art Gallery 2011 POT PARTY

4/20 celebrations cast haze over cities

Jeremiah Vandermeer is editor of Cannabis Culture. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.