Photos and Video: The Worldwide Rallies to Free Marc Emery – Sept 18, 2010

CANNABIS CULTURE – Worldwide rallies to free imprisoned activist Marc Emery were a huge success in over 90 locations around the globe, and photos and videos of the many protests are flooding the Internet.

Below are links to various photos and videos from the WORLDWIDE RALLIES to FREE MARC EMERY on September 18, 2010. Click here for a map of participating cities and more info about the rallies. Stay tuned for more on the global rallies from Cannabis Culture.

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Vancouver, British Columbia

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Toronto, Ontario

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Edmonton, Alberta

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Ottawa, Ontario

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Chatham, Ontario

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Victoria, BC

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Denver, Colorado

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Austin, Texas

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Montgomery, Alabama

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Berlin, Germany

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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Shenzhen, China

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Photo Galleries

Vancouver, British Columbia: Flickr gallery, Facebook gallery, Facebook gallery
Nelson, British Columbia: Facebook gallery
Canmore, Alberta: Facebook gallery
Calgary, Alberta: Facebook gallery
Empire Stadium, Vancouver: Facebook gallery
Peterborough, Ontario: Facebook gallery
Lethbridge, Alberta: Facebook gallery, Facebook gallery
Windsor, Ontario: Facebook gallery
Toronto, Ontario: Facebook gallery, Facebook gallery
Whitby Ontario: Facebook gallery

Seattle: Facebook gallery, Facebook gallery
Venice Beach: Facebook gallery
Montgomery, Alabama: CC Blog gallery

Shenzhen, China: Facebook gallery

Press Reports

Rallies push for Marc Emery’s return to Canadian jail

by The Province

Supporters of the self-proclaimed “prince of pot” plan to rally at several Vancouver intersections Saturday, as well as dozens of other locations around the world, to make a plea for his return to Canada.

Marc Emery is serving a five-year jail sentence in the U.S. for drug trafficking after he was found guilty of selling marijuana seeds over the Internet.

At sentencing earlier this month, a Seattle prosecutor rejected Emery’s claims he was being selectively and vigorously prosecuted because of his pro-pot political crusade.

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Rallies in support of Marc Emery held around the world

by News 1130

Marc Emery, the self-proclaimed “Prince of Pot,” has only begun to serve his sentence in the States, and already there are calls for him to come home.

A rally took place in Vancouver today to free the man who was convicted of selling pot seeds in the US via mail and online.

Jacob Hunter, the rally’s organizer, claims similar rallies are being held around the world, in countries as far as China and Norway. “I don’t think Marc should be in jail at all, but I am quite frankly willing to accept the half-measure of just bringing him home to Canada, which I would point out is actually a legal obligation for the public safety minister. He does not have a choice of whether or not to return Marc to Canada. Under the law, he actually has to.”

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Global rallies to free ‘Prince of Pot’ Marc Emery, stop Bill S-10

by Digital Journal

Toronto – Rallies occurred around the world to protest the five-year prison sentence of the “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery. Protests took place in Toronto, Berlin, Antarctica, Vancouver, Oslo and other areas around the globe.

Last week, Canadian marijuana activist Marc Emery was sentenced by a United States District Court Judge to five years in prison on drug distribution charges. The U.S. federal judge recommended that the 52-year-old Emery be allowed to serve his time in Canada.

On Saturday, rallies were held worldwide to protest the imprisonment of Emery, according to Cannabis Culture. Majority of the protests were held in front of U.S. and Canadian Consulates/Embassies demanding that Emery be sent back to Canada and released immediately.

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