BC NDP Leadership Candidate Dana Larsen Endorses John Horgan as Second Ballot Choice

CANNABIS CULTURE – BC NDP leadership candidate Dana Larsen announced on Friday that he is calling upon his supporters to put John Horgan as their second ballot choice.

“To all the new activists who joined the BC NDP to support my leadership bid, and to the grassroots members who welcome the vision and boldness of my campaign, I am publicly declaring that John Horgan has won my second ballot support,” Larsen said.

“After spending three months on the campaign trail with all the candidates, I’ve had a chance to see how party members, the media and the public react to their policies and personalities,” he said. “I believe John Horgan has the populist charisma to win the next provincial election.”

Larsen stated that he was won over by Horgan’s depth on public policy stemming from his experience when the NDP held government in the 90s, and the outstanding work he has done as an Opposition MLA.

“John can explain complex issues in a way that lets people understand how government decisions will affect them,” Larsen said. “He proved that as Critic for both the Education and Energy Ministries, and has demonstrated it to packed halls around the province during this Leadership tour. He is the Premier BC desperately needs right now. We can’t take four more years of Liberal rule.”