Federal Fake Pot Ban Challenged

A Duluth man is now part of the first lawsuit challenging a federal ban on several ingredients found in synthetic marijuana products.

Jim Carlson owns Last Place on Earth in downtown Duluth. He was already challenging the city’s ban on fake pot ingredients.

Now, he is joined by 3 other Minn. businesses–Down In the Valley, Inc., Disc and Tape, Inc. and Hideaway LLC.–in suing the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Department of Justice.

The DEA is put putting an emergency rule in place, banning five ingredients commonly found in fake pot.

Carlson told Eyewitness News “I just don’t see them taking this product that I think is less harmful than alcohol, less harmful than prescription pills and banning this when cigarettes and alcohol and everything else is legal. I don’t think it’s right for them to take this away from a percentage of people.”

The business owners are seeking a temporary restraining order, which would allow them to sell the product until a decision regarding the lawsuit is made.

The DEA and United States Attorney’s Office told is they cannot comment on pending litigation.

– Article from WDIO ABC News.