Pot Activist Politico Dana Larsen Wants To Curb Unhealthy Munchies

CANNABIS CULTURE – Marijuana activist turned BC NDP Leadership candidate Dana Larsen pledged today to add a stiff tax and visual warning labels to sugar-sweetened beverages if he becomes Premier of British Columbia.

“BC is in the midst of an obesity epidemic,” Larsen said in a press release. “And a major contributor to obesity is overconsumption of sugar sweetened beverages (SSBs).”

Examples of SSBs include soft drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, and fruit “punches” and “cocktails”.

Obesity-related illnesses cost British Columbians over $450 million every year, and include cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. About 60% of adults and 29% of youth in BC are overweight or obese. Studies show that up to 20% of adult obesity is the direct result of SSB consumption.

“A Health Protection Tax on sugar sweetened beverages has been recommended by many health bodies, including BC’s Provincial Health Services Authority, Canada’s Childhood Obesity Foundation, and the US Institute of Medicine,” said Larsen. “A tax on SSBs has also been recommended by a major study in the New England Journal of Medicine. I believe that such a tax is a good first step, but much more should be done.”

Larsen has outlined a seven-point plan to reduce the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages and improve public health:

1) Add a 25% tax to all sugar sweetened beverages.

2) Use some of this tax revenue to launch an ad campaign to educate British Columbians about the health risks of SSBs. Put the rest into subsidizing the price of healthier food choices such as fruits and vegetables.

3) Mandate visual warning labels to SSBs which clearly illustrate the health consequences of consuming these beverages. (Examples included in Backgrounder)

4) Forbid using the term “juice” for beverages containing added sugar or sweetener.

5) Ban the sale of soft drinks and SSBs in all publicly funded spaces (BC Ferries, Hospitals, Schools, Skytrain stations, etc).

6) Ensure plentiful access to free, sanitary water fountains in all public places.

7) Look at the potential benefits of similar warning labels for other harmful junk food products.

“British Columbians shouldn’t be subsidizing the hidden costs of sugar sweetened beverages,” Larsen said. “As Premier I would ensure that consumers are made aware of the serious health consequences of these drinks on themselves and their children.”

Larsen has also promised, if elected, to end the war on marijuana in British Columbia. Since announcing his candidacy in late December, he has received endorsements from marijuana icon Tommy Chong and pot-puffing pro wrestler Rob Van Dam.

Go to VoteDana.ca to find out how you can help Dana Larsen become leader of the BC NDP. Watch videos from Dana’s campaign on YouTube.



  1. Anonymous on

    (Extension of previous post.)

    Oh, and try honey instead and put it where ever you were used to put sugar.

    It’s more expensive indeed, but I haven’t had a flue or cold since decades ever since!

    Try subsidising beekeepers instead and let abandoned fields full of wild flowers have priotity over building or mining projects in this country.

    Thank you.

    By: Guerilla Geronimo.

  2. Anonymous on

    That’s f**king hypocrite of you Dana!

    I more than liked your poetry and stories, but now that you try to pull thisone off, I got to frown and think twice about you.

    Haven’t you noticed that everything ment to do “good” these days is turning out to become the worst decision ever?

    Good intentions always turn to BAD on the long run .

    YOU are trying to f**k with someones free will and in the process undermines his souvereignity and reason to become responsible.

    The criteria goes here> : If you haven’t got MY consent obtained through one on one negotiation…Please stay out of my business.

    On smoking tobacco the same thing, one would brake the same principles as with marijuana.

    I , and my whole family enjoy smoking tobacco, but none of us smokes it into their lungs or make it a habit of overdoing it.

    I teached my meanwhile grown up childeren to go about it this way, It was my responsibility to teach them right from stupid..
    Native americans smoked tobacco for eons, partly ceremonially and partly recreationally, some of these ppl could run 400 km in one go, so please go f**k yourselves you tobacco nazi with your first post !

    Oh and btw, the current tax on tobacco doesn’t realy serve our health, since it goes off from the budget to buy healthy food. (Hence i use to grow our own tobacco but it’s not in everyones ability.) ^^

    I honestly can’t stand ppl who want to oppress others for sake of some “larger” good while the main objective is to look good on the ballot.

    You still have me Dana, let there be no doubt, but I hope YOU will take the above into consideration !

    Don’t be a hypocite man! maybe you even believe in it yourselves but oppresion never leads to much good, common! You could do better than that.

    There are alternatives, like someone mentioned before.

  3. Anonymous on

    cigarettes like ganja should not be banned. I respectively submit that you can not force people to do what “you” want them to do.
    All you can do is offer the truth about the product, the help to not do it and other deterrents such as high taxation and rules governing use.
    I applaud Dana’s want to warn and tax these products because just banning leads to nothing, but blackmarket and gang enrichment.
    We need to learn from our past mistakes and not keep repeating them.

  4. phostone on

    What about aspartame? I would love to see labels for this as well.

  5. Anonymous on

    free the weed .i can see this.trust me it not the sugar it is how much everyone enjoys eating.i have lost 70 lbs i didnt stop or change my sodas intake.i still drink 5 sodas a day.when you sit down to eat take 2/3 of the food off your plate .and put it in the trash.i eat 5-6 meal a day .i have went from a 4xl shirt to a large shirt.from a 44 inch pants to 34 inch pants.so dont blame the sugar aaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. Sweet Tooth on

    Yo Dana, if you ever get elected to anything except cloakroom moniter
    at a a vapour lounge just remember
    telling other people how to live
    dictating what they should put into their own body
    is our cue to pull a full Cairo and kick you out of office
    & send you back to the dope bizz where your true talents lay

    just sayin’

  7. mtnlionco on

    sugarless soft drinks and chewing gum with aspartame in them are much more harmful than those with sugar.

    and folks should be free to choose which they want to consume without government interference.

  8. Anonymous on

    The sugar thing is good but an even better idea would be to advocate the total prohibition of tobacco in the entire Province of BC, and ultimately the entire country by placing it into Schedule 1 of the CDSA. Nicotine is highly addictive and a deadly poison with no accepted medical use. Under the apparent CDSA guidelines, tobacco MUST be included in Schedule 1 or else the entire CDSA must be scrapped as an arbitrary legislation. It will be interesting to see how the Health Canada tries to squirm out of that, knowing full well that virtually every convenience store in the country is dependent on the ill gotten income derived from selling an addictive poison for purely recreational use. If they can’t provide a valid reason for not prohibiting tobacco then they sure won’t be able to provide a valid reason for the continued prohibition of Cannabis. You could do the same with coffee but tobacco is more similar to Cannabis in that they are both consumed in the same manner. Be sure to point out the fact that the often cited reports about Cannabis containing as much carcinogens as many cigarettes has been shown to be based on bogus studies. That was just another made up scare tactic by the dictatorship, I mean the government.