Kiwi Banker Reveals His Part in Mexico’s Drug War

A Kiwi-born banker has revealed chilling details of his undercover life working for vicious South American drug cartels, including watching a hit squad execute and dismember a group of people in front of him.

Keith Bulfin grew up in the small Otago gold-rush town of Lawrence. But years later he found himself working in Mexico City at the front end of the war on drugs.

He claims he was approached by the US Drug Enforcement Agency after striking up friendships with Mexican cartel bankers while in jail for conspiring to defraud.


“They moved me from a prison farm into a supermax unit and it was in that unit that I met two fugitive bankers from Mexico,” he told Close Up tonight.

“So I befriended them because we had a similar background and little did I know that that would actually lead to my recruitment by the Drug Enforcement Administration.”

Bulfin says within weeks he was sitting in front of the DEA attaches from the US Embassy in Canberra.

“I said to them at the time, ‘do I have a choice?’ and it was put to me that I really did not have a choice and it was painted to me quite clearly that I was a key to a lock.”

Behind that lock, says Bulfin, was a door into the financial operations of Mexico’s drug cartels, something which the DEA had not been able to penetrate.

– Article from TVNZ.