Canadian Supreme Court Says Police Can Spy on Power Use

CANNABIS CULTURE – The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that police can obtain household power records and attach digital recording devices to suspected grow homes to track electricity usage patterns as part of pre-warrant investigations.

On Wednesday, November 24, Canada’s Supreme Court ruled 7-2 to overturn an earlier ruling by the Alberta Court of Appeal concluding that police had violated the rights of Daniel Gomboc when, in 2007, after smelling the scent of marijuana coming from his house (while investigating an unrelated issue in his neighborhood), they installed a “digital recording ammeter” (DRA) with the help of the power company.

“I expect that the reasonable, informed citizen would be gravely concerned, and would object to the state being allowed to use a utility to spy on a homeowner in this way,” the court of appeal said in a 2-1 ruling.

Wednesday’s Supreme Court decision overturned that ruling and found that police did not breach the constitutional guarantee against unreasonable search and seizure because the information provided by the power company, Enmax, didn’t include personal information about Gomboc’s lifestyle.

“The DRA is a technique that reveals nothing about the intimate or core personal activities of the occupants,” Supreme Court Justice Marie Deschamps wrote for the majority. “It reveals nothing but one particular piece of information: the consumption of electricity.”

Deschamps made clear that Canadians can expect some level of privacy in the home, but that privacy has limits.

“As is true of all constitutional rights, the Charter’s protection of territorial privacy in the home is not absolute,” she wrote. “The Constitution does not cloak the home in an impenetrable veil of privacy. To expect such protection would not only be impractical; it would also be unreasonable.”

Police are already permitted to obtain electricity records, but the DRA device is a new addition that, according to press reports, gives authorities “accurate information on the amount of utility usage in the various rooms of the house.”

Daniel Gomboc was arrested with over 165 kilograms of cannabis and convicted of growing and trafficking.

In 2009, the Alberta appeal court reversed the decision, ordering a new trial for Gomboc, saying the power company had been “co-opted” by police for “a form of surreptitious electric surveillance”. That decision was overtuned Wednesday.

Though four of the Judges agreed with Deschamps, three others sided with an alternative opinion written by Justice Rosalie Abella, which acknowledged privacy concerns but supported the conviction.

Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin and Justice Morris Fish were the only full dissenters, warning that the use of DRAs by police without warrants is “an incremental but ominous step toward the erosion of the right to privacy.”

This isn’t the first time the court has ruled to limit privacy in Canada.

In December 2009, the court found Canadians do not have the right to privacy of their curbside garbage. Police, since 2004, have also been allowed to use “infra-red” scanning devices to make searches.



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  11. MOTFA on

    if you let a cop in your house (first mistake) and you don’t use carbon filter or something to mask smell (second mistake) then the grower is the fucking dumb ass not the cop.

    besides the only thing growers are going to learn from this article is that they have to grow more weed (some during day, some at night) to keep the power stable, so congratulations you supreme court idiots, you accomplished nothing.

  12. Anonymous on

    What they look for is 12 hour cycles so they can make the ludicrous claim that such cycles would indicate Cannabis being flowered. Well, Chrysanthemums are short day plants too and so are tobacco plants. It’s perfectly legal to grow tobacco for personal use. Maybe you don’t want to pay the high prices for retail tobacco. Grow lights are also perfectly legal. How then does a 12/12 power cycle indicate Cannabis growing?

    Anyway, all you have to do is split your garden into two parts and have a light mover to move the lights over half of it for 12 hours and then over the other half for the next 12 hours. You wouldn’t want separate lights turning on and off because the power surge when the ballasts start up would probably be detectable. If the lights are on continuously and simply being moved back and forth then there would be no surges. Also, by splitting the garden in two like that you are only running half as much power at any one time. What I mean is that if you were running 2 1000w lights for 12 hours then the DRA will show 2000w being used while they are turned on, a rather high amount. If split in two then you are only running 1000w at any point in time. You need only half as many lamps too so you save money on hardware. Of course it would take some ingenuity to design such a system so that the light is excluded as much as possible from whichever side is in its night cycle. Actually, though, if the cops are at the point of monitoring your power meter then you’re pretty much toast anyway, one way or another. It will just take them a little longer to get enough for the warrant.

  13. Anonymous on

    “The DRA is a technique that reveals nothing about the intimate or core personal activities of the occupants,” Supreme Court Justice Marie Deschamps wrote for the majority. “It reveals nothing but one particular piece of information: the consumption of electricity.”

    That’s bullshit. You can deduce lots about the lifestyle and personal activities of the occupants based on the power consumption. like when they take showers, when they use their stoves, when they turn on their televisions, and the light cycle of their grow-room(s).

    I can’t believe a supreme court justice would rule in such a way what a gross violation of personal privacy…