Bill S-10 Internet Jam: Online Protest of Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Marijuana

CANNABIS CULTURE – Tell the Conservative and Liberal leaders of Canada to say NO to Bill S-10 and oppose harsh new mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana offences – join the online protest by posting messages of Drug Peace on their official Twitter and Facebook pages!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada have been pushing dangerous new drug legislation that, if passed, will put thousands of non-violent marijuana users behind bars and waste billions of taxpayer dollars on expensive new prisons. Bill S-10 would bring American-style mandatory minimum jail sentences for marijuana offences to Canada for the first time.

The Bill has already been passed by the Senate, and must be approved by the House of Commons before becoming law. The Liberal Party of Canada, the official opposition, and its leader Michael Ignatieff have recently signaled some opposition to these new laws, but they have failed to make marijuana policy a priority, and need to be pressured to stand strong against the Conservatives for the good of all Canadians.

Social media networks are becoming increasingly important in building activist networks and are helping to bring significant political change to countries around the world. Twitter and Facebook pages have now become official sources of information release for many political parties, media outlets, and many other organizations.

These pages are like a digital offices – places where members of those groups go to hang out and discuss issues – and great places to host sit-in style protests. Instead of occupying a Member of Parliament’s office, we can occupy his or her Facebook page! Instead of gathering on the lawn of the Parliament House to wave our signs, we can host a sit-in on Stephen Harper’s Twitter page! Just like the activist Phone Jams, we can flood these social media sites with messages and Jam their pages.


Use the following Facebook and Twitter addresses and (politely) tell the Conservatives and the Liberals to say NO to mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana, to oppose Bill S-10, and to end Canada’s War on Drugs. Tell them that there’s no reason to put more Canadians in jail at a time when the crime rate is going down!

FACEBOOK: Go to these pages and post comments on their walls and posts (you will have to click “Like” first – but you can always “Unlike” when you are done).
Conservative Party Facebook Page
Stephen Harper’s Facebook Page

Liberal Party Facebook Page
Michael Ignatieff’s Facebook Page

TWITTER: Place the following Hash Tags and @Mentions at the end of your tweets to make them visible in several locations – click on the tag to see the corresponding page.
Conservative Party Hash Tag: #cpc
Stephen Harper Hash Tag: #pmharper
Stephen Harper @Mention: @pmharper

Liberal Party Hash Tag: #lpc
Liberal Party @Mention: @liberal_party
Michael Ignatieff @Mention: @M_Ignatieff

Canadian Politics Hash Tag: #cdnpoli

(Just for fun, you can add the Hash Tag #netjam to your posts so they can be tracked here

Here are a couple examples.

REMEMBER TO BE PROFESSIONAL! Using offensive language will never win people to our way of thinking, so play nice! Copy and paste the same message, or write as many separate messages as you feel like! If you find other Conservative and Liberal Facebook and Twitter pages, add the links in the comments section.

If you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, get one now! Make sure to share this page.

You can also protest directly to Liberal and Conservative at these email addresses and telephone numbers:

Liberal Party: [email protected]
Conservative Party: Click here
Liberal Party: (613) 237-0740
Conservative Party: (866) 808-8407
Members of Parliament (click on your MP’s name)
Click here to find out more about Conservative Bill S-10.



  1. Anonymous on

    The ‘internet’ topic triggers more response than the weed topic after this comment, but you just advertised Big Pharma limp sausage helping chemicals and advertising the company who made blackberry’s from Waterloo, on top of knowing you’d panic without your blackberry…. and miss out on rubbish – imagine all your data disappeared? and your connection…. Satellite technology is a war that existed from the cold war race to the moon (which is a waste). Wars gave you your blackberry. We live in a radioactive atmosphere, Waterloo is pretty lowland so barometric pressure on top of hydro wires is already enough to pop your ears with static in the air and have a seizure. WE ABSORB THAT USELESS INFO INTO OUR NEUROPATHIC ELECTRICAL NERVOUS SYSTEMS. The more useless info, the more static that exists, the more priority for business, the more static through your brain, wireless means we bask in radioactivity at any place on this planet, you will not escape inner electromagnetic disruptions of your body with the potential for fatal and damaging factors. AT LEAST KEEP THE RADIOACTIVITY LOW AS POSSIBLE, EFFICIENCY MEANS DO NOT WASTE! WE ABSORB THE ADDICTED PEOPLE’s INTERNET ADDICTION AND THE KIDS VIDEO GAMES ADDICTION….. try using the internet at 2 pm, then try at 3pm and then again at 3:30, then try again at 5pm…… the thing almost crashes so that means almost every person sits on their ass as soon as they walk in the door of their home, TURN on Internet Games and TV, obsessed with TV signals and there is nothing but crap on TV, you still have to pay more for what you want. Wasted radioactivy putting on garbage on TV! ALL THE LAZY GOOFS WHO STEAL ALL THE DATA MUSIC AnD MOVIES THEY POSSIBLY CAN ALSO MEANS THEY’RE ALL KLEPTOMANIACS!

    Propaganda and advertising is irritating knowing the voices and attempts at hypnotizing sales tactics. Its a difference between a decent person in reality vs the media/tax/government/TV/doctors/health/pharma/internet/privacy/audio/ – nothing is true from them! Everything is a lie and a panhandling tactic for proits. Too many McDonalds cheeseburger Nazi-like priorities, keep the conveyor belt going into the slave void of the quota of human intelligence which has been controlled by the superiors and forced to suppress the human brain potentials towards society,… and Big Parma – they decide when you die and how much info we can absorb, unfortunately its also a shame public schools are very limited, but technically they aren’t meant to use the internet as a learning phase for kids, and the law will not use any info taken or printed from the net in a court room so internet info is INVALID for anything in a real situation! Maybe a video can’t be denied for proof of something but it can still be considered fake or a scam, modified and whatever else lawyers complain about. So why are police allowed to search text message history now on phones of detainees, if you were arrested? You don’t have freedom in the machine!

    Yes, Daniel Tosh is showing outdoor activities,… but the people are pretty dumb for those things he shows. Go skiing in the winter or take a skate, snow shoeing, dogsledding, (don’t have to take the 30′ ramp to prove you’re outside). Many Canadians do the same thing on FB all summer on a computer it doesn’t matter what season it is, its too hot for them outside and the air conditioners are pumped up most of the time to freezing cold, lets get pneumonia!!! Checking CC is not a facebook activity…. Where did all the video footage come from of old film? How many hours of copying took place to get all the data for this many videos? Every pre-digital is already digital. The worlds population is unbelievable and staring at a screen becomes the biggest thing that exists. Its a bit too much thats needed and the so-called intelligence is only absorbed but not used. Where else can you use the intelligence other than having racing thoughts that stress you out, the 100 yr old Monks lived that long because of not doing information overload their whole life….. the more info, the shorter your life, absorb distraction from health. As for Canadian health new generation have lower life expectancy – 6% of kids and approx 15% of adults in the country are fit and at least trying to get to the ‘average’ level of what is considered healthy. The other 94% of kids and 85% of adults are not doing well, most likely 50% are very unhealthy.

  2. Boomerz on

    Dear Mr. Razorleaf

    Kudos, kudos, kudos to you and your absolutely brilliant response to Mr/Ms. Anonymous’ post (why does that choice of name not surprise me?!). Literary gems like yours truly restore my faith in the Canadian intellect!

    My son graduated with a Masters degree in English and an H.BA in Post Colonial studies. Needless to say, he is quite passionate about Canada and social issues (and the proper use of Canadian English). Like you, his arguments are informatively solid and passionately expressed in a constructive and intelligent manner.

    I am unsure of your chronological age or your background, however judging by this one response, Canadians such as yourself, give me great hope for the future of this great country.

    In closing, I would like to leave you with the same advice I encourage my son with…..


    We as Canadians need the eloquent common-sense brain-power of folks like you in places of authority.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to Mr./Ms. Anonymous’ post in such a prodigious manner.

  3. Razorleaf on

    Wow bud, thanks for dragging yourself in from the woodshed to share your opinion. I’m sure your rant would have much more impact if you didn’t spend half your time insulting us.

    First rule of selling an idea – Do not alienate your audience!

    So what if we use the internet and Youtube (proportionately) more than any other country on earth? Maybe you haven’t noticed, the majority of us (Canadians) consider the internet a very valuable tool for surviving long winters and extreme distances – both things that we proudly call part of our undeniable Canadian identity – we are big, we are cold and we love to talk and laugh!

    Denigrating us for becoming world leaders in understanding and effectively utilizing the most powerful communication tool ever devised by man is not only despicable, but primitive, ignorant and dangerous. It displays a glaring lack of respect for the intelligence and creative thinking that constantly puts us on top of those statistical lists you like to quote. I would hate to think what kind of protest you would have launched at Gutenburg, had you been there at the dawn of the printed word and imminent spread of global literacy? (by the way the ellipsis is the punctuational equivalent of Viagra┬« – it makes small points look impressive, when in reality they are limp and ineffective.)

    Whilst I admit to sharing your opinion of Daniel Tosh and his television program, I have to point out that his show is about people, people like you who are doing things, often OUTSIDE! Crazy retarded stunts like jumping off a high-rise with flaming underpants into a vat of lard, a flash mob in the local mall or a funny mishap at a local soccer league match may not be considered high entertainment, but Daniel Tosh’s content comes from real life, and that’s what makes it funny and touching to it’s viewers. (Not that I am defending him)

    Whilst your concern for the nation’s health is laudable, I think we will survive your dire predictions. In fact I know I will, because I have a BlackBerry with a data plan. (BlackBerry – a mobile email communications device developed 25 yrs ago in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada!) Thanks to this handy Canadian invention, I can upload and enjoy all the rubbishy content of the internet, anywhere in Canada I bloody well want! from the summit of Whistler to Halifax’s harbour and beyond – the internet is not tied to a desk, and neither are Canadians!

    We are a nation of innovators and dreamers. But we are not without our vice and our issues. With all good, comes some bad, and like any survivor, we as Canadians, and humans, will adapt and survive. (and no, we will not all look like we belong on “WALL E”)


    *Sent from my BlackBerry

  4. Anonymous on

    At the top, it’s the biggest, near tweeter, facebook, etc.

  5. Anonymous on

    Folks who sit in front of their computer all day addicted to Facebook are the only ones willing to get involved….. you’re still just an onlooker, no use to embarrass yourself bowing to the authorities who erase the messages (like some here on CC!!!!)
    The entire internet just seems to be a playpen for video game addicts, I HATE IT, ITS SUCH A F”n LAZY BRAINWASHED LIFESTYLE! You’re lucky this is being typed here NOW! Cherish this Paragraph! There may be worse side effects than any drug on this planet if you lost you’re internet connection for more than a day,.. the younger generation of kids are addicted and reliant on it,…. this didn’t exist 20-30 yrs ago! At least available to anyone like now.

    In a recent study. Canada is the country who uses the internet and YouTube the most on this planet more than any other country including USA… (1/10th the population) and the world (1/1000th the population)
    Doesn’t that seem you’re all a bunch of kids playing games, making gay videos of irrelevant crap…. JUST WATCH TOSH.O on Comedy Channel which is becoming too popular and its getting worse! If you like the show its OK, but you can really tell the cocky little bitch attitude Daniel Tosh portrays like a 14 yr old spoiled brat now and again in his quest to make nothingness the Sunday Night prime time show! The weekly review of idiocy on the net! Who tracks all these videos…? Obsessed internet lovers with no physical health!
    Its a shame one of the least populated but largest outdoor countries is the MOST internet using and YouTube posting/viewing addicts on the planet! What a SHAME and disrespectful move to the environment and to your bodies….. I must stretch and get on my feet,…. bye bye….. see you next time in a month or two!

    …… Or are we just all high as a kite? Physical activity and sports are wicked, ‘especially on weed’ (just ask John Stewart from ‘Half Baked’ movie)!

  6. Anonymous on

    I just put a good comment on Iggy’s facebook page for the first video. I wonder how long it will stay there. It was about his inaction against S-10 and about how he laughs in the faces of Canadians who ask him about Cannabis.

  7. Dan on


    Gotta love “Adolf”Harper and his love of our “freedoms”.


  8. Anonymous on

    You can unlike any page at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar.

  9. Anonymous on

    I left a comment on the tory page regarding my objection to bill S-10. Now I can’t find a way to unlike them and of course my friends who know me think I’ve gone crazy. Help any suggestions on how to unlike myself from the Conservative website

  10. Anonymous on

    of 34,108,800 Canadians less than 1% are “Friends” of either Harper (39031) or Ignatieff(32865). With that level of support can they really represent what we the citizens of Canada actually want?

  11. Anonymous on

    They can only erase the ones from Facebook. They can’t erase anything from Twitter that has Hash Tags. They will remain.

    Who cares if they erase them? just keep posting more. Somebody sees it and it makes a difference even if it does get erased

  12. Anonymous on

    I posted a comment about S-10 on the Conservatives Facebook page and it appeared for about 3 seconds and then it was gone. They must be monitoring it very closely, or maybe they have a program to automatically delete and post with the words “sig heil” in them, like mine did. I also called him Chancellor Harper. I said that S-10 was part of Harper’s “get tough on Canadians’ civil rights” policy. Not much point in posting on their own sites where they can control it so I just posted the same thing on a blog I made called “Stephen Harper is Satan”. Let’s see him delete THAT post.

  13. Anonymous on

    Thanks CC! This is a very good idea. Time to hit these cons and libs with all we gots. I loved the phone jam and this is the perfect compliment to that. I’m going to sign up for a Twitter account right now

  14. Anonymous on

    The perfect mascot for cannabis culture.
    Should express it’s self by saying Gobble Gobble.