Google to Run Marijuana Ads That Facebook Wouldn’t

Facebook may think it’s “inappropriate” to run ads depicting marijuana leaves, but apparently Google doesn’t.

Marijuana activists were stymied by Facebook this week when the social networking site, which had already been running ads from the group Just Say Now, told the organization that it would no longer run them because they contained images of a marijuana leaves.

Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes explained to Just Say Now, which was launched this month by liberal blogger Jane Hamsher in conjunction with Students for a Sensible Drug Policy, that “the image of a pot leaf is classified with all smoking products and therefore is not acceptable under our policies,” in an e-mail obtained by The Huffington Post.

But the group says Google agreed today to run the ads, which are similar to those declined by Facebook, and which also contain images of marijuana leaves.

CLICK HERE to see ads Google will run and the ones Facebook wouldn’t

– Article from The Atlantic.



  1. PeyotePal on


    Mother Nature made that thing. Honestly. I can prove it.

    What is it about our Society that has grown to hate this simple leaf pattern?

    I can cite a number of instances where people in INNOCUOUS situations have been asked to cover up their harmless T-shirts (just as ONE example of bigotry to the leaf).

    Uneducated people are so fearful it is God damned scary.

  2. Anonymous on

    too funny they have pot farm, pot island and who knows what other weed related games.. those are all ok, but not an ad? hmm, facebook needs to get their stuff straight. once their 4 square app is in full effect, my account will probably get de-activated, lol.

  3. Anonymous on

    there is an application called pot farmer you can play on facebook.

  4. Anonymous on

    The excuse Facebook has been using is that they have a general policy against ‘smoking products’ in their ads, and yet I keep seeing an ad on Facebook for one of those Mafia games that shows a lady smoking a cigar.

  5. Lygeia on

    Yet Facebook published a hit list containing the names of 97 people, three of which have already been murdered. Because, you know, that is so much more appropriate to the corporate mindset than marijuana.

  6. Anonymous on

    Its not too surprising a site named “Google’ is OK and willing to support and advertise marijuana. BUt Facebook, looks like a god damn criminal record profile. It really sucks to see so many people addicted to it. Such a waste. If you work on a computer for your job and you sit on facebook all night like most people, and in the day while working. It is such a fraud, it just looks like a communist site because of its light blue and medium blue color theme, like in a prison, or a bank! You’re all hooked and now people are going to start hating it, in fact, the ones addicted every day, are the ones who hate it but got no self control. I have never been an internet fan, so as you can see i go straight to Cannabis culture and not the CC facebook page to comment.

  7. The Marijuana Mechanism on

    Good for Google! They know the stats and trends associated with marijuana and aren’t afraid to invest in the fact that marijuana prohibition will end soon.

    The Marijuana Mechanism –

  8. dopesmylez on

    couldnt agree with you more.

  9. MOTFA on

    So google i guess you think you are all cool now and that everyone has forgotten that you merged with youtube, a place where everything gets censored.

    Well fuck you generic search engine, noscrewtube and shitonmyface book.

    Like any other i love my free speech, my drugs and my porn so don’t fuck with us or we just might find yet another useless internet search engine, stupid videos about nothing and more sites we have to sign up to just to block stalkers, ex’s and creepy uncles at while smoking something we bought from the internet.