Saskatchewan Delegate Sparks Debate Over Medical Marijuana

Caleb Hubbell heads to Ottawa to lobby for a change in the medical marijuana program.Caleb Hubbell heads to Ottawa to lobby for a change in the medical marijuana program.While members of Parliament head back to the hill Monday, medical marijuana advocates from across the country are following suite.

What began as a Facebook support group for medical marijuana users, has grown into a lobby group with a country-wide network and Monday members of the Medical Marijuana Access Regulations lobby group are taking their message to the top.

“We’re going to occupy the public gallery in the House of Commons. Our goal is to respectfully follow the rules of Parliament; exercise our right to observe those who are deciding our fate; speak publicly about our situation and lobby for change,” said Saskatchewan’s only delegate Caleb Hubbell.

When Hubbell was six, he was diagnosed with a degenerative bone disease and by 12 had severe arthritis. He was managing his conditions until a couple years ago when he was crushed by a sheet of steel while on the job and hasn’t worked since.

“Doctors had me on such a high narcotic painkiller regime. I was taking morphine patches, delotid and other medication and was getting heartburn from all the pills. And then I was having problems sleeping because of all the pills and my body started shutting down after about two years on pills.”

– Article from Prince Albert Daily Herald.