Cannabis Culture Gets Hacked – But We’re Back!

This website will NOT harm your computer! If you’ve stopped by the site since yesterday afternoon, you may have been slapped with the online Red Screen of Death warning you to watch out for Malware on the CC site.

Cannabis Culture was indeed hacked into yesterday through a vulnerability in our adserver software. Turns out a bunch of other sites on the web who were running the same software were also affected, like Tucows and Pirate Bay (those are links to news articles about the attacks – not links to potentially infected websites 🙂

We have currently disabled our ad server software and eliminated the problem. According to Google, we are no longer listed as “suspicious”. Unfortunately, for a brief period, some malicious software may have been downloaded by CC readers and we apologize for any problems this may have caused. Here is a bit of help in removing Malware.

As far as we can tell, it was a random attack due simply to the vulnerability in the popular ad software we use – not a disgruntled reader or political enemy with malicious intent.

Our web guy is working overtime to get our ads section back in action with no security holes. Everything should be back to perfect in just a few – thanks for sticking with us.

UPDATE – Friday, 11AM: Attempting to reinstall the ‘clean’ update of Open X ad software has landed us back in Google’s bad books temporarily, but we are STILL safe! All warnings indicating we are harmful to your computer should be removed soon.

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.



  1. Adam on

    Macs can have viruses nowadays. There’s nothing special about a Mac except that it is less common, so people usually just write “proof-of-concept” hacks and viruses for these operating systems. As ClamAV evidences, even Linux viruses exist, and are out there on the web. It’s just rarer. Did you know the Bubonic Plague still exists? Same thing, really.

  2. Anonymous on

    Pot TV is fine with Safari. Firefox is blocking.

  3. Anonymous on

    Just got the red warning at Pot TV.

  4. Anonymous on

    malware is very nasty it can do lots of things like hijacking your computer or worse steal personal info like your id like credit card numbers and other personal info if you notice your computer turning on and off by its self or your browser going to other pages that you didnt goto it maybe signes of malware but some of these things can happen also with rootkits and backdoors the best thing to do to prevent this is scan your computer with a good antivirus like the lateiest norton internet security it come with all you need yes it cost money but its worth the money useing some of the free programs are not safe cause they can be loaded with security holes wich a hacker can exploit and get into your system and do whatever they want i also would make sure to update your antivirus atleast weeklly and do a full scan atleast onece a week if your the paranoid type you can do that dayily also watch what you download on warez and file shareing sites and also porn they can have nasty java scripts or active x controls on em wich is one of the programs that can drop spyware and malaware so becareful with downloading from warez sites another good thing about norton internet security when it detects melious code etc it will automatlly stop it from downloading on your computer another thing to do to stay safe is go by asmany security forums and read up amuch as you can the peopple at the forums will only help you out they wont bother your computer there a bunch of very nice and smart peopple i hope this will help you out some man have a good one one 🙂 take care

  5. Anonymous on

    Too much flash and blitz hurts my red eyes… lol

  6. ActivePolitic on

    also FireFox is still freaking out about this being an attack site, i dunno if someone has to contact them to say its all better now

  7. ActivePolitic on

    i thought that virus was from here, i found exe.exe in C:\Documents and Settings\*user name*\Local Settings\Temp and i was able to stop it before it did anything to me, i also passed the file on to some antivirus vendors

  8. Anonymous on

    then you’ll have no viruses or malware to worry yourself about…

  9. Tony Aroma on

    And stop worrying about all that malware crap. Much like the war on drugs, you can use Windows and fight a never-ending and unwinnable war against malware, or you can try a new strategy and eliminate the problem.

  10. Anonymous on

    How do I know if I have to remove malware?

  11. Anonymous on

    I did get the warning when I was on here yesterday, but so far I haven’t seen any sign that my computer is actually infected with anything.

  12. David762 on

    just so long as you keep your computer’s anti-virus and anti-malware software up to date vigilantly. Microsoft Windows users are the biggest target, since this Operating System software is nearly ubiquitous. But users of other alternate Operating System software, such as LINUX or Apple’s Mac OS X should also be wary. Some malware is, believe it or not, cross-platform. Let us all be careful out here on the internet, while still having fun.

    I’m glad that Cannabis Culture Magazine nipped this problem “in the bud”, so to speak, and has been so responsive to the problem, including a public acknowledgement. Kudos to your website’s technical staff, whose skills and hard work might not otherwise be praised enough — great work!