Bill S-10 Internet Jam: Online Protest of Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Marijuana

CANNABIS CULTURE – Tell the Conservative and Liberal leaders of Canada to say NO to Bill S-10 and oppose harsh new mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana offences – join the online protest by posting messages of Drug Peace on their official Twitter and Facebook pages!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada have been pushing dangerous new drug legislation that, if passed, will put thousands of non-violent marijuana users behind bars and waste billions of taxpayer dollars on expensive new prisons. Bill S-10 would bring American-style mandatory minimum jail sentences for marijuana offences to Canada for the first time.

The Bill has already been passed by the Senate, and must be approved by the House of Commons before becoming law. The Liberal Party of Canada, the official opposition, and its leader Michael Ignatieff have recently signaled some opposition to these new laws, but they have failed to make marijuana policy a priority, and need to be pressured to stand strong against the Conservatives for the good of all Canadians.

Social media networks are becoming increasingly important in building activist networks and are helping to bring significant political change to countries around the world. Twitter and Facebook pages have now become official sources of information release for many political parties, media outlets, and many other organizations.

These pages are like a digital offices – places where members of those groups go to hang out and discuss issues – and great places to host sit-in style protests. Instead of occupying a Member of Parliament’s office, we can occupy his or her Facebook page! Instead of gathering on the lawn of the Parliament House to wave our signs, we can host a sit-in on Stephen Harper’s Twitter page! Just like the activist Phone Jams, we can flood these social media sites with messages and Jam their pages.


Use the following Facebook and Twitter addresses and (politely) tell the Conservatives and the Liberals to say NO to mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana, to oppose Bill S-10, and to end Canada’s War on Drugs. Tell them that there’s no reason to put more Canadians in jail at a time when the crime rate is going down!

FACEBOOK: Go to these pages and post comments on their walls and posts (you will have to click “Like” first – but you can always “Unlike” when you are done).
Conservative Party Facebook Page
Stephen Harper’s Facebook Page

Liberal Party Facebook Page
Michael Ignatieff’s Facebook Page

TWITTER: Place the following Hash Tags and @Mentions at the end of your tweets to make them visible in several locations – click on the tag to see the corresponding page.
Conservative Party Hash Tag: #cpc
Stephen Harper Hash Tag: #pmharper
Stephen Harper @Mention: @pmharper

Liberal Party Hash Tag: #lpc
Liberal Party @Mention: @liberal_party
Michael Ignatieff @Mention: @M_Ignatieff

Canadian Politics Hash Tag: #cdnpoli

(Just for fun, you can add the Hash Tag #netjam to your posts so they can be tracked here

Here are a couple examples.

REMEMBER TO BE PROFESSIONAL! Using offensive language will never win people to our way of thinking, so play nice! Copy and paste the same message, or write as many separate messages as you feel like! If you find other Conservative and Liberal Facebook and Twitter pages, add the links in the comments section.

If you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, get one now! Make sure to share this page.

You can also protest directly to Liberal and Conservative at these email addresses and telephone numbers:

Liberal Party: [email protected]
Conservative Party: Click here
Liberal Party: (613) 237-0740
Conservative Party: (866) 808-8407
Members of Parliament (click on your MP’s name)
Click here to find out more about Conservative Bill S-10.