Rallies on Saturday, September 18 to Push for Marc Emery’s Return to Canadian Jail

Supporters of the self-proclaimed “prince of pot” plan to rally at several Vancouver intersections Saturday, as well as dozens of other locations around the world, to make a plea for his return to Canada.

CLICK HERE for the list of locations in over 90 cities for the WORLDWIDE RALLIES to FREE MARC EMERY – To see some photos and videos of rallies, go to www.Facebook.com/MarcEmery — photos will be collected and shared on www.FreeMarc.ca!

Marc Emery is serving a five-year jail sentence in the U.S. for drug trafficking after he was found guilty of selling marijuana seeds over the Internet.

At sentencing earlier this month, a Seattle prosecutor rejected Emery’s claims he was being selectively and vigorously prosecuted because of his pro-pot political crusade.

U.S. Attorney Todd Greenberg said Emery was found guilty for “long-term, repeated violation of U.S. drug laws.”

However, Judge Ricardo Martinez said he wouldn’t object to Emery’s transfer to a Canadian jail to serve out his sentence.

That decision would have to come from the U.S. State Department.

Emery’s wife, Jodie, said rallies are planned around the globe Saturday to push for her husband’s return to Canada.

– Article from The Province.

Rallies for Marc Emery to be held world wide


Supporters of Canada’s self proclaimed “Prince of Pot” hope Public Safety Minister Vic Toews brings him home sooner rather than later.

They’re holding 93 rallies around the world Saturday for Marc Emery, including one in China for the first time.

Emery’s wife Jodie says her husband should serve the rest of his 5 year sentence in a Canadian prison, and hopes Toews makes that decision,”We’re gathering support from various elected officials and previously elected officials who know Marc, and may not condone his activities, but certainly believe he should be brought back to Canada.”
Several rallies will take place at various Vancouver intersections, with the main protest at Victory Square Park at around 2pm.

– Article from CKNW.