Marijuana Vote 2010: Pot at the Polls in Four States

CANNABIS CULTURE – Marijuana is on the ballot in four states: California, Arizona, South Dakota, and Oregon will vote on cannabis-related initiatives in the November 2 election.

If you live in any of these states, please do everything you can to spread the word and DON’T FORGET TO VOTE on November 2, 2010!


Cannabis Culture will be broadcasting LIVE FROM OAKSTERDAM on the evening of NOVEMBER 2 as the election counts are tallied. Watch this space or the front page of CC for live streaming video from Yes on 19 Headquarters in Oakland, California on the night of the election.

More information about the initiatives:

California – Proposition 19 to legalize marijuana

A YES vote on Proposition 19 would legalize marijuana for recreational purposes in the state of California, allowing all homeowners to grow a 25 square foot garden for personal use without penalty. It would also allow counties in the state to open cannabis cafes, issue growing and distribution licenses, and impose and collect taxes.

Prop 19 may be the most important effort to legalize marijuana in the history of the United States, and its passing will likely bring down prices of pot, help to end control of the illegal drug market by Mexican cartels, and bring in much-needed tax dollars for the struggling state.

MORE INFO: Find out why all Californian’s should vote YES on Proposition 19 (and more here and here) or read the full proposition.

See the long list of endorsements or get t-shirts and other gear at the official Yes on 19 website.

HELP NOW: Volunteer with the Prop 19 campaign or get out the YES VOTE by using Just Say Now!’s online voter contact tool or the Predictive Dialer. You can also donate here.

Watch video about Proposition 19.

Arizona – Proposition 203 to legalize medical marijuana

A YES vote on Proposition 203 would legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes in the state Arizona, allowing qualifying patients with debilitating medical conditions to obtain, possess and consume marijuana from a nonprofit medical dispensary.

MORE INFO: Read more about Proposition 203 or read the full proposition.

Arizona passed a similar initiative in 1996 by a 65% margin, but it was overturned by the state legislature. If passed, Prop 203 will be protected from the same fate thanks to a 1998 ballot initiative which prevents the legislature from overturning voter-approve ballot initiatives.

Go to the official Yes on Proposition 203 website.

HELP NOW: Volunteer with the Prop 203 campaign or get out the YES VOTE by using Just Say Now!’s online voter contact tool. You can also donate here.

South Dakota – Measure 13 to legalize medical marijuana

A YES vote on Measure 13 would legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes in the state South Dakota, allowing qualifying patients with debilitating medical conditions to cultivate and possess marijuana as well as obtain it from a state-licensed caregiver. Caregivers may provide for up to 5 patients.

MORE INFO: Read more about Measure 13 or read the full measure.

Measure 13 will allow for a strict medical marijuana program, arguably more restrictive than similar rules in the 14 other states that have passed similar bills, requiring a doctor’s certification every six months. Despite its limitations, the measure will provide relief for suffering medpot patients who will finally be a allowed to use their medicine legally.

Go to the official Yes on Measure 13 website.

HELP NOW: Volunteer with the Measure 13 campaign or get out the YES VOTE by using Just Say Now!’s online voter contact tool. You can also donate here.

Oregon – Measure 74 to legalize medical marijuana dispensaries

A YES vote on Measure 74 would establish a system of privately owned, non-profit medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of Oregon. It would also create a system of licensing and regulation for growers to provide medical marijuana to the dispensaries.

MORE INFO: Read more about Oregon’s Measure 74 or read the full measure (PDF).

Supporters say the measure would create one of the best system in the country for providing legal and highly regulated access to medical marijuana in a model similar to other drug pharmacies. If passed, the measure is expected to generate up to $20 million a year in taxes and fees paid for by participants.

Go to the official Yes on Measure 74 website.

HELP NOW: Volunteer with the Measure 74 campaign or get out the YES VOTE by using Just Say Now!’s online voter contact tool. You can also donate here.

The Countdown Continues

November 2 is less than a week away!

Watch for more coverage of THE 2010 MARIJUANA VOTES on Cannabis Culture in coming days and LIVE video coverage on November 2.



  1. Bhonze on

    Cali, If you don’t vote Yes on Prop-19 YOUR A BUNCH OF IDIOTS!!! Don’t you realize at least one or more states will Legalize in the 2012 Elections! Then guess what you will loose out on all the tourist $$’s and the price of your crop will fall anyway. If you VOTE YES, Cali can reap the benefits for 2-whole years before anyone else gets into the business and before the price hits rock bottom. Face it; it will happen in the next 2 years somewhere anyway so you should reap the benefits now. GET OUT AND VOTE YES ON PROP-19!!!

  2. Anonymous on

    it looks like you’re the one who infiltrated this site with your ignorance, the other guy can spell it however he wants dumbass

  3. ElmerFudd on

    Why, it sounds to me like satanist.
    Are always on this site talking about USA is better than CANADA.

    When! WHEN!

    Will we just end all wars.


    As a medicine, for diesease’s.

    Now with all this going on, it’s like everyone’s crazy.

    With a loss of sense of what we all know is right.

    I’m utmost surprised, that you can’t get marijuana prescriptions for crazy people.

    In California I hear you can get a prescription for anything light, even a headache what could be leading to a migrane.

    These nutty politians I tell you!

  4. PeyotePal on

    USA … your warn on drugs is a failure.
    Your warn on drugs around the Earth is a failure.

    Please stop killing people.

    Please stop incarcerating innocent people.

    I can’t believe people are still brainwashed into believing the ‘just say no’ policy. It is a lie.

    Please leave innocent people alone now.

  5. Anonymous on

    Why are you guys attacking this guy??? unless I read it wrong it looks like hes saying that uncle Sam can suck a fat dick and the govt has people brainwashed which it does lol. Yes on prop 19 and everything else after it let the domino’s fall!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. PeaceLover on

    Speaking of “iggnorance” – pick up a dictionary … and think before you spout. Unless you’ve infiltrated this site simply to discredit and disrupt, your very presence serving to undermine trust and scare off potential supporters. Hmmm…

  7. PeaceLover on

    Why is it that I don’t believe that you’re serious – are you here only to discredit and disrupt? There is a right and proper way to get a point across.

  8. Anonymous on

    One thing about the government, is their so crazy.
    They think marijuana is bad.
    Maybe not today, maybe in the 70s.

    Well in todays new age of thinking. That peace, love and unity. Some might tell you marijuana keeps us together. On a cold day at your local street corner.

    But Presidents, Senators, members of legislature.
    All have one thing in common.
    They don’t get enough oxygen to the brain.
    As sitting in a room all day, without a fresh supply of air.
    Causing brain damage.

    Maybe the all the presidents smoked marijuana before.
    And truthfully got introuble by their parents.
    Having getting grounded, the days couped up in the room.

    After the 5th day of sitting there, you lose your sight of things. Or forget what you did.

    Now we all know what President Bush and Obama felt while innocent people were brutally murdered in the war.

    The funny part is if everyone over the past 1000 years who died sat in amazement around us, watching our every move, laughing at our iggnorance.
    While we so easyily forget.

  9. Anonymous on

    This article has nothing to do with Canada.
    The laws, poverty, one way government.
    Flaws, ways to get around the law.

    By now everyone knows these laws to make marijuana illegal.
    And a uproar to find and confiscate marijuana as a illegal substance. Able to make people kill? LIES!

    That just means the billions of dollars wasted on the Federal government and police men. Is all for salary and wasted tax dollars.
    Why because cops aint doing a good job.

    The youth are more corrupted than the youth began to be.
    Cops catch people with marijuana in hands, because they can’t find the hard drug dealers. That actually got 1/4 the population, as if their not even here.

    And murderers / robers. Who always seem to get away….

    Basically the justice system has failed, the government denies it. While the populations death toll rises.

    YES depopulating the population.

    Three Words… ABORTION , GUNS, MURDER

  10. MOTFA on

    this shit better pass in order to turn the tides not only in america but canada and mexico as well.

    if it doesn’t, we will all be glad that obama let us keep the guns.