Obama Proposes 43 Percent Cut For Murtha’s National Drug Intelligence Center

A project championed by the late Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) got the axe in the fiscal year 2012 budget proposed by President Barack Obama on Monday.

The National Drug Intelligence Center is slated to receive 43.2 percent less money in 2012, going from a budget of $44 million to just $25 million.

Justice Department officials are “reviewing how best to use NDIC’s personnel and resources,” according to the budget proposal, which would cut $8 million from administration and management, $5.9 million from intelligence collection and analysis and $5.3 million from staffing — eliminating 19 positions that are authorized but unfunded.

NDIC, based in Johnstown, Pa., was started in 1993. The Bush administration spent years trying to end the center, but Murtha protected it until he died last year. The Wall Street Journal reported last month that the White House had proposed cutting the budget by $17 million. The final number was $19.3 million.

– Article from Talking Points Memo.