Prince of Pot’s Wife Jodie Emery at Vancouver 4/20

(Photo by Brett Beadle)(Photo by Brett Beadle)CANNABIS CULTURE – Jodie Emery, wife of imprisoned marijuana activist Marc Emery, will be speaking to an estimated 15,000 people at the Art Gallery in downtown Vancouver on Wednesday, April 20 at the annual 4/20 cannabis protest and celebration.

Marc Emery and wife Jodie attend and help organize 4/20 every year, but since Emery was extradited to the United States on May 20, 2010, this is the first time Vancouver’s 4/20 will happen without him.

“My husband will miss this protest because he is currently a political prisoner in the United States, serving time for selling seeds to finance the marijuana movement, as admitted by the US Drug Enforcement Administration,” Jodie Emery said.

“He was ordered extradited by the Harper Government, and was just notified on Friday that he won’t be transferred home to Canada to serve the remainder of his sentence. We’re reminding all supporters to punish Harper’s Conservatives on election day for sending Marc down to an unjust five-year US prison sentence.”

The 4/20 event will feature large “Vote on May 2” and “Free Marc” banners on a main stage, with music and speakers providing entertainment and education. Jodie Emery will be a regular voice on stage to talk about her husband’s imprisonment, the danger of a Conservative majority government, and the importance of voting.

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