Canadian Conservatives Attempt to Enact “Inhumane, Unjust” Anti-Pot Law

CANNABIS CULTURE – Major players in the legal system are calling Canada’s Bill S-10 inhumane and unjust, and with good reason. The bill would amend Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act with mandatory minimum sentences for pot offences and increase the maximum, in some cases, to life behind bars.

Most media have focused on the fact that Bill S-10 would throw growers in jail for six months for a measly five plants. Yet there are far worse consequences for pot lovers in the bill’s frightening amendments, including a complete overhaul of Canada’s criminal justice system, jails, and ultimately our freedom-loving culture.

Although the Canadian Senate is still debating the bill, it is now dominated by Conservative members. So it is likely that the bill will pass in the Senate and be sent to the House of Commons for readings, debate and a final vote. Time is running short for Canadians to take action and voice their concerns.

You could be in jail for LIFE!

A read of Bill S-10 reveals that members of Canada’s cannabis culture will be jailed for a minimum of one year, and possibly for life if you are caught:

• Trafficking for the benefit of a criminal organization, which could conceivably include passing a joint, a seemingly innocent behaviour for which Marc Emery was charged with trafficking a few years back. Now if you happen to pass that joint to a biker, you could be in jail for life!

• Carrying a weapon while selling your favourite plant, which might conceivable include a stick, or even the kind of personal mace that women use to protect themselves from rape.

• Dealing with a drug record from anytime in the past ten years.

The sentence goes up to a minimum two years to life for dealing near a school or involving, in any way, a person under 18. This might mean you got busted driving your kid to school with a couple of weighed-out baggies.

Meanwhile, cannaphiles caught with even a mom-and-pop style operation could face mandatory minimum three-year sentences, since that’s the punishment, under Bill S-10, for more than five-hundred plants grown “for the purposes of trafficking”. Since, in the past, the courts have counted clones as full plants, a two-hundred-and-fifty plant sea-of-green operation with two-hundred-and-fifty clones sitting ready for the next crop would bust the five-hundred plant threshold. A judge couldn’t choose to sentence you to less.

Inhumane and Unjust

With such heinous new laws on the horizon, it is no surprise that major players in the criminal justice system are speaking out against it, including the Canadian Bar Association and the John Howard Society.

The John Howard Society was originally founded in British Columbia in 1931, and was named in honour of a prison reformer who lived in the 1700’s, and who sought to stop the abuse, torture and needless deaths of prisoners in Europe.

The John Howard Society has presented extensive briefs urging parliament to drop Bill S-10. When the bill was originally introduced in 2009 the society’s paper – titled “Ineffective, Unjust and Inhumane: Mandatory Prison Sentences for Drug Offences” – asserted that:

“Mandatory minimum sentences, particularly when they involve long periods of incarceration are incompatible with the Fundamental Principle of Sentencing … specifically that the sentence must be proportionate to the gravity of the offence and the degree of responsibility of the offender… as such they are liable to give rise to inhumane sentences…”

The paper went on to also explain that, according to Canadian principles of sentencing, enshrined in our criminal code, courts are obliged to explore, “…all available sanctions other than imprisonment that are reasonable in the circumstances …”

Bill S-10 clearly does not explore all available alternatives to imprisonment.

The Canadian Bar Association agrees

According to the Canadian Bar Association, which represents lawyers and judges across Canada, Bill S-10’s mandatory minimum sentences “…would not be an effective deterrent to crime”, the sentences would be “unjust and disproportionate”, and ultimately the new law “would not achieve its intended goal of greater public safety.”

Specifically, the Canadian Bar Association warned the senate that the provisions of Bill S-10 “…subvert important aspects of Canada’s sentencing regime, including principles of proportionality and individualization and reliance on judges to impose a just sentence after hearing all the facts in the individual case.”

Under Bill S-10, judges are stripped of their power to make a compassionate ruling.

US-Style Drug War

In the US, mandatory minimums and three-strikes laws have sent prison populations skyrocketing. In 2008, over 7.3 million people were in jail or on probation in the US, higher than any other nation in the world. The massive rise in US imprisonment began at the same time as former US President Reagan’s war on drugs.

The cost of housing millions of prisoners has sucked the US public well dry, resulting in cuts to education and other social programs. Prisons have faced wide-scale privatization, and frequently they turn a profit by paying prisoners pennies to work on assembly lines behind bars. Major corporations benefit from prison labour, and some have even closed their regular plants to avail themselves of a less costly work force. As a result, communities have been devastated (See “US Prison Empire”, CC #30).

The ultimate outcome is a circle of prison-feudalism. Some people, desperate and out of work, turn to crime: sometimes even to benevolent so-called “crime” like growing and selling a little pot. If caught, they are thrown in prison and work on assembly lines that take jobs from people in thriving communities.

The NDP is on our side

In a letter released to Cannabis Culture by BC Southern Interior NDP MP Alex Atamanenko, the MP is clear that the NDP are trying to defeat Bill S-10.

“My colleagues and I voted a resounding NO when this Bill was introduced in the House as Bill C-15, but it was passed with the support of the Liberal Party. Now we have a second chance to stop this wrong-headed and costly legislation.”

Our second chance, as Canadians, is to make the choice to pick up the phone and call our MP’s. Obvious targets are Liberal MP’s, who we want to impress with our calm but determined opinions against Bill S-10. Since Canada currently has a minority government, if the NDP and Liberals vote together against this bill, it could be stopped.

We might also call the NDP and ask them to stay strong in voting against this bill, or we might call the conservatives and ask them to reconsider. The important thing is to pick up the phone and make the call to stop a US-style drug war on Canadian soil.

Sentences for Growing Pot under Bill S-10

• Six months to 14 years if the number of plants is between 5 and 200.

• Nine months to 14 years for 5 to 200 plants, grown for the purpose of trafficking.

• One to 14 years for 200 to 500 plants.

• Eighteen months to 14 years for 200 to 500 plants, grown for the purpose of trafficking.

• Two to 14 years for 500 or more plants.

• Three to 14 years if for 500 or more plants, grown for the purpose of trafficking.



Please contact your Senator and Member of Parliament and tell them to VOTE NO on Bill S-10. No mandatory minimums for marijuana!

Find a link to your Senator’s contact info on this list – or call them all!

Find your Member of Parliament’s contact info on this list or search with your Postal Code.

Let the Liberal Party know you are against this bill – call Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff: (613) 995-9364

Sign up at to get involved in marijuana activism online and receive regular updates about S-10 and protest actions in your area.

Watch Cannabis Culture for more news about Bill S-10 and upcoming activism events.



  1. Matt P on

    I actually had no idea this bill was even tabled until today. I immediately wrote my MP and anyone else in government who would listen and you should all do the same. This bill is criminal and would only cause the everyday grower to quit due to stiffer penalties. They think the large grow ops are going to be stopped by this? Because they won’t. Mom and Pop operations growing for them and there friends will risk shutting down due to fear. Then where will they get there cannabis? From the large grow ops the government is trying to stop. If anything this bill puts more power back into the hands of the criminals. Drive up street prices due to less supplies and more gangsters and the crime they bring along will want a piece of the action, and that is exactly what this bill will do.

  2. Anonymous on

    You actually think voting is real? Its a complete scam, top to bottom and a waste of time. You cannot vote for change. It is impossible since the entire system is rigged and always has been. All parties are CONTROLLED by the same people and always will be. Sure there are different faces on each, but in behind the scenes, bankers and corporations rule. Unless you can get rid of them, nothing will ever change, ever.

  3. Anonymous on

    You actually think voting is real? Its a complete scam, top to bottom and a waste of time. You cannot vote for change. It is impossible since the entire system is rigged and always has been. All parties are CONTROLLED by the same people and always will be. Sure there are different faces on each, but in behind the scenes, bankers and corporations rule. Unless you can get rid of them, nothing will ever change, ever.

  4. parksvillain on

    He’s making the point that if the laws get ultimately stiff then they are more likely to be rejected by ordinary people, which may be better than having the laws slowly become harsher so that ordinary people don’t notice the injustices going on around them.

    Either way, something’s gotta give. It breaks my heart to think of how many people’s freedom will be violated before this government fucking dies.

    Seeing Stephen Harper play Lennon’s song is like spitting on his grave.

  5. Susanne M-B on

    I am on the Board of Directors of a John Howard Society and a LEGAL pot smoker.

    Bill S-10 is a huge step backwards in today’s society where far more henious crimes occur and lesser sentences are handed out to the ‘real’ criminials in our communities ie recidivist violent offenders.

    Yes get the ‘chemical’ man made products off the street–they are killing our children, and are a tool of ‘the man’ to control the masses.

    Marijuana is a NATURAL occuring herb with medicinal and other uses ie hemp products.

    If you’re someone like me, in chronic pain, and allergic to the poisonous, CHEMICAL drugs like Oxyconton, morphine and codeine, that our doctors insist on prescribing due to the kick-backs they receive from the makers of the product, medical marijuana is a God send.

    I’ve watched too many friends become junkies while under a doctors care–doctors who will prescribe the above noted CHEMICAL poisons until the patient is totally dependent, then cut them off the drug cold-turkey…leaving a tormented junkie willing to rob, steal and kill to get the CHEMICAL again.

    Perhaps, Bill S-10 should only punish the doctor’s who are ready, willing and able to make addicts out of their patients…and leave the pot smokers alone!

  6. Anonymous on


  7. Anonymous on

    Harper wants to push Bill S-10 through in the next few days. Then he wants to hand over the Canadian border as per discussions in Wakefield Quebec with Clinton come January 11/2011. So many of us of course are distracted by the holidays. This is sort of like a reverse Tet Offensive for the Americans. Will Vichy Ottawa really give it up? So long immigration. So long settling native land claims. So long Canada. Forty years later, now is it easier to understand the FLQ? Is it easier to understand some of the points that the Black Bloc was making? What are the Basques all about? Easier to understand The Weatherman and the SLA now? Easier to understand the events at Oka? Group theory is group theory. It’s hard to believe that it will be all quiet on the Northern Front. The Psy-Ops will be going full blast. Now maybe we’ll get the sound cannons.

  8. Anonymous on

    So what are they going to do next, ban private gardens out of fear of growing Marijuana like they are trying to pass south of the border. Where are the pitch forks people.

  9. Anonymous on

    I agree, Mr. Harper doesn’t care for Canada. He even stated that he will support Israel over Canada, so who does this guy work for????? He certainly doesn’t work for Canadians and isn’t this new law unconstitutional somehow.

  10. ;) on

    So vote for the green party!

  11. Atlanta Toker on

    This is what happens when young people do not vote. Dont you understand, the only way to beat them is to play their game. Get involved politically throughout every college in Canada.
    Put pressure on them, they’ll fold evrytime if they know they will lose their position.
    If you dont get heavily involved all canadians will suffer.

    Lack of involvement is exactly what defeated the bill in California.
    California college big mouths that didnt have the balls to stand up for what they said they believed.. They were typical all hat no cattle kind fo people. Gutless so to speak.

    If you ll stop and think about it, youre gonna have to take it to the streets and push it hard. Look what had to happen in the United States for the Civil Rights Act to pass. The same morons against Civile Rights are the same morons that keep this fight going. People had to riot and burn and threaten. Same way with the Vietnam war.
    Government never does anything as it should, it has to be forced everytime. Everytime….

  12. Anonymous on

    If only Stephen Harper was a Piñata. And every time you took your best swing at that a.. , cannabis fell out.

  13. CanadianKronic on

    Screw you Harper, this still will not stop casual smokers….

  14. Anonymous on

    The Government is Psychotic, anyone with medical issues gets forced to take pharmaceuticals, which can eat your liver, and also if you take more than 1 extra pill and you get yourself if any trouble you will be subdued like a rag doll and tied to the wall in a insane asylum. It happened this week, and you will be considered a suicide attempt patient, but if you smoked an extra joint,.. it will help you better than the pills could ever help which alsothe pills we’re forced to become physically addicted. The police will kill you if you can’t remember what is happening and move wrong by accident, or by instinct, this is not Afghanistan HARPER – , GOVERNMENT, POLICE, PHARMACEUTICALS, YOU ALL HAVE A DEATH WISH…. AND IF THIS EVER APPEARS IN MY VISION IN ANY SPLIT SECOND VIEW, YOU’RE GOING TO GET DEALT WITH, DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!….. TRY TO KILL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS BECAUSE THEY HAVE A FEW HEALTH ISSUES WHICH LEADS TO OVERDOSE BY TOLERANCE EFFECTS OF PHYSICALLY ADDICTIVE CHEMICALS. IF IT EVER HAPPENS AGAIN, SOMEBODY IS GOING TO GET THE SAME TREATMENT, PICK WHO HARPER?

  15. Anonymous on

    Thanks for finally talking about this!

    I cannot believe that everyone in Vancouver was so busy fighting over Prop 19 in California to pay attention to what was happening in their own country.

    Just saying, as an outside observer, that the CC scene let the ball fall on this one.

  16. renney b. on

    marc emery is right and one of my heroes; because he is informing, educating canadians and the world of cannabis freedom , they want to silence him in america… the cannabis culture will never loose and this political prisoner will be set free ; christmas time is good as ever for america to ‘let my people go’ even as moses told egypt so many centuries ago… steven harper must be familiar with this and turn back from the bad law he is leading canada to adapt ( bill s-10 ) is no good for the cannabis culture… please stop the madness and let our people live in peace, liberty and democracy… almost 90% of adults sixty and under supports some form of decriminalization of marijuana. so s-10 is undemocratic and the next election should be a referendum to defeat it. if our representatives in parliament wont bring it to a non-confidence vote in the house the people will…the liberals, the new democrats and the block Q can quiet the conservatives sad song… canadians deserve new songs of freedom , happiness and inspiration not the hypocritical screams of stevens dark twisted fantasy … he will never persuade me to believe his fake emotions to be passionate about the cannabis culture… time for the real deal cannabis sativa / indica… peace and love to mother nature and her many children peace be still; end the marijuana war and get us back on the kings highway… r.b.

  17. Joe on

    I want to know that the last time werew where at $90.00 a barreled of oil canada had at lest a $5 billion dollar surplus. but now we do not under a Harper Government. So were is Canada money going $$$$$$$$$$$$ Toilet.

  18. Opus on

    SMOKE POT IN PUBLIC~ SCREW S-10! Stand up for yourself and what you believe in!!! (and when your done be sure to call the cops and report people smoking dope in public) THAT’S a REAL WAY TO BE ACTIVE & PROTEST!! 😀 hehehe….

  19. Ron on

    US foreign policy at work here folks, not much else. They (US policy makers)have our government law makers by a 5 billion dollar annual surplus in trade and 25% of our GDP, so unless you are prepared to live contently with the fallout from this kind of ‘economic terrorism’ that is leveraged against us, it will be extreme ‘Harper’ policies from all of our political parties as it is in all other US “influenced” countries (G_20).

  20. Chris on

    I agree with comments made that it is sad that Canada is not following the example of the rest of the world in moving in a different direction in regards to the legalization and policy of controlled substances.

    Prohibition has never been a working solution and the evidence for this is clear and defined.

    I myself do not use cannabis but I respect the rights and freedoms of citizens who wish to partake in this natural flowering plant.

    One thing that I think the cannabis community should look into is promoting legalization as an avenue for more critical and or analytical studies. (Independent of what the outcome may be).

    I work in a giant pharmo lab and myself as well as many of my coworkers would love to be able to conduct more trials and experiments with cannabis and cannabis derivitatives as well as simply experimenting with the chemical structure of the plant. This however is not afforded to use under current law and as such holds back understanding not to mention possible developments.

    For whichever reasons you choose to legalize cannabis I feel your movement does need to straighten its image and promote more stories on the strict science and philosophical concepts relating to government and freedom. Or else you simply won’t be taken seriously on the world stage. You should look to tobacco and alcholo lobbies as well as the firearm collations in the states for effective lobby/media tactics/press releases and model yourselves so after.



    P.s. You need to get your people out to vote. The fact that a majority can’t get a bill passed speaks either to their writing/lobby weakness or to the fact that there is no voting actually taking place. It’s sad.

  21. Anonymous on

    Agreed, if not outright legalization of all drugs and an end to the university-degree-holder monopoly on Pharmacy, we need a new schedule for drugs that may be purchased for reacreational purposes including pot, lsd, mushrooms, mdma and other substances of similarly minimal harm to the individual and to the community.

  22. Anonymous on

    Every time I vote it makes the country worse even trying against the other leftist communists! So Voting for Liberal or NDP will only lead to their bullshit…. any political party is grbage, not trustworthy, never helps, always make more problems, where is reality?

  23. Anonymous on

    Yes, I knew a few who took Grav-ol and they ended up in the hospital, also they were more messed up than anyone has ever been on LSD…. Stronger in a Drug store than LSD…. Come On society…. no more BS, legalize LSD too!!!!!

  24. Anonymous on


  25. Anonymous on

    Legalize it and then they won’t have to worry about people growing and selling, except to minors which would end up having the same regulations as cigarettes. Seriously, enough is enough. They would make more money and reduce crime all at once. There are no harmful effects of marijuana no more than your typical prescription drug (less in most cases) you can’t overdose (you can with some prescription drugs).
    A cop in training once told me the only reason it isn’t legalized in Ontario is because they can’t do a roadside test to see if people are under the influence, well what about other prescription drugs? You think you can drive properly on vicodin or oxycodone? Probably just as likely to get in a car crash on weed as you are to get in a crash on vicodin. Hell, even Gravol has the potency of LSD if you take like 4 them (not recommending you do).

    so government answer that !

  26. Mark Grimes on

    This is such an amazing entry and I love to read more of it so that I will be able to look over and have it as an inspiration for further articles to write about when it comes to updates on legalizing marijuana and it’s pros and cons too. I do hope you will get to visit our official website and let us know what you think about it. Here is the link
    and thanks ahead. 🙂

  27. BallyHoo on

    Guess what my boys and girls! There is nothing you can do to stop the Conservative Nazi Wagon from carrying on the tradition! Let’s get back to Liberal values and hearts. Vote Liberal or, if you must, NDP.



  28. Samson on

    the U.S. GOV’T has a HUGE defecit/budget problem? Well, I have a mathmatical hunch that a good portion of the problem lies in the U.S. incarciration figures….of which I don’t have an exact number. However, I’ve herad tale that the U.S. imprisons more of it’s citizens than china(wow). I suspect that if I(or you…) were to see a side by side comparison of the amount of taxes paid vs. people imprisoned in 1986….and then look at the amount of taxes paid vs. people imprisoned in 2009; and you might come to the conclusion that…well, 2+2= 4….right. then let’s add to that recipe HUGE tax cuts for the already obscenely wealthy—that’s another huge gap in tax revenue. And last but not least…..half of those not imprisoned can’t even find jobs–which also subtracts from tax revenue.

    RICO out
    P.S. I hope Canada does not fall prey to the same B.S.

  29. Anonymous on

    An arrest/conviction in a kangaroo court is hardly proof of a failure. The replier seems to think that coercion suffices for jurisdiction and that exercise of coercion over someone disproves the truth of his argument. This is the exact sort of epistemology that the prohibitionists use: our ability to enact coercion suffices for jurisdiction.

    For anyone who actually listens and hears words, as opposed to going on touch/smell/taste, read Magna Carta 1215. Drug prohibition is clearly prohibited by the section reading “nos non faciemus justitiarios, constabularios, vicecomites vel ballivos nisi de talibus qui sciant legem regni et eam bene velint observare” or, in English Law, “We will not make justices, constables, sheriffs, that is to say bailiffs, except of such a kind who know the law of the realm and mean to observer it well.”

    From this we may infer that the legem regni, royal law, is fixed at the making of Magna Carta, for it would be absurd if such grant were simply saying “we will only make bailiffs who will do whatever we say”—the whole point to Magna Carta is to constrain the Regal Government so that it may not be used to abuse the people.

    Anyway, Royal Law, legem regni, Loi du Roiaume, Manner of the Kingdom, whatever you call it, it prohibits theft. Government is not meant to be a cloak for maliciousness and thievery.

    Hopefully with the WikiLeaks situation, people will get the Message: Government Lies. Indeed, to many in Government, it is impossible to conduct Government in its current form without manifest dishonesty. To them, when truth conflicts with their “public policy”, public policy prevails.

    I encourage anyone who is interested in Freedom to read as much old Law as possible—ideally, stuff written before the 1850s. Just to be quick, here is a definition of Freedom and a Definition of Bondage:

    “Freedom is the natural power of every man to do what he pleases, unless forbidden de jure or vi.”

    “Servitude is an institution of the jus gentium, by which, contrary to nature, one person is subjected to the dominion of another.”

    So, which does drug prohibition sound more like, freedom under Law, that is power to do everything not forbidden de jure (vi is by violence, as if you are in chains, you are not free) or servitude, unnatural subjection to the dominion of another?

    Dominion of Canada, anyway?

  30. Anonymous on

    I think everyone is tired of the governments shit they give everyone.

    By playing with marijuana laws.

    So check out Mr. Bean and forget cannabis culture.

    A big waste of everyones preacious time and ethics.

  31. Anonymous on

    Jodie and Marc are still together?

    I thought they broke up….

    Maybe Jodie will find someone else….

    Stay Tuned…. Until Next Time

    To Infinity And Beyond!

  32. Anonymous on

    If you haven’t noticed our Young Generation and cops are at their point of extinction.

    The young generation hate cops. WORLD WAR 3

    Cops hate everyone. Thats why societys so messed and the cops can’t catch any murderers. They only pest-erize marijuana smokers.

    Because cops got their uniforms on to tight. To the point they become criminals to catch criminals.

  33. Anonymous on

    Why don’t the canadians legalize growing and smoking. Responsibily.

    And band selling. Unless your doing it for the smokers, without the intent to sell.

    A man gotta do what a man gotta do.

    You know, giving presents to children make them grow up wanting to smoke marijuana.

    Opening presents are like, getting fresh buds.

    I can imagine when these kids grow up, and don’t get what they want.

    What they’ll do to their elders, and society.

  34. Anonymous on

    Did you ever read about Yale University?

    And it’s secret societies….

    There is a movie about it, called The Skulls 1999

    Exposing a secret society even George Bush : The Second George Bush, not the one from 1950 whatever.

    That was named the Skulls.

    Which teaches people to live like animals. By means of killing and unjustice. Under american jurisdiction.

    Then again now a days……

    America’s youth has missed their chance to know GOD, since Marilyn Manson popped his dirty little head out the box.

    And also Horrorcore satanic rap, ritual abuse.

    And even Satanism. Which was established in America.

    In the 1950s-1960s.

    In 1930 – 1940 all north america had established was Black and White films…

    Where in the hells of america, or why has these heartless, GOD haters, Americans with no souls. Go that far just to make it so youth today miss their chance of knowing GOD, by what america has to offer them….

    War or Alcohol either way america are the real murderers.

    Worshiping anything and everything they can get their paws on.


    Every country knew america’s hiding something or somethings up.

    If you ask me, I would say every country in the world are thinking aren’t americans starting to look like some exercises of a terrorist.

    Americans are also working on Hyper sonic missiles, Rockets able to destroy, nuc a whole country and everything in it.

    Americans have weapons of mass destruction.

    Come on this isn’t James Bond movies of the old days.

    In North America we have a saying, “you make a mess, you clean it up”

  35. Anonymous on

    Anything Conservatives Put Their Hands On…

    Turns into destruction.

    It’s okay , we’re not to far from meeting the end of this world by calamitys and natural disasters we could have prevented but instead the government fights over Marijuana Laws as if it’s more important than living .

    We live in a weak world, people should expect weak conservatives.

    Who can’t do their job right, thats why they try to pass any law just for attention.


    Instead of having the mentality every youth is growing up to be an alcoholic or pot smoker, or some kid in school society takes advantage of…

    This is the point, people are to wrapped up like mummies in egypt with their own lives, to the extent people dont care about their life surroundings.

    We should be building a giant air cleaner, water oil filter. Government screw – up prevention.

    Instead of fighting over who’s lives are more important, with some unclean, bias conservatives. Who only care about their salary, and how many people’s lives they screw up in the justice system.
    Or just don’t care about anyone but theirselfs.

    Conservatives are like this, they believe life can only be one way.
    One way of thinking, one way of justice. One reason to live, to die….

    Conservatives also don’t believe in GOD. They think their GOD.. Hope conservatives don’t make GOD angry enough.

    That when the world passes through a solar storm, causing Super Nova’s blast hiting earth from galaxies away. Or Halley’s Comets in 2012 which these conservatives , are looking up at the sky like why, we don’t know better.

  36. Anonymous on

    I concur. I want to opt out of the State…but just saying the right words doesn’t work unfortunately.

  37. Rory Koncar on

    This problem has allowed Canadians to see the injustice in our country first hand in a way that even people that may even not support Pot/Seeds have to stand up and take a closer look at this outrageous clam by the US added by the Canada Government it’s self. To see the Canadian Government allow the extradition of Marc Emery is one of the most Anti-Canadian thing to do. As Canada set a policy that indicates that the Canadian Government will not help Canadians’ travailing abroad to other Countries with any major legal problem……..and then to see Canada go as far as to help the US extradite a Canadian Citizen. Number #1, I had been understood that Canada is a Sovran Country? Number #2, Canada has a undefined legal stand on Pot-Where the US legally see Pot as a class-A drug punishable by the same laws the US uses to charge Cocaine use. Number #3, If the US does not want people from the US to buy seed than it’s a ‘US Customs’ problem-not a Marc Emery problem. Number #4, this show the inability to deal with real problem from Extradition, Heath Care, Police, Education, Art funding, and so many other major problems that Canadians fined important. As a Canadian working through University with the ambitions of becoming directly involved in main stream politics this is just a few of the topics I find unacceptable and I seek to have accountability laws put in place for any and all Canadian Public Servants that should be held to the highest standard possible. I’m personally from Nanaimo BC a little city that Harper visited not too long ago this year 2010………maybe Canadian’s should try to find out why it is that Harper came to Nanaimo and his sudden change in attitude………I would say Harper is feeling the presser to clean up his act and are all Government Agencies. I really do think Canadians should find out what rocked Harpers World so strongly in Nanaimo BC Canada………..It’s a good example of how Canadians have had it with the childish like games that age Government has been playing with Canadian lives!! I support the ideals of Marc Emery and find myself ashamed to be Canadian………Harper even took Canada’s Peaces Keepers away?????? Harper must Hate Peace and Pot……….He not support Bob Marley’s idea of One Love, or JFK, and Martin Luther King………This is not the morality that Canada stands for and as a Canadian myself I will not forget-even more importantly like Marc Emery I’m in this for the long haul-for Life!!!! If Harper wants to start to be a better man now-He better start with mending the wounds that he’s afflicted on the people of Canada, The Country, and the Canadian reputation as a Peace Keeping Country that supports the world as well as our own people, education, arts, heath care!!! The sound bits of the Russian threat in the Arctic will not distract the Canadian people as easily as are Nabors to the south. Canada has a higher standard of global awareness than are US Nabors do……..Harper better stand up and start acting now……….Canada has one former Prime Minister in court up on charges……..what makes Harper think he’s any different…….He just may find himself in court in a few years as well…………it’s the new law enforcement trend up and coming-busting white collar criminals like Former Prime Ministers!!!! Harper does not need to motivate tarring feathering him any more as it is…….Harper has left a legacy of being Bushes Mini-Me in Canada…….Bush has been kicked out of office and he’s up on criminal charges himself…..It’s looking like you maybe next Harper-clean up your act and get-while the getting is good!!!!!

  38. Anonymous on

    Just when you know Government are crooked again… we see on the news today that the G20 summit bullshit world leaders meeting in Toronto proved that the Martial Law was in fact attempted to become law without public notification, as permanent law, which gives extra brutal force at the right to use by any police officer at anytime for any reason. The tactics were meant to be hidden from the pubic, the War Zone effect, the Ontario premier Dalton Mc’Guilty’ should be stepping down, as should the Totonto Police Chief Bill Blair, as requested on the news to get rid of these backstabbers. The place was a set-up, the decoys used to attract the rampage were put there for that reason, to PLAY WITH THEIR NEW POWER by a fraud attempt, AND a AGGRESSIVE BLACKMAIL EVENT, WHy the F do people need to know when the world leaders are meeting, ITS THE WORLD LEADERS JOB ALREADY, If they spend 364 days without communication to the remaining important connections, then why does this happen 1 time a year, or every 4 years, EVERY 4 Years – Its NOt the Olympics (which also drain the countries money last time in Vancouver 2008)….. so other than Protests compared to these cannabis laws, the fact is… The Media tried to make it look like the Pot Protesters were responsible for the outbreak, which was not true, the pot protest was on the east, the riot started in the west end, TRY AND BLAME SMOKERS! Because Nuclear issues are being address in public, World leaders should meet on their own schedule and not advertise it like a TV series…. THE GOVERNMENT IS ASKING FOR TROUBLE! …. so…. as I watched this riot live on TV, I seem to not agree with the action being considered too brutal by the police,…. because watching it live showed the rioters start smashing everything, burning a bunch of stuff, and when the police lined up far back, the folks threw bottles of piss and knocked a horse in the head,…. this horse stumbled and from that point….. a riot of young goofs thought being in the middle of a riot was a place to watch the action without any problems????? ANYBODY WHO TAKES PART IN A PROTEST IS A PUPPET, YOU WON’T GET ANY RESPECT FROm THE GOVERNMENT…. IN FACT YOU WILL PROVOKE THE GOVERNMENT TO ACT OUT AGAINST YOU…. PROTESTS DON’T DO SHIT THESE DAYS, ALL MARTIAL LAW RULES WERE ATTEMPTED TO BE PASSED WITHOUT NOTIFICATION, SO THE BRUTALITY WAS CONSIDERED GENERIC TACTICS BY COPS! NOW YOU KNOW THAT ONTARIO AND CANADA HAS TRIED TO DECEIVE AND IT CONSIDERED BREAKING THE CIVIL RIGHTS LAWS.,…
    The Black Bloc Need to be dealt with, the ignorant little fucks who went out of their way to set up an attack on the city, etc….. A GANG TRIED TO AMBUSH THE CITY… Why are most other people pissed at the cops? There is a difference between passing laws and doing the physical activity to deal with a riot, if you are in public space and you know a G20 is going on, and a protest, if you are there, you are not smart and you are already a slave to them, anybody who is lucky enough to be placed in a warehouse to be contained must realize they are also asking for problems, because there has been much brutal force used by police in other events and other smaller events….. G20 was a joke, protesters are goofs, police are brainwashed and high on life, their controlled life, police are failures, the C average students who had no other option, HARPER – MCGUILTY – YOUR POLICE WILl NOT BE RESPECTED EVER AGAIN, AS THEY TRY TO GEt RESPECT THEY PROVOKE THE OPPOSITE, you will cause a civil war sometime if you think G20 is some carnival allowed to be advertised like useless info on TV commercials, FUCK this country, and everyone else, I DON’T LIVE IN YOUR BRAINS, I LIVE ON A PLANET WITH GROUND AND WATER, Hopefully we won’t lose our brains, or water

  39. BOB WILSON on

    their elected members unaware of DANGEROUS LAWS without safeguards to stop
    criminal acts of no consequences crown cults in justice.

  40. Anonymous on

    I would suggest to buy stock in private prisons. You shouldn’t just let the politicians get rich. It’s working great here in the states.

  41. No Freeman Fantasies on

    Those Freeman fantasies don’t fly, look up Bud Oracle and Marc Boyer’s cases to see how that suggestions is one big Fantasy fueled FAIL!

  42. Anonymous on

    Inhumane is the best word in the english dictionary to describe Stephen Harper political agenda.He sees Canada as a tough militarized country where everyone is put in jail. He wants to play tough with everybody.Someday,its gonna backfire for him for sure

  43. Anonymous on

    …with reality. While the rest of the world is moving away from the pointless war on Cannabis the Conservative Party of Canada thinks going backwards and “getting tough” is the answer. Can’t imagine what gave them that idea, since the US has even stiffer minimums and Cannabis is more prevalent than ever before. People growing or selling Cannabis was never a problem to society anyway. If people have a problem with the houses full of plants being grown largely by the Vietnamese then why don’t they put minimum sentences on stealing hydro instead. Every single one of those large indoor grows are stealing hydro and yet Harper and Nicholson don’t even bother with any significant laws against that. Those are the grows that are actually dangerous to the neighborhood because of the fire risk, not the guy with a 400 or 1000w light. All they have to do is make it a serious crime to bypass an electric meter and the big dangerous grow ops will disappear at a faster rate than with S-10. They’ll never do that though, because it would be too logical.

  44. Joe on

    It is funny how the Harper government gives out 60 billion dollars of Canada surplus to the Canadian big banks that did not need bailing out and in return got a 60 billion dollar deficit. Then two years later a Harper MP get a million dollar a year salary job with CIBC Bank. Now Harper wants to create a war using our police force and prisons to cage human behavior. Like caging a human for a year for growing a flower using fertilizer and water Wow such a big terrorist threat scare me later shit head. The Wall Street banks are robbing main street blind will the governments are sitting pretty while taking lobby money to bring in laws that corporations can become rich while they militarize our police force and merge corporate power and government power that is fascism and a police state. If the supreme courts go with this regime there will be war and blood spill because prices will go up and gangs will be the jobs of the 20 first centuries. Just look at the USA drug war monkey see monkey do and an exact results will happen in Canada. Wild West.

  45. Peter on

    Anti-Pot Politics
    is a War Against
    Mother Nature
    a Weed witch-hunt
    (with a little help from
    Drug Company dollars)

    To paraphrase Harpo himself
    “The people of this country are never going to accept being treated like criminals, and we will continue our efforts until Pot Prohibition is finally abolished”

  46. yer anon on

    Your a dinosar. The Republican Governor of California Arnold Schwarennegger just repealed pot laws to a misdemeanor, legal under 1 ounce. As did Massachussets awile bac. Ya probably never toked Ha! Governor of Cali: “Nobody cares if you smoke a joint anymore”.

  47. Paul Pot on

    Hey Jodie why don’t you stand for parliament at the next election. Nothing frightens them more than losing votes to indipendants.

  48. Anonymous on

    Another goof, booze isn’t weed, and life in jail for a joint is good in your opinion???? You are promoting fear tactics, you are a brainwashed robot, do you smoke? If yes, then enjoy looking forward to life in jail, but you can get out of prison after a few months when you hit and kill someone while drunk! Easy to kill peole anyday you like, the only difference is driving legally or not! THERE IS NO PUNISHMENT FOR KILLING KIDS WHILE DRUNK…… If you compare to booze, you’re a Harper lover!

  49. Anonymous on

    Sadly this is a good thing for the movement if it goes through. Best would be life in jail for a joint. The harsher the laws the more the average person will not like them. This is what happened with booze. The year it was repealed was the year they were fighting it the most.

  50. Anonymous on

    2-14 years for plants because the government employees are alcoholics and not familiar with the sweet taste and feeling of marijuana, I guess the government has decided to make potential criminals resort to their last choice… DEATH! PLEASE PLEASE DO IT, IT WOULD BE SO GREAT TO SEE YOUR COUNTRY BREAK OUT INTO A DRUG WAR AND GIVE US THE CHANCE TO DESTROY IT!
    For herbal remedy better than anything on this planet…. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LAW, IT IS NOT RELEVANT, YOU BETTER TELL YOUR COPS TO USE GUNS IMMEDIATELY, BECAUSE THEY WILL BECOME MISSING IN ACTION, Thanks for drug war goof STEVEN HARPER…. You are a fairy!

  51. PeyotePal on

    I hate Stephen Harper.

    He has ruined this country.

    He gags his Ministers, he doesn’t listen to Canadians.

    He SUCKS.

    I hate what he has done to this country.

  52. Randall on

    Just refuse to enter into contract with the Canadian authorities. Opt out of Government control and govern yourself. Check out the World Free Man Society

    Having pot is not a criminal offence unless you decide to cooperate and enter a plea.