Seth Rogen and Conan on Weed

CANNABIS CULTURE – Hollywood herb head Seth Rogen was the very first guest to appear on Conan O’Brien’s new late night show Conan, and the stoney star used the opportunity to discuss Proposition 19 and medical marijuana in California.

Partial transcript from Conan Episode 1: “Baa Baa Blackmail”

CONAN: Now, I don’t want to make any assumptions about you; I know you, I don’t say I know you better than a lot of people in the business, but I’m guessing that you were disappointed that Proposition 19 failed. Is that an assumption?

SETH: I was, I was very – the marijuana proposition, yeah. But the good news is, literally anyone on Earth can get a medical marijuana card.

CONAN: Well in this state – that’s the thing that I couldn’t understand – in this state people were so, it was such a big question: will they legalize marijuana or not? And it looks like it’s fairly easy thing to do, to get a medical marijuana card.

SETH: Yes, I have a medical marijuana prescription, personally. I went in, they said, “what do you need it for?” and I said, “I have a very specific ailment – it’s called, I ain’t got no weed on me right now.”


CONAN (LAUGHING): “I ain’t go no weed on me.”

SETH: That’s how I worded it. And the lady said, “We actually have just the thing for that.”

Proposition 19 to fully legalize marijuana for recreational purposes failed by less than 4% in the November 2 vote. Critics of the bill say, like Seth, that it is easy enough to get pot without Proposition 19 passing, but statistics show that marijuana arrest remain at record highs in California.

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