33 Men and Their Marijuana

CANNABIS CULTURE – What would you do if your loved one was trapped down a mine shaft? Why, send them some marijuana, of course.

A forthcoming book by New York Times journalist Jonathan Franklin, 33 Men, reports that family members smuggled pot in their letters to some of the trapped Chilean miners.

One miner, Samuel Avalos, complained that a group of his fellow captives would sneak away to smoke their smuggled smiley weed. They “never even offered me one” he lamented, although he was desperate to relieve the stress of his predicament. Not cool, dudes.

To relieve their sexual tension, someone offered to send the men 10 inflatable dolls. But since a doll couldn’t sent for every miner, they settled for pornography instead. When it came to cannabis, not having enough to go around “created more tension than it relieved,” so, the book claims, officials discussed using a sniffer dog to intercept the pot packages.

Wouldn’t it have been more humane to simply send enough for everyone to join the party?

In comments on one article, many were shocked that the miners weren’t the morally upright heroes they were depicted to be (uh, that cover was blown when their mistresses showed up). But Gerald wrote, “Drugs and inflatable dolls? Beats having a ball named Wilson to keep you occupied.”

It’s reminiscent of psychonaut Terence McKenna who, when asked what one drug he would want on hand if he were imprisoned, replied, marijuana, because it was most suited to frequent use. (Hear Terence on why there isn’t a cannabis break instead of a coffee break in union contracts.) Here he says using it once a week would be optimal.

Thanks to Joy Behar for noticing this breaking story.

Ellen Komp is an activist and writer who manages the website VeryImportantPotheads.com.