Cannabis Culture News LIVE: Activists Fight Back in Canada’s War on Cannabis

CANNABIS CULTURE – Watch CCN LIVE for the latest on pot politics and the cannabis community. Today on the show: Veteran Pot Activist Ted Smith joins CC Editor Jeremiah Vandermeer to discuss the Canadian crackdown on marijuana and efforts to fight back through activism.

Ted Smith has been fighting for the rights of marijuana users for years, and has taken his licks along the way. His dispensary, The Cannabis Buyers Club, will celebrate its 15th anniversary this month. That makes it the oldest medical marijuana dispensary in the world still in operation, according to Smith’s research.

We’ll also talk about Smith other projects including International Medical Marijuana Week, The International Hempology 101 Society, upcoming Cannabis Conventions, and the raid and upcoming trial of the Cannabis Buyers Club Bakery.

Then we’ll look at the expanding war on Canada’s cannabis community by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the reigning Conservative Party. Harper and his goons are pushing mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent marijuana crimes and spending billions of taxpayer dollars on expanding prisons.


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Articles and videos discussed on today’s show:

International Hempology 101 Society

Cannabis Buyers Club of Canada

International Medical Marijuana Week

Victoria Marijuana ‘Bakery’ Raided

1st Cannabis Convention at UBC Presented by Hempology101 and the SJC

Doctor Says 6-Month Delay for Pot Permits Stressful

Health Canada is Far Behind on Medical Marijuana Licences

Pot Licenses Still Taking Months to Deliver

Cops quiet on details of medicinal pot bust

Equipment returned broken, medical marijuana user says

Medical Marijuana Grower Has Power Cut Due To Government Licence Delay

War on grow-ops in B.C. has unexpected casualties

Mission homeowner fined $5,200 for growing cucumbers

Canadian Supreme Court Says Police Can Spy on Power Use

Botched Police Raid Shocks Quebec Man

Toronto Police Used Violent Force in Compassion Club Raid

Quebec Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Raided, Arrests Planned

Sixth Marijuana Clinic Opens in Vancouver

Forfeiture act can hurt the innocent

B.C. government pockets more than $15 million from assets of criminals

BC Medical Marijuana Growers to Pay Tax on Illegal Income

Most Mandatory Minimums Sentences don’t work – US Drug Czar

Canadian Conservatives Attempt to Enact “Inhumane, Unjust” Anti-Pot Law

Senate Quietly Passes Bill S-10 and Mandatory Minimums For Marijuana

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff: Legalizing Marijuana Would Create Problems

Ignatieff Says Liberals Will Reintroduce Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

Conservatives to Waste Billions Locking Up Marijuana Users

Critics say Harper government throwing prison expansion money away–critics-say-harper-government-throwing-prison-expansion-money-away

Government faces hard sell for thousands of new jail cells

Day says new prisons needed for ‘unreported crimes’

Prohibition of Marijuana is Responsible for Much of the Gang Violence in Vancouver and Elsewhere

Surprise – Drug War Now Killing More People Than War in Afghanistan

Jeremiah Vandermeer is editor of Cannabis Culture. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.




  1. Ted Smith on

    This was a lot of fun. Thnx Jeremiah and Cannabis Culture for giving me a chance to share my thoughts and inform people about my work. It is great CC is doing livestreaming now. Looking forward to working with you more in the future. FREE MARC