Cannabis Crafters Light Up Etsy

Despite some of my best indicas (LA Confidential, M39), my pain woe has been keeping me awake. All summer! Besides surfing the net for smut and nugporn, I seek out groovy ganja gear on crafting site etsy. It’s where crafty people (and potheads) sell their affordable handmade wares. There’s a strong cannabis community flying under etsy radar. Hopefully it stays that way. Potheads are selling an assortment of weedy knick knacks; glass pipes, roach clips, stash cases, pot leaf soaps, hemp necklaces, and even handmade stoner themed shower curtains.

It’s the odd stuff I’m looking for!

Sorting through cannabis crap knacks to find toker treasures.

My favorite etsy scores are items working with a weed theme, but are doing something out of the ordinary. Pieces that are fueled by marijuana, but not traditional toker trinket variety.

This 1987 George W. Smokes A Doobie is an excellent example, but the drug cupcakes from tinytable are crazy crafty. “These novelty cupcake charms are great for those who enjoy the herb, those dabbling in hallucinogens or those simply fighting pain.” Add a hemp necklace and you’re all set.

I’m not much into hemp necklaces on me, or hippies or flower children for that matter. The ‘60s time period look isn’t my scene, (I’m more a bong ripping beatnic), but these Lil Hippie dolls warm the cockles of my ‘80s childhood heart. Reminding me of Cabbage Patch dolls.
Children of ‘80s will fall in love with CraftyHippies Lil Hippies knitted dolls. Instead of from cabbage patch, Lil Hippies appear to be from the weed patch. Maybe the grow-op? There’s Little Miss Puff with glazed red eyes, Molly Uaine poses with a bong and “is Gaelic, and very proud of her heritage.” The Lil Hippies each has their own background story like Cabbage Patch dolls!

Home decor is always tricky when it comes to decrating with weed. The pieces have to be just right or it’ll come off toker tacky not cannabis classy.

A few marijuana themed light switch covers are perfectly subtle. The Tock by SparkBottle constantly displays the correct time, 420, but it’s not something I’d want in Pimp Pot Palace. Though I’d love to inhale from their light up waterpipe, which has ultra bright changing LED.

There’s a plethora of pot pipes on etsy. I purposely skipped them because it wouldn’t be fair to all the great glassblowers. I highly recommend anyone who loves glass, or would like to own a piece that isn’t a cookie cutter head shop bong, to browse. One item that caught my fancy by Novaglassworks is a magnifying glass stash jar. “Perfect container for your hand rolled, or put it in loose and use the magnifier marble to really get a good look!”

It’s nugporn in a jar!

Many crafters are using marijuana inspired monikers to market their products. Working with digital agency Pixel Dreams, I especially dig etsy sellers who do ths. A great marketing concept! Nothing to do with cannabis, but they’re marketing to enthusiasts.

Green Mountain Threads has a line of vegan soaps titled, Raspberry Kush, Panama Red, and Purple Haze. Use the soaps to take off BadHabitMinerals White Widow, Purple Urkele, Durban Poison, Hydro and my favorite Smoke Out, make up.

This is where it’s at for me. Taking regular everyday items and infusing it with stoner style. I’d wear BadHabitMinerals and Green Mountain Threads gear solely based on their product names. You’re not going to find this type of creative coming from corporate companies. BadHabitMinerals tags their items geniusly, 420Crafters. It’s not used as a common etsy tag but it should be. Many use 420. There’s oodles of pages on etsy by 420Crafters because getting stoned and making crafts is something stoners do.

Who’s going to argue that marijuana doesn’t unlock your creativity? I took to crafting this winter with a beautiful budbabe. We’d spend an afternoon once a week vaporizing and making porn-abortion-marijuana themed birthday and valentine day cards, stash boxes, murals and other weird crazy crafts. When winter returns I’ll be spending an afternoon tickling my creative crafty fancy again. Think I’m going to get an etsy seller account and sell one of kind Mernahuana stash cases.

Matt Mernagh
Matt Mernagh

Matt Mernagh is author of Marijuana Smoker's Guidebook The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains ( by Green Candy Press and hosts a weekly weedy webcast The Menahuana Zone on Pot.TV every Tuesday. The Mernagh Ruling is a test case of Canada's cannabis laws and was spearheaded by Mernagh, lawyer Paul Lewin and 22 witnesses from across Canada.