Kind Words: The Return of the Prodigal Mama

Illustration by Gary WintleIllustration by Gary WintleI started my career at Cannabis Culture when Marc Emery hired me just over a decade ago to be an assistant to Dana Larsen, then Editor-in-Chief of the magazine.

It was my first introduction to the businesses of publishing, pot and activism (I say “business” of activism, because I also found out then that an activist who can’t hustle to fund her projects, doesn’t get to see those projects come to fruition). It was sort of the halcyon days of CC-land; lavish pot parties (both of the entertaining and political sort) came about, POT-TV hit the ground running, Emery Seeds was doing well and so Marc was able to bankroll what seemed like the world to “Overgrow the Government.” Much of the pantheon of ganja celebrities, businessfolk, cultivators, breeders and activists had swarmed to Vansterdam at one point or other, like poets to Paris, to soak in the THC-laden atmosphere, share ideas and implement them.

It was in the CC forums that I first used my nom de plume and where I first tried my hand at sharing some of the kinky, smutty and downright depraved thoughts that float through my brainpan whilst higher than a sherpa. It was Marc who initially suggested that I splay my naughtiness on the printed page. Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that CC wasn’t quite ready for such lofty notions as “bongsluttism” and “pussytoking,” even if a certain small percentage of small “c” cannabis culture was indeed ready, bent over and grabbing their ankles for it. As the song goes, “there is a time for every purpose under Heaven,” including discussions of whether skronking in your growroom will enhance resin production.

Well, it seems that time is now. Don’t worry—you can stop shading your eyes from the screen, you won’t turn to a pillar of salt—I won’t inundate you with tales of my sexual exploits and ruminations; you can get your fill of that in SKUNK Magazine, along with the sage words of Marc & Jodie in their blog “Pot Politicking” and this Fall, when you pick up my book, Sex Pot: The Marijuana Lover’s Guide to Getting’ It On, published by Ed Rosenthal’s Quick Trading Co.

I will be sharing my thoughts on writing, activism, modern parenting, the cannabis industry, being a medicinal cannabis consumer, pop pot culture and yes, even growing. There might even be a strain review or two thrown in for good measure, not to step on my buddy Marijuana Man’s toes or anything.

Thanks for inviting me back to play in your backyard, Cannabis Culture, SKUNKy as I am. Aaaahhhh yes… it’s the warm and familiar scent of a dank family reunion.



  1. Allison Bigelow on

    Hello Lisa, great to hear from you, and so glad to hear you have a book coming out. Hey Lisa, I miss your old tag line about your Dad, something like “My Dad says I don’t just smell like marijuana, I smell like I am marijuana.” Was that it? I always just got the biggest kick out of that! Much love to you and your family! Allison

  2. Mama Kind on

    Your welcome! Please send pics to [email protected] ;-D

  3. Anonymous on

    I never thought about doing it in the ‘green’ room.

  4. Chuck 'D' Weismiller on

    Great to see that you’re gonna have a new blog! I’m super psyched. It was thanks to you that one of my posts got over a hundred page views, and I appreciated it.

    I find your sense of righteousness and humor to mirror my own and am honored to know ya. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, especially on activism and parenting, as I am quite active in both of those pursuits right now.

    Keep fighting the good fight, Mamakind!

    -Chuck ‘D’ Weismiller aka The Practical Toker

  5. Mama Kind on

    um…yeah, I can tell…

  6. Mama Kind on

    I know! I joined Mensa right after I wrote this blog… ;-p

  7. foam on

    Warm welcome Mama with cherry and whipcream and warm smells hee!! I’m really high just about now…

  8. Anonymous on

    and people say pot makes ya’ smarter…christ who knew!!!!!!!!!!!!