Best Outdoor Grow-op Security Ever: Bears

CANNABIS CULTURE – Why spend thousands of dollars on a complex grow-op security system when nature has already provided the perfect sentinel? Police in B.C. have raided an outdoor grow apparently patrolled and guarded by black bears.

In a fascinating tale from Christina Lake, British Columbia, the CBC is reporting that RCMP officers have discovered a 1000-plant grow protected by about 10 black bears. Turns out the bears may have been trained to be ‘smarter than your average’:

“[Officers] soon noticed the bears were docile and tame,” Mansveld told CBC News. “One of them jumped on our unmarked car for a while. But it soon became apparent they were habituated to the grow operation.”

It was evident the animals had lived on the property for some time, police said.

The woman accused of running the grow-op has been feeding the bears for years, one neighbour said.

Locals told the press of an “urban legend” about a “Bear Lady” who lives deep in the woods, taming bears “as pets”.

“The story was that they come in and sit on her couch and watch television with her,” Brian Taylor, the Mayor of Grand Forks, told the CBC.

Though it might sound like a great option for protecting your garden, wild bears who have come into contact with and been fed by humans have a very difficult time going back to their natural diets and can be quite dangerous. Sadly, conservation officers in B.C. say they may be forced to destroy the large animals.

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  1. Anonymous on

    destroy the bears? what the hell is going on in this world,\”?

  2. Anonymous on

    Pig’s posing like celebrities. beat it! leave the old lady alone. go back to town and eat a krispy kreme cheeseburger pigs.

  3. Anonymous on

    Can’t someone do something to save these innocent bears. Maybe they could go to zoos around the world or act on TV shows or commercials. We need to help them because the poor bears have no voice.

  4. Anonymous on

    has anyone attributed the bears’ docile behavior to watching t.v.?

    kill your tube, not the bears!!!

  5. Anonymous on

    They think that once the bears stop being fed they will become aggressive – it’s not he food they are hanging around for. The bears are the growers, the people are the fall guys.

    Silly cops, cannabis is the reason why the bears are docile. The bears are communing with nature and enjoying life. Munch on some super lemon haze, nibble on some dog food, crunch on an apple and play a little fetch. Why do cops always have to be a buzz kill?

  6. Dirty Harry on

    FFS, if the bears are tame, give them to zoo’s. They would be a hell of a lot safer for the zoo workers than no shit wild bears.

  7. parksvillain on

    I wish Brian Taylor was the mayor of my city. He seems like a great guy from this and other footage that I’ve seen.

    If he ran for premier, I would vote for him.

    Keep up the good work, Brian.

  8. Anonymous on

    Why are they smiling about this? It’s horrible news.

  9. Anonymous on

    Why don’t you give us the bear killing officers address, maybe they will change their mind!

  10. Lygeia on

    I so agree with you. Is there anything the police don’t ruin and destroy?

  11. Lygeia on

    I so agree with you. Is there anything the police don’t ruin and destroy?

  12. MOTFA on

    Ok, so the person who shoots these bears can come over to my house for dinner.
    Then after dinner i get to shoot that person because i fed them and they are now my friend.

    Tonight i am serving lasagna. Drop by anytime after 6pm.

  13. PeyotePal on

    Check the ThreatDown … Bears are rated #1.

    The War on Drugs just expanded to include Bears.

    Mother Nature must heed to our laws!!!

  14. Anonymous on

    WHat the f*** is wrong with them? Leave the fuckn bears alone and let the old lady feed them and grow her pot.

  15. Anonymous on

    Stoned bears don’t attack. Interesting…

  16. Anonymous on

    blood thirsty cops they can go fuck themselves dont mess with mother nature

  17. Cheebs on

    Destroy the bears? wtf, these are living creatures not some inanimate object.