Pot Seized at Bear-Guarded Grow-Op Stolen From Cops

In a strange twist, police say that evidence taken from a B.C. marijuana grow-op famous for its tame bears was stolen from an RCMP detachment and later discovered at a home filled with weapons and explosives.

Kootenays RCMP Staff Sgt. Dan Seibel told ctvbc.ca that marijuana and other evidence was placed in a storage container in Grand Forks after it was seized from a suspected grow operation guarded by 14 tame black bears last month.

Seibel says that some of the evidence was recently stolen from the storage container after someone created a diversion at the Grand Forks detachment.

“Someone had placed an anonymous report to draw the officers to another location,” he said.

While the police were distracted, “The suspects breached the container and stole some bags of marijuana and other items.”

Some of the stolen items were discovered during a bust at a home in Greenwood — about 40 kilometres northwest of Grand Forks and 60 kilometres from Christina Lake — on Aug. 19, Seibel said.

During that bust, police also found at least 15 sticks of dynamite, three loaded guns and other stolen property.

Justin Douglas, 35, was arrested at the home, and police are looking for two suspects they believe could be connected to the home.

Seibel said that he believes that the suspects intentionally targeted the grow-op evidence during the robbery at the police station.

“I think that whoever took that probably knew what they were looking for.”

However, he added that police have not determined if there is any connection between Douglas and the Christina Lake marijuana operation.

Another possible criminal connection

The robbery is just another link in a convoluted chain of crimes in the area surrounding Grand Forks.

At a second grow-op raid in Christina Lake on Sunday, police uncovered an additional four sticks of dynamite, along with four guns and 228 marijuana plants.

Seibel said the dynamite found at the grow-op belonged to the same lot number as the sticks seized in Greenwood.

“To have this come up within days of one another…is a real blue moon,” he said, adding that investigators have not uncovered any other connection between the two cases so far.

Seibel described the three police investigations — the two Christina Lake grow operations and the explosives seizure in Greenwood — as a puzzle that police are trying to fit together.

“Some pieces seem to be fitting in this circumstance, and some don’t,” he said.

He added that it wouldn’t necessarily be surprising to find a link among all three cases.

“When a criminal group is involved in activities, they’re not limited to the little towns they reside in.”

But he added that police have not yet determined if any of the investigations are linked to gangs or organized crime.

“We’re looking at that. I don’t have anything to substantiate that,” Seibel said.

– Article from CTV News.



  1. Anonymous on

    fuck ya’ll my vote goes to the bears, somehow im not surprised humans are this fucked up

  2. Atlanta Toker on

    That is hilarious!! You see, that bear wasnt scary enough. They needed some explosives and weapons associated with that dru bust so they can tell us how much more safety and security they need to provide.
    These guys are so stupid.
    Law enforcement must at all cost have marijuana to remain illegal or they’ll get to join the unemployment line. Having marijuana legal will not preserve 30% of law enforcement officers jobs in North America, the only way to have that happen is for the weed marijuana to reamil illegal. If they dont have their illegal drugs to use against us they cant continue to pad their budgets abusing the over burdened tax payer or be allowed to put people in jail for non-violent acts.

    If they cant keep drugs illegal they’ll actually have to get a real job and work for a living.
    Right now planting eveidence, murdering 91 year old women, beating people, lying, restricting people from their constitutional right to freedom and liberty wont look very good on a resume, but hell you aint gonna work anyway.
    Its been my experience with law enforcement officers that most are too damn lazy to work and too much of a pussy to steal. Theyre gonna be hurtin as they stand in the unemployment line!! lol

  3. str8upstoner420 on

    That was exactly what I was thinking sounds like a bunch of BS to me too just Harper and his way over the top propaganda. I mean really what does he think we are?

  4. Anonymous on

    Your right on the money there dude.

  5. Anonymous on

    This is nothing more than a poorly orchestrated story to link marijuana users/growers to violence and gangs.

    I mean really, WTF kind of bullshit are we supposed to swallow here. Pot growers sharing dynamite!! A pathetic way to link people who enjoy the herb to violent behavior.

    Harpers bullshit propaganda machine up playing a pot grow. What’s new?

    If history repeats itself in Canada, then the idiotic religious fascist oppressors who rule now, will be gone soon.

    I can’t wait.