Marc Emery’s US Prison Blog #20 – D. Ray James Correctional Facility

[Editor’s note: This letter was sent from Marc Emery to CC Editor Jeremiah Vandermeer on Dec 3, 2010.]

Dear Jeremiah: D. Ray James is a bizarrely run prison – excuse me – “correctional facility”. Of the many wrong things here:


The facility is designated low-security for INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) ‘deportable alien’ inmates. It is, in fact, run and controlled like a medium-high security prison. But in regular BOP medium-security prisons, you get a two-bunk cell to share; here in this “low”-security prison, we have 60 men in one big dorm with no privacy.

At BOP low-security prisons for Americans, there’s a large fence to keep inmates in. Here, there are two rows of huge fence with razorwire on top and all over. It’s very menacing and makes this place seem like a medium-high security facility.


As an INS facility, it is supposed be staffed with immigration experts who can do treaty transfer applications. Unfortunately, none of the staff here has ever done a treaty transfer application, nor have they correctly started the procedure for any of the Canadians or anyone else here.

When they said they wouldn’t start my paperwork until the Canadian Consulate forwarded paperwork to them approving my return to Canada, I realized they had no idea how the procedure works.

Aghast, I had [lawyer]Kirk [Tousaw] contact [transfer specialist lawyer]Sylvia Royce in Washington D.C. (Royce worked for the Bureau of Prisons in Washington as transfer specialist before her private practice). She must have got something going because when I went to see my case manager, Mr. Rodgers – lo and behold – he said, “I just got your package from Washington D.C. 30 min. ago”. There it was, about 15 pages with my name across the top. He said it’s his first one, so he’d contact some INS people to help me. As far as I understand, it has to be completed and back in Washington D.C. by January 16.

Well, well, well. That money bomb fundraiser for Royce was more than a good idea – it was essential.

Up till that moment these people were operating under entirely false assumptions of how transfers are done. I will keep you informed on how things go.

Photo by Jodie EmeryPhoto by Jodie EmeryVisitation

Jodie is due to visit me tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday for five hours each week – which is wonderful and I can’t wait – but there’s nothing in our ‘inmate handbook’ about getting visitors approved. I found out from other English-speaking inmates (about 40 to 50 of the center’s 750 inmates) that I have to get a form for each visitor to fill out and return. I have, in fact, sent Jodie a blank one so you can visit me at some point.

The Commissary Inmate Funds Account

The commissary inmate funds account is a total scam.

This place is run by The GEO Group Inc, formerly known as the Wackenhunt Corrections Corporation. In a normal Bureau of Prisons (B.O.P.) run detention center or Federal Corrections Institution (F.C.I.) or US Penitentiary Maximum Security (U.S.P.), money can be put on an inmate’s account by money orders sent to the Des Moines, Iowa B.O.P. or through Western Union Quick Collect (online or phone-in).

It’s convenient, but there is a charge from Western Union. An inmate can have up to $10,000 in an account. The reason for the $10,000-limit is that an inmate often has to pay child support, order books and magazines, pay bills, pay lawyers, etc., and from an inmate account (also called a “commissary” account) one can issue a certified check. Of course, the commissary account is where you pay for your 300 monthly phone minutes, order up to $350 worth of goods monthly from the inmates store, and pay for Corrlinks electronic mail service ($3 per hour).

That’s how it’s supposed to work for all American inmates in any normal US prison. ‘Deportable Alien’ Prisons, like this one, do not run under these rules at all, and we don’t get Corrlinks either.

Here, one can only put money in an inmate’s account through a private company known as the Keefe Commissary Network, an affiliate of the Keefe Supply Company, which bills itself as “the nation’s leading supplier of food products, personal care products, and electronics to prison and jail commissaries”. The company does business in many GEO-run private and state prisons and is rumored to be owned by the Bush family.

Using this service, Canadian or other non-US Visa or MasterCards are not allowed, and neither are Western Union wire transfers or money orders.

Only US credit cards are allowed, even though every inmate here is a non-US citizen.

When a non-American inmate’s family can finally find someone with a US-based Visa or MasterCard, they call 1-866-345-1844 from 8 AM to 5 PM Central time or go to and put money in an account at D. Ray James Correctional Facility (being careful not to put it in ‘DRJ Prison’, which is the state prison next door).

$0 – $19.99 $2.95 $3.95
$20.00 – $99.99 $5.95 $6.95
$100.00 – $199.99 $7.95 $8.95
$200.00 – $300.00 $9.95 $10.95

Keefe Supply Company also makes many of the products sold to inmates through our commissary accounts, so they are making money on the income of mostly poor inmates in every which way.

What’s really strange is that you can’t send a money order to inmates commissary account, even though the inmate handbook says you can. They are, in fact, sent back. You can’t send money via Western Union.

If Keefe doesn’t get a cut, there’s no way to put money in an inmate’s account.

Photo by Jodie EmeryPhoto by Jodie EmeryCollect Calls

Instead of just dialing 0 to make a collect call to one of our 30 approved numbers (like you do at a B.O.P. prison), a prisoner here must have someone put money on a ‘prepaid collect phone account’ before he can make a call.

A collect call through the phone provider Public Communication Services is staggeringly expensive, and it is not really collect, as it has to be paid in advance – and there are extra service charges to boot.

Electronic Mail

B.O.P. prisons allow inmates to use an electronic mail system called Corrlinks (or Trulinks) to communicate with a pre-approved list of friends and loved ones. This system is not available in INS facilities.

There is a sign in here that says they don’t discriminate in their treatment of ‘Deportable Aliens’, but that is obviously not true. Though we get the same amount of telephone time in an INS facility as a B.O.P. prison, there is no Corrlinks here in GEO World, nor will there ever be. This makes communication with family much harder, and our 300 minutes per month goes much faster.


Instead of having our own lockers, we are expected to put all of our property in these clumsy and awkward ‘barracuda boxes’, plastic bins we keep under our bunks. They are horrible and so annoying and it’s impossible to organize your stuff in them.

In a 60-man dormitory, there is no privacy in any aspect. Showers have no curtains or doors, and the toilets are the same. I bunk beside 15 other guys, so when I go through my box it is noisy, cumbersome, public, and completely dysfunctional.

They took the lockers that were previously here out just before GEO opened this place on October 1.

Language Barriers

All the English speakers here are segregated from other English speakers. In my 60-man dorm, 55 to 57 speak Spanish.

There are two Canadians (me and Peter), one Nigerian, one Armenian, and about seven others who speak English as second language fairly well.

Of our entire 750-inmate population, there are six Canadians, one British guy, one South African, three Nigerians, three Bahamians, three Jamaicans, and maybe 25 others who speak English as their first language; yet we are kept in separate dorms.

The six Canadians in this 750-man inmate population should be in one pod of 60 English-speaking inmates so we have each other to converse with, but also so we can watch television shows in English on the limited number of televisions. In my current unit, one TV is permanently Spanish programming and the other is permanently sports.

Photo by Jodie EmeryPhoto by Jodie EmeryLibrary

I have a new job in the Inmate Library. The Library – though it is now tidy, organized, and staffed with friendly people – is the most pathetic library anyone has ever seen.

The magazines, a total of 38, are all one to 18 months old – our single issue of Rolling Stone is from August 2009; the Michael Jackson death issue.

There are a total of four magazines in Spanish in a place with over 700 Spanish speakers! There are about 250 Spanish paperbacks, but only about 100 are popular.

The English language books are universally 10 to 40 years old, severely beat up, although now well organized and labeled.

[Editor’s note: The section of this blog post asking for books and magazines has been removed since Marc is NOT ALLOWED to give his books to the Library – please do not send any more books or magazines as they will not be accepted by the prison.]

At my Library job I get 29 cents an hour and work from 8 AM to 10:30 AM and 1 PM to 3:30 PM, Monday to Friday. That is $1.45 a day – $7.25 a week. I like the job though, so doesn’t matter that the pay is so low. I type up legal letters for inmates and help them do requests and fill out job forms. Most of them have limited English skills, so there’s a lot to do.

Ok, Jeremiah, that’s my report.

Thanks for everything!


Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



  1. Anonymous on

    I really like that topic that you posted. It was a really cool read for me.

  2. Margie on

    I wish you were right about Ron Paul, Jodie, but he has changed a lot since before the second Bush run for the presidency. I am from Kentucky, where he lives and gets a lot of press. He and his son, Rand, have become seriously conservative Republicans/Tea Partyists. It is so hard for me to fathom how Bill Maher and the Pauls could be in the same party.

  3. Anonymous on

    Hi Jodie,

    I suggest you just stop answering this person. He (she) twists everything you say and ridicules you to show that s/he has the power to make you miserable. It’s all an ego trip. Spend time with your friends and those people, who are mature enough to listen to your feelings without judging them or you as a person.

    And as someone with friends who have been locked up at some time in their lives, even most minimum security facilities in this country are no walk in the park. If you are a political figure or a very wealthy business person caught doing something illegal, the place you are sent has no illegal immigrants and you will be treated well, because everyone involves knows that such a person has the clout to make problems very public and thereby create problems for the operators and employees of the prison.

    The individual trying to make you miserable is acting like a two-year old denied something s/he wants. The best thing to say to a two-year old is no and then to ignore the ensuing temper tantrum.

  4. Anonymous on


  5. Anonymous 2 on

    wow, wow, wow. such uneducated people. esp anonymous. you really don’t know what you are talking about. such hate. you shouldn’t spew what you know nothing about. Vulgar language especially doesn’t make you sound educated. maybe you should go to georgia for an education. I hear they have a grant for college if you are a resident of Georgia. You can also get free GED classes. 😉

  6. Kate on

    To be honest, I’ve only now discovered this case in full – I don’t smoke weed or do any drugs, but this whole situation goes way beyond that. I’m so terribly sorry that Marc has been having to face this — there are a lot worse crimes and criminals that could have used all the focus and punishment.

    Prison is a terribly sad place and especially so the kind that Marc is being held in. I think it’s much tougher for men than women too in terms of of attacks.

    And as a vegetarian, I do sympathize greatly. I’m surprised that is the case as I know that most prisons DO offer options ranging from vegetarian to Kosher, even.

    But one of the most inhumane aspects is the isolation that’s so unnecessary. Lack of books and reading materials, keeping English speakers apart…but also lack of corrlinks which Marc mentions he had at BOP. That is a huge and wonderful tool for communicating quickly and easily with friends and loved ones…Writing every letter by hand and mailing it…and waiting for mail to arrive…it hugely disconnects you from the world. And I imagine all those 300 minute calls go out to his wife.

  7. Anonymous on


  8. andy on

    They shot me with the Anthrax shot in the military, agent orange in vietnam and persian gulf all this has led to birth defect,uranium by-product in the heads of missles for weighted maximum destruction-birth defects from radioactivity etc., all these vietnamese children with birth defects and U.S. military children,Iraqi children etc., well at least it gives the medical community some customers, no profit without conflict and on and on and on…

  9. andy on

    wanted to throw another social stimulant among many that was used by Gov.,-remember after no weapons of mass destruction were found after Iraq was invaded because a few people from the middle east crashed into the trade towers, well to keep that forward momentum the stimulant was “we cannot let our fallen soldiers die in vein, we must avenge their deaths”, and everybody said “ooh-ra”, it has to be inevitable with the coming of the internet that Gov. for the first time be put in their place, the kingdoms minimized, their job should only be to organize services, the people with the internet have the opportunity for the first time in history to tear down the pyramid of wealth/containment through organization-ex.- these people here need food, these people here need good water, these people here need decent houses-this would be the World Gov. responsibility, standard of living regulated by one global body-equality- because if not eutopia as the goal then what are we doing-just running around ignorant in a viscious circle distracted with cheap drama-sex,guns,drugs-this is just social quicksand ensuring no social movement/no change-which is what the generational wealthy/powerful want, no different paths/concepts taken-money flows in the traditional directions with them and theirs at the control panel-Karl Marx wrote about this, it cannot be broken he said until the poor en masse are pushed to near starvation, there are infinite configurations for a social model, the one we’re living in now sure does have a big prison population-seems maybe the social model has failed quite a few people-but they just keep building prisons with ever more policies to get you in there with a snowball effect-in place since the dawn of the kingdoms-population control mechanisms,these are mis/understood souls-smeared characters-product of an unjust social system that money/lawyers/buisnessmen won’t let change globally, people are not born bad-so with that fact understood we should have eutopia by now,but change is not allowed- conflict makes this current system work. Internet voting on every issue, call your government official and tell them that with the internet the people’s voice can be heard on all issues and now their job is just to make sure every vote is counted,guard against tampering and anounce the results and write the legislation, so many possibilities with the internet. What perspective do you have, what concepts to offer, we’re living in a 1,000 yr old sham and until like Karl Marx said-the people are starving, then the pyramid will continue to grow. I’d love to have kids etc., but with such boom and bust,uncertainty,injustice,greed,rottenness why give another to the meat grinder,the struggle. Look how they fight financial regulation,health care, this is change and it greatly affects their wallets/influences etc.. I remember thinking in 2000′, who is going to buy all these houses that are being built-credit, I a dumb common working man noticed no jobs and lots of new houses after the tech bust then nine years later the collapse of the market because of hot air mortgage package investments sold around the world, I saw it didn’t make sense or seem right-well how could a wall street employee with years of experience miss it or not notice-or the regulators-the regulators were numbed by the Bush admin.,to build profits on wall street,Wall street knew plan B(housing) would eventually run it’s course and hopefully at that time another type of technology would come on but it didn’t and they monetarily inflated housing till it burst and then the in the know took their profits and the common man’s money went directly to the well connected rich. We live in an age old scam and they hire think tanks to study the people(the cattle) on how to keep them reliant-give them just enough to shore up loyalty with social mechanisms for leverage(drug war etc.) This bloodbath social model. Never enough jobs anywhere for the overpopulation-leverage them and stick them to the stock market penal system for life-goody goody

  10. MOTFA on

    I have to disagree with you on the dea thing. He may have thumbed his nose, but it wasn’t at the dea, it was at the canadian conservatives who are responsible for handing him over to the dea to begin with!

    The conservatives don’t like others with differing viewpoints, and have made their stance pretty clear.

    It’s fascism, plain and simple.
    If it wasn’t for them, marc would still be in canada writing his magazine and being involved in activism.

    And oh yeah, thanks for not addressing any of the points in my previous post.
    That gave me a laugh.
    Proved to me that you have nothing to say, so i’m done with this.

  11. Prohibited Acts on

    I’m not defending everything he/she said (some of it was needlessly provocative, stereotypical, and argumentative), but “Anonymous” made some important and cogent observations about Marc’s current situation. First of all, let me say that I’m a white man in my 40s who did time a few years ago in a big US county jail system (which was overwhelmingly populated by Latinos and blacks in the 18-35 age range). Given my age and race, I decided that I felt safer in administrative segregation than the general population, and think Marc should seriously consider asking the D. Ray James staff to place him in same (based on his international celebrity status, it shouldn’t be difficult). Administrative “seg” is usually less severe than the punitive segregation (AKA “the hole”) he experienced at SeaTac, WA (for example, he’d probably be allowed reading material and possibly a radio) –though of course he’d likely be locked down 23 hours a day, and only let out for brief exercise or to shower. The upside is that he’d probably have his own tiny one-man cell, and could sleep, read, write, and relax without having to constantly look over his shoulder for potential aggressors. I don’t know whether he’d have to give up visits if he goes to seg, but that might be a price he has to pay if he wants to leave this prison alive, unmaimed, and relatively sane.

    The apparent policy of the D. Ray James prison to deliberately keep the English speakers (and hence Caucasians) isolated from each other strikes me as unethical if not illegal, and increases the probability of attacks on them. Like Anonymous said, It might be a mistake for Marc to assume he is safe enough in a 60-man dorm surrounded by Spanish-speaking Latinos just because this is a “low-security” facility, and he is nice to all his neighbors. The world behind bars is more racist (and classist) than on the outside, and Marc’s obvious status as an intellectual, middle-class white may not go over well with some of his browner, more impoverished, less educated dormmates. His celebrity status further adds to the potential resentment toward him (that’s why celebs like OJ Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, etc are always placed in seg). Given all this, I can’t help but wonder whether Marc, Jodie, and Loretta Nall are putting an unrealistically positive spin on a clearly grim and hazardous situation.

    Another consideration is that he seems to have been targeted by various US prison personnel to make his stay in this country as uncomfortable, punitive, and dangerous as possible–no doubt as retaliation for threatening their livelihoods with his international drug legalization activism. Consequently, I wouldn’t trust the guards at D. Ray James to quickly respond if he is assaulted–or to not set him up for attacks by other inmates.

  12. andy on

    Spelled: Bobby Fischer

  13. Anonymous on


  14. MOTAF on

    funny that you mention marc is a rabble rouser. Wouldn’t that be you in this thread? idiot.

    also, anyone who doesn’t at least give themselves a nickname instead of just anonymous in these threads is nothing more than a coward even if they are in SUPPORT of marc.

    wow. you are right anon. personal attacks really ARE fun!


  15. Anonymous on

    bob fisher was the best chess player in the world for a number of years…marc emery owned a used book store and a ”head” shop….one could never confuse the two or consider emery anything other then a rabble rouser

  16. andy on

    take a look at the story of bobby fisher-the chess champion from the U.S. and see how he ended up after defying the U.S. Gov. by proceeding to play a Russian in Yugoslavia-a state blacklisted by the U.S. at the time-he eventually died from many aggravating factors-one was imprisonment in Japan at the behest of the Bush administration-they put him in a radioactive area that had been exposed to a previous nuclear reactor spill, they hounded him internationally because he would relentlessly rant against the U.S.-well they got him eventually-they say he was a genius that went crazy-I’m sure they hoped he did drugs,would have made persecution much more politically correct-it’s hard to combat an international genius known for his calculated thinking.

  17. AnnieOakley64 on

    This article is not a whinefest on either Marc, nor Jodie’s part, but an update on Marc’s status…PERIOD.
    Those who seek to inflame here are small minded, bored individuals whom obviously have no compassion for another human’s sufferance.

    Jodie and Marc fell in love. Are you jealous? I don’t know.

    But I do admire Marc for being honest and truthful, and Jodie for being so as well. They are both true to their beliefs and that should be admired, since both are suffering because of it. In fact, both the US and Canada and all it’s citizens are suffering in a huge way for this ridiculous “War on Drugs” campaign that needs to be stopped.

    Marc has done what so many talk about, but nobody else has had the courage to actually do. That is truly selfless to the ’cause’ and deserves respect.

  18. andy on

    Anybody bashing Marc on this website is a yesman/parent on the secure payroll of the government. These yesmen eagerly bend over to have a decent life-can’t blame them-just trying to survive. The “drug war” isn’t about health, I believe it’s about the inherent social inadequacy of a Capitalistic system. The “drug war” provides leverage to sweep the slack in unnecessary/unproductive population into cheap housing units(stock market prisons) where low and behold companies have found a way to make money off the souls that are rendered inactive/imprisoned-truely sickening. Proof is that if there was no illegality in these plants that grow all over the world then more than just nonviolent offenders would be let out but even people that eventually turned violent as a result of actions and paths taken after the drug violation- the snowball that the person evolved into after the drug incarceration-these people would not be in prison. Now with all these people on the street more pressure would be put on the government/rich/buisnesses to provide for people that will never find real prosperity in the insufficient/ignorant/inadequate social model of Capitalism, these are the same people that are vehemently protesting a universal health coverage concept-“Obamacare” in the U.S.. President Barrack Obama is I believe God’s gift-really! President Obama is working within the system, making it live up to all it’s creeds-advertisements-“by the people” etc.. He has to walk a very fine line so not to fall off-this man is a true artist-humanitarian. Under Bush it was like Hitleresque-“either your with us or your against us”. Hitler he was riddled by his participation in WW1, then leading up to WW2 his country was deeply in debt to the banks(whoever owns the banks-do your research) Hitler was seeing his country and people sliding into extinction-a defaulted state, so he decided to fight. Not agreeing with all his actions but you have to wonder what molded this piece of clay born the same as all of us to take such actions. Watching footage of the World Wars or any War is mind blowing and it’s all because of money. The Drug War is leverage-a mechanism-and Marc threatened it-he’s smart/dangerous. Watch the story of Iran/Contra and note the players in that then look at 9/11 and it’s players, people have always been a means to an end for the buisnessman/kingdoms. Obama is a very good man and he walks a fine line, perfection. King Obama

  19. David Bourgeois on

    What if everyone started sending books, magazines, and other print media to the prison facility that houses Marc?
    If enough people started sending print media to the prison, it would probably bog down the system.
    I’m going to see what I can do to respond to Marc’s request for print media (especially in Spanish).
    Does anyone care to comment on the idea of overgrowing the Georgia prison by sending tons of reading material?
    I mean, ignorance is the problem in Georgia and in the U.S. in general.
    Sending books sounds like a great non-violent way to disrupt a corrupt system.

    Now,please read Marc’s blog#19 wherein he requests theses books.

    Marc Emery could not call for this without bringing a lot of trouble down on himself, but others like myself and all of Marc’s sympathizers
    can and should send so much print media that we put a strain on their mail system and on their prison system.
    As good neighbours to our American cousins, we see that they aren’t stupid but they are ignorant about drugs because of the systematic brainwashing which is perpetrated on U.S. citizens.
    It is up to Canadians to show our bigger, but not necessarily better educated, American bretheren why drug prohibition, just like alcohol prohibition, is a foolish unachievable objective.
    Georgia, like most southern U.S. states, is often portrayed as the home of ignorance.
    Marc’s posts show us that things haven’t changed much.
    Marc’s incarceration should become one large world-wide window into American ignorance.
    Already we can see that the Georgians/the Americans are racist against Mexicans.
    That comes as no surprise to any citizen of the world with an education.
    Marc is on a 5-year assignment to expose the disgustingly ignorant underbelly of the American Justice System.
    Marc is in jail in the heart of tobacco country.
    The real killer smoke, tobacco (with half a million deaths annually in North America), is mass-produced in the American south.
    Marc sells seeds to a country that claims its’ citizens are free and so the U.S snatches him out of our supposedly sovereign country.
    That’s another casualty in this: Canadian sovereignty.
    That is a joke. Canada is now officially a colony of the U.S.
    We need U.S. business so bad that we dare not do anything to offend them.
    The Americans threatened to shut down the border if we legalized cannabis.
    We quickly got into lock step with our American counterparts.
    Yeah, we’re with you … but only because you threatened us.
    It is not only not nice to threaten your friends, it is ultimately stupid to do so.
    You need your friends good will and you don’t get it by telling them what to do and punishing them if one of their kids calls you out for being a jerk.
    Marc Emery is Canada’s outspoken teenage son.
    The boy’s methods are “unorthodox” and , yes, he tries our patience sometimes too, but ultimately not only is his heart in the right place but so is his thinking.
    The laws are unjust and they are not only not working but they are causing the collapse of our economies and of our social systems.
    Marc Emery had the nerve, the audacity to point that out and not let it rest until he fixed it!
    Laws which allow tobacco and alcohol but punish cannabis users is unfair and injust. (Simple point … easy to understand … discussion should be over.)
    I would follow Marc Emery anywhere because he “walks the talk”.
    Please, send books and let’s see if we can’t at least get their attention even if we can’t yet reach their minds this time.

    Thanks for considering this idea: that we send books/magazines packages to this address:

    D. Ray James Correctional Facility
    Mr. Folk, Library
    P.O. Box 2000
    Folkston, GA

    Marc can’t advise you to do this mass mailing, but I can and just did!

  20. Daniel van Hees on

    Bravo Marc, your direct observations of your current life experiences are but the truth and your reporting of this back to your supporters is essential. so please those of you out there that are critical of Marc’s finding and find a need to express yourselves in a negative fashion. STOP! LAYOFF MAN, GIVE MARC A BREAK.

  21. Jodie on

    Ron Paul is the #1 champion of the Constitution and the #1 representative who has voted against ALL drug war legislation. He is not right-wing, he is not a fundamentalist, he is not anti-science, and he is not anti-civil-rights. Where did you ever read such things? Ron Paul is a doctor (pro-science), never preaches about religion, is a proper fiscal conservative but truly Libertarian, and he is the top defender of civil rights in Congress. Ron Paul’s supporters for the 2007 Republican nomination were the ORIGINAL Tea Party movement, which became HUGE and generated a lot of money for Ron Paul… so FOX News took over the major rallied planned by sane, responsible, liberty-loving Americans, and made it into a laughing-stock nut-job wacko event, which has forever perverted the original Tea Party Movement. You need to watch some Ron Paul speeches, especially from when he ran for the Republican nomination, because he SLAUGHTERED every other Republican candidate for their evil pro-war, fundamentalist, anti-science, anti-liberty ways. Ron Paul is a hero, and you’d know it once you actually listened to the man speak. He is brilliant. Learn for yourself; don’t swallow what others tell you to believe before investigating and educating yourself first.

  22. NotAnonymous on

    how do you live with yourself? do i detect some envy, possibly jealousy that some people have the courage to stand up for things, and therefore have HUMAN BEINGS as friends?

    sorry to have taken the bait but this troll is a true inhumane idiot.

  23. Tiffany on

    I thought you said he was in solitary confinement for 3 weeks which would have meant that he was not working in the library but then I remembered that the solitary was many weeks ago before he moved to Georgia.
    So now I get it and I’m happy to hear that he has something substantial to do with his time and not getting too bored.
    But, let’s face it, it’s still a tough situation for him and I’m hoping that he comes back to Canada soon.

  24. Anonymous on

    Cannabis should be legal, Emery shouldn’t have been locked up, but he is a Ron Paul supporter & that is slightly worse than being an economic anarchist. Terribly Right wing, fundamentalist Christian, anti-science, anti-Civil Rights… wtf. The guy should have taken more effort to be less public about breaking US law; I type again, cannabis should be legal & Marc shouldn’t be in prison but the guy was too blatant about what he was doing & his support of the Tea Party really loses lots of sympathy from me. Free Marc.

  25. jon on

    Like i said no merit to your point of view you have had to retract your self 3 time already just on this topic so it clear your talking out of your ass.Like I said if you had any truth to speak about you wouldn’t still be harassing a good woman for standing by her husband and now you make personal attacks.I guess when you have no merit to your argument harassment and personal attacks is all you have left.So what if thy made money for selling seeds so do lots of other people in the U.S. and in his country he was jail for his political views and his calls for change that why he has been jailed. He was handed over to the U.S. for something he was legally and openly doing in his country. Paying all taxes on all moneys made, he was jail for political reasons not seeds.

  26. Anonymous on

    I guess she wasn’t actually married to Marc until after he was busted. So instead of being responsible for his incarceration she is merely insane. She married a guy she knew was going to prison for a long time and now she acts like she’s a victim or something. She volunteered for the position.

  27. Anonymous on

    The site does have interesting articles, that’s why I view it. Can’t help but make a comment when I read stuff like this though. Mrs. Emery was so polite in calling me an idiot that I thought she was ready to hear the truth, that she is personally responsible for allowing this to happen. She could have stopped it any time. Marc took home a personal income from the seed business of about $100,000 a year. That’s as much as the average 4 year college graduate in a science field makes. They were making good money from the seed business, make no mistake about that.

  28. jon on

    If you had any real balls you wouldn’t post anonymous and you wouldn’t spend time harassing a peaceful woman. But when you can’t stand on the merits of your argument harassment is the only thing you have left. like I said before for someone who dislikes the man you’ve been spending lots of time on his site. Just lets me know that the Emery’s are changing things and your SO SCARED YOU CANT’T SPOT LISTING TO WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY.

  29. Anonymous on

    Is it not a wife’s duty to stop her husband from doing crazy stuff that threatens their well being? Rather than try to stop your husband from his criminal enterprise you encouraged him. Why? Probably because you liked the attention you both got from it. That’s why you married him, because he was the Prince of Pot. You didn’t care about him when he was the Prince of Used Books.

  30. jon on

    Dear Jodie Emery never mined this jerk off that keeps posting all that bull shit on this site just to harass you and cause you pain.This person shows us the type of people that we are facing in this fight for personal freedom.People like this only embolden me to fight more. You are a wonderful strong woman and this world needs more like you, the movement is lucky to have you.I pray for Marc to return to you safely and as soon as possible.The two of you have inspired me to be active and take every opportunity I have to change mineds. Keep in mined the fact people like this are spending so much time posting bullshit on the site of a man thy can’t stand is because thy are SCARED of you and marc, thy see that people are listening to what you have to say and that SCARES THEM MOST OF ALL.
    So keep up the hard work JODIE now that marc is a political prisoner we look to you to lead the way and you have been doing an OUTSTANDING job.We stand with you in the fight for marcs return and our right to personal freedoms. LONG LIVE MARC EMERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Anonymous on

    If I was mistaken about Marc griping about the food then I retract the statements. That was the impression I got from the blogs. I sympathize with you about being separated from your husband but I’m surprised that you didn’t see this coming from a mile away and suggested that it might not be a bad idea to stop the seed exports until after he was done making himself a public figure and provoking the DEA. Because you allowed Marc to continue with his incredibly high risk activities you are now reaping the bitter harvest, so why are you complaining about what you stood by and let happen? Did you suggest to Marc that he move the seed business to Britain where it’s legal? Did you do anything at all to try to avoid the inevitable? I find it hard to believe that Marc would refuse to stop if you told him it was either the seed business or you. It isn’t like you had no part in this, Mrs. Emery.

  32. Jodie on

    Marc is working in the library – what don’t you understand?

  33. Jodie on

    Marc hasn’t even written anything about not being able to get vegetarian meals or being forced to eat meat. It’s ME, his WIFE, who does not eat meat because I find it disgusting; it’s ME, his WIFE, who is saddened by the lack of a vegetarian option. So, you idiot, I’m the one “griping” about it — not Marc — yet your glee in posting smack has made you slip up on that and make an ass of yourself. Marc has not complained about the food in every single blo, but he certainly has brought it up because it’s well-known that prison food is of the lowest quality, especially in private prisons where they try to spend just pennies per meal — less than a McDonalds “meal”.

    So, again, I ask, what the hell are you doing here posting such trash talk, when you know 1) Marc can’t read your posts and defend himself and 2) I’m suffering greatly without my husband. Are you married? Do you know what it’s like to be madly in love, and to be forcefully pulled apart by two massive, powerful governments? Probably not. My bet is you’re single and lonely and hateful towards the world, without a shred of compassion for what prisoners experience, and what I’m going through without my best friend, second half, love of my life.

  34. Dave on

    May you, your children and their children find peace in booze, tobacco, prescriptions and test-tube food. May the anger you display shroud you family for seven generations.

  35. Anonymous on

    Oh give me a break. The constant griping about having to eat meat and not getting a lovely vegetarian dish is wearing mighty thin. There are many starving people who would love to have somebody cook them a pork chop and Emery just turns his finicky nose up at it. I never said I didn’t like him as a person. I have no reason to dislike him. This is just my objective reaction to his blogs. It’s just so damn sissy to be in prison and complain in blog after blog about prison not being designed for people who have a bizarre aversion to eating meat. For godsake, can’t he just eat the food they give him and be grateful? Wow. Marc has gone from kinda cool weed guy to incredibly uncool Sheldon from Big Bang Theory in just the few months he has been behind bars. Just do your time and stop griping about every little thing, Marc Emery. If he was man enough to send millions of seeds across the border and boast about it on 60 Minutes then why isn’t he man enough to eat prison food without complaining in every single blog about it? There are bigger concerns in this world than having to eat meat instead of tofu. Why is he even discussing such an insignificant subject? Does he think most CC readers give a crap about whether he likes the food or not? He’s in friggin’ federal prison. Get used to it. It ain’t the Hilton, alright? Meat will not hurt him in any way. He just makes the decision that it isn’t good enough for his refined taste. Gee, sorry Marc if prison inconveniences you like that.

  36. Tiffany on

    I thought he was working in the library.

  37. Tiffany on

    Cool! I am happy to hear that Marc is doing well in his new and stressful environment and the job in the library is perfect for him.
    I know that Marc will come out of this experience a much more powerful person than he was when he went into the system and he was powerful then.
    So—yes—-I am resting a little easier now after reading his latest letter.
    I was worried.

  38. moldy on

    You may be afraid of Mexicans or even think that they’re “below” you however I know they are wonderful, kind people that have been forced into the same slavery that many minorities here in the states face. I feel sorry for you (and your family if anyone would have you). Your racist, hateful attitude shows how much you need to learn.

  39. foam on

    Been so long since last update -Marc seems to be making the best of a not so best situation. Much Love and best of luck Marc!!

    on a side note what’s up with anons hater speech?

  40. kenny_canuck on

    I was just discharged from hospital: tumor surgery. The very fact that I am able to self-medicate with various forms of cannabis is due in large part to Marc’s activism.

    So blessings to you Marc for making the sacrifices, taking the risks to open minds.

  41. Anonymous on

    It sounds to me as though there are a lot of people in that joint who come from countries where it’s unlikely they’d know what human rights are let alone how to defend themselves against violations.
    Marc is just the man to teach them, beginning with the right to communicate. It’s good cheer to hear that of all those folks locked up in that alien deportation center they chose Marc to work in the library.
    Merry Christmas Marc.
    Peace on Earth and Good Will to Mankind.

  42. jon on

    No one is saying you don’t have the right to be an ASS and harass a wonderful women who has had her husband put into prison for his uses of free speech.I’m just saying know one cares to read it. I guess if you must use free speech to to harass a peaceful woman no one can stop you, it just shows how invalid your sides point of view really is or you would spend your time debating the merits of your augment not harassing the wife of a man who also fights for your rights to be free.The differences between our side and your is that we believe even if we may not hold your point of view you have a right to it and the right to live your life in the you see fit for your self as long as it does not infringe on my right to the same and your side does not.Your side believes that it is morally superior to the rest of us in the world and should have the right to dictate to the rest of us how we are to live our personal lives. So yes you use the rights of free speech but you sure don’t believe in those rights or any other rights dealing with personal freedoms.The one good thing that comes from your closed mined post is that it shows the rest of us how much work we still have in this fight for freedom and the type of person we are up against. Your comments only make us more determined then ever.

  43. Ben Benedict, London, ON on

    While no one ever wants to be in prison, especially a social activist like Marc, he deserves to be congratulated for making the best of a bad situation by reaching out and doing what Canadians do, helping others to better themselves. The US is a place of hypocracy and his ‘corporate’ prison is a great example of how ‘powerful’ American’s like Bush and Rumsfield use and abuse the less advantaged for personal gain. I saw some discomfort in his letter but it is a jail and if you’ve ever been, and I don’t recommend it, there is no such thing as privacy and while the Marc’s letter was filled with obvious problems with the system that surrounds him, the longest section of his letter was a passionate plea to help his fellow inmates. Potheads unite! While we are oppressed, and as a gay man I know a bit about oppression, lets also try and follow Marc’s example (Not Annonymous’ hate rant against the poor and oppressed who Marc now shares living arrangements with) and make our world, and his, better. A true Canadian Hero in my eyes, stay strong Marc and we look forward to seeing you back in London one day soon. Ben

  44. Anonymous on

    my you are eloquent….the emerys are always screeching about free speech…that’s if one spews the ”emery party line”…….if’s a shame he didn’t have you as his lawyer ham bone…i’m sure you would have charmed the judge and got him off…now put the bong down , come out of the basement and have mom make you some kraft dinner

  45. The BallyHoo on

    Jodie, i don’t know why you take the bait from these jerk-offs. The whole reason they post their bullshit, is to get a reaction from you or whoever, and they usually succeed. just ignore it. They do have a right to their ignorant opinions after all. Let it go………..

    Peace & Love
    Merry Christmas……….

  46. jon on

    For all of you out there that feel the need to visit CC just post your asshole comments, we don’t care that you don’t like the man your the people that we are trying to fight against so piss off!!!!!! the fact you feel the need to come on to this site and post the bullshit that you do at least lets our side that we are being effective in getting the message out and your side is SCARED and knows people are listing to what we have to say.

  47. Anonymous on

    Marc was “forced to eat meat”? Oh now that is just cruel and unusual punishment. Everybody knows that meat contains the deadly “complete protein” and even the deadly “iron”. Those things are terrible for humans. The human body is just not designed for eating meat. We have those pointy canine teeth so we can chew grass better not for tearing meat off of bones. Let’s file a complaint with the BOP and get a nice vegetarian prison menu for all US prisons. They will have to learn how to combine several incomplete plant proteins together so inmates will be able to get sufficient amino acids to live. I’m sure the BOP will get right on that. Eating meat is a lot simpler and tasty but it disturbs Marc, who wishes to deny his body its intended protein source and eat only plants instead, for some unknown reason. Also, Marc can’t be expected to drink unfiltered tap water. That would be uncivilized. The Vietnamese POWs had it way better than Marc. Nobody forced them to eat meat. I think Marc needs to get a nice bowl of rice three times a day instead of peanut butter. That stuff is fattening and contains a known carcinogen. Only rice is pure enough for Marc’s system to handle. Just as long as he doesn’t get stuck with meat. Nobody could survive for long on that. Here’s a tip for vegetarians who are considering conspiring to manufacture Cannabis in the US. Maybe it’s not such a great idea. I know it seems like nothing bad could possibly come out of that but there is actually a very slight possibility of being sent to a US prison without a vegetarian menu. Naw, never happen. Forget I mentioned it.

  48. jon on

    First of all thank you marc for all the years of work and effort you have put forth for all of us in the movement.Next is a thanks to you Jodie Emery your a strong woman that has stuck with marc in the good times and now in the hard times,it’s been said “that behind every great man is an even greater woman” your love and support of your husband is alsome to see. Now that marc is a political prisoner in my country it’s been left to you to lead the fight not just for our rights and freedoms but marcs as well and you have been doing an out standing job!! we need more woman like you and more men like marc the two of you have put your lives on the line for us people you don’t even know.Thank you again and keep up the hard work we stand with till the end.

  49. Anonymous on

    You’re right, Mexicans are just plain good folk and Marc should feel honored to be in a prison full of them, and Georgians are really a very sophisticated bunch who I’m sure will have many interesting conversations with Marc Emery, not all involving shooting something. Congrats to Marc on hitting the jackpot of prisons. As long as he is nice to the Mexican gangsters I’m sure they will all get along just peachy. That’s how gangs work. It is well known that as long as you are polite to them they will accept you as their l’il buddy and treat you with the respect you deserve. I forgot about that Jodie. Indeed, why even apply to come back to Canada? Sounds like that prison is actually better than our country. Just not enough Mexicans here.

  50. Anonymous on

    jodie seems to think the authoritys are out to make an example of her long winded ”tell all and teach my captors a lesson husband”…until emery figures out what might not be a good idea to have to say about the prisons he’s housed in and anything else on his mind he’s liable to have an unpleasnt vacation in georgia….it’s called ”enlightened self interest”…..instead he wants to be the activist and complain and rail at every turn…that might not be the best strategey to get back to canada as quickly as he’d like…i’m sure he’s got a master plan…and the next 4 years to show us all what it is

  51. renney b. on

    thanks marc for sharing your courage, love and human kindness for the world to see… this reminds me of how other great leaders suffered by the hands of wicked dictators and wrote ;like those in the bible that continue to teach humanity about the evils that go on in our world in the name of justice… i shed a tear for you today brother when i read of what you are doing in spite of the gross injustice you have being dealt … first by our own canadian government and by the government of the united states of america. the citizens of the world must rise up in support of you and all nonviolent marijuana offenders to hasten the day when freedoms cause will be realize… in the mean time i will continue to pray to god to strengthen you and give you favor with your fellow inmates, so you will endure this ordeal and be able to claim your vindication… cannabis is the gift of god to the earth and those who profit from its criminalization are at fault. this war on cannabis needs to be over and god’s people set free… i will encourage all my friends to supply all your needs brother marc, so you will leave that place a better place… peace and love , from; renney b. all the best to jodie and all the staff and friends of the cannabis culture…

  52. Jodie on

    Your derogatory comments aren’t very kind, and Marc gets along fine with everyone, so he isn’t having problems with Mexicans or any other nationalities; it’s just very isolating when no one really speaks English. And some individuals are immature, rude, noisy, mean, etc. but Marc tries to be nice to everybody.

  53. Jodie on

    If you’ve been reading all of Marc’s blogs (which, as an obsessive troll, you have seen them all), you know that Marc has been shut away in solitary confinement for three weeks, denied access to fresh air and sunlight for five months, given lowest-standard food — forced to eat meat because vegetarian meals were just peanut butter packets instead of meat, punished with no phone calls, and no Corrlinks access, and no commissary, all for rules that don’t exist… and much, much more. He has been very brave surviving in conditions that would make YOU break down and fall apart. Stop spreading such negative hate here… why bother? Does it get you off to inflict pain and suffering, to be rude and heartless?

  54. jazzy jules on

    I like Marc , I see what he’s doing in the great scheme of “things” & I hope things turn out … ummm .. well for him.stuck in that “place” with those “people” He seems to improve “things” everywhere he shows up… already getting benefits for his inmates , & improving the status quo for all .. is just like marc. the regrettable “thing” is that many humans are way behind understanding some of his idealistic efforts to improve our world. you have to open your hearts & minds & see things in a new light. OK.. you can do it. Marc is ahead of most of us.. give him credit for a lot of improvements to our general situation. His views are usually very clear & perceptive , unbiased & factual . he sums up the situation succinctly & delivers it in a very easy to understand format. HE HAS A SHARP MIND & AN UNDEFEATABLE SPIRIT , We need more Marc Emerys in this world.
    when Marc asks to have something done , PLEASE DO IT out of respect & gratitude….. best believe he has earned the respect & good will points to deserve it many times over.

    All those people he helped out of trouble , gave money , time & support to .. they should now be returning the favour. help the man who first helped you.

    from Brisbane AUSTRALIA.

  55. Anonymous on

    freedom of thought and speech. These are the foundations of all other liberties. For those of you buying into the system, becoming good little cops and spies and bankers and soldiers, don’t think that you and your family are safe. The moment you’re unprofitable you’re expendable.

    Look at the aggressive expansion of government force and propaganda. Look at Harper’s prison spending, bill S-10, the appalling abuse of peaceful citizens at the G-20 conference, assorted bills to clamp down on the internet and the exchange of media. Between S-10 and those proposed copyright bills, everyone is a criminal, and it’s no small step to start rubber stamping anyone the National Socialist Conservative party and their corporate backers dislike into a crowded prison or worse.

    “They came first for the Communists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for me
    and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

  56. Anonymous on

    our boy emery’s post couldn’t be be better…CRITICAL THE SLAMMER AND EVERYTHING IN IT…….suggesting the bush family hold a hand in one of the companys involved in the instutution…emery couldn’t hold his tongue if his life depended on it…keep it up mark…see if it speeds up your return to canada….if you continue in your current form you”ll do the whole nickel there …keep sounding off PLEASEEEEE

  57. Jim_mitchell on

    Marc, your my hero. It doesn’t matter if your in a kings house or a prison, you make a difference in peoples lives. Let’s help Marc make his prison Library the best in the system.

  58. Anonymous on

    That’s it eh? What a pathetic attempt at trolling. At least put a little effort into it next time you insignificant worm.

  59. Anonymous on

    here’s a partial list …2 spools of razor wire instead of one ,horribly ”dystunctional ” barracuda boxes , a library with only one { that’s right 1} rolling syone magazine and zero {zilch} shower curtains…why have people admired nelson mandela and papillon when canada’s marc emery has to endure these hardships!!!.let start a campaign to contact vic toews today!!

  60. Anonymous on

    Yup, Marc Emery is officially in the Gulag now. It would be hard to imagine worse conditions than being surrounded by a bunch of Mexicans every day for 5 years. It’s pretty much like putting him in a Mexican prison only the officials aren’t easily bribed like in Mexico, so it’s actually worse. You know those Mexicans you see in TV shows with the tank tops and the tattoos that all look exactly the same? Well, that’s Marc’s new family, the lowest lowlifes in America. That’s obviously why they sent him there. Just sending him to Georgia was bad enough, pretty much the butthole of America, but a Georgia prison full of Mexicans is the worst combination imaginable. The staff is a bunch of beer drinking Bubbas and the inmates are a bunch of bloodthirsty Mexican gangsters. There’s just no good side to that.

    Sadly, Marc is a citizen of a country whose government couldn’t care less about the human rights of their own citizens so it’s a virtual certainty that he’ll be left there to the bitter end of his sentence. Marc didn’t give Vic Teows any money so there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that he’ll lift a finger to help him. Why would he? He’d be busted down to Private in Harper’s SS if he did that. Do you think he’s going to stick his neck out for Marc Emery? He’d have to quit the Conservative Party the next day. He’ll probably frame the application and put it up on his office wall so he can have a good laugh whenever he’s feeling down.