Head Shop Hosts Q&A with BC NDP Leadership Candidate Dana Larsen

CANNABIS CULTURE – BC NDP leadership candidate Dana Larsen is a pioneer of pot politics. He’s the first political candidate from one of BC’s two major provincial parties to call for the full legalization of marijuana. He’s the first politician ever endorsed by legendary filmmaker Tommy Chong. And now he’s the first mainstream candidate to campaign across British Columbia at marijuana dispensaries and head shops.

The next stop on his campaign tour is on Vancouver Island at Nanaimo’s Rasta Troll (56 Victoria Crescent – see map below) for a public question and answer session on Tuesday, March 29 from 3:00pm – 4:00pm.

Click here to go to the Dana Goes to Rasta Troll Facebook page.

“The cannabis community just wants to be accepted as regular members of society and have our place in the chamber of commerce and the mainstream business community,” Larsen told Cannabis Culture

Larsen is the former editor of Cannabis Culture and the founder of the Vancouver Seed Bank and The Vancouver Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary.

“Patients and dispensary operators like my idea of having dispensaries fall under provincial jurisdiction,” he said, “and they want to have some kind of regulation and licensing at the provincial level.”

Larsen is a long-time NDP member and heads up a drug-reform group within the party called End Prohibition. Over the last few weeks, Larsen has been crisscrossing the province, making appearances and taking part in several leadership debates with other NDP candidates.

Press coverage of the candidate has been mostly positive and reactions to his platform have been well received – including plans to make the Vancouver SkyTrain free for all passengers, to put warning labels and tax sugar-filled beverages, to decriminalize and unionize Vancouver’s sex trade, and to eliminate the province’s financial deficit by reversing corporate tax cuts and taxing the super-rich.

Go to VoteDana.ca to find out how to become a member of the BC NDP and support Dana Larsen.

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