Oregon Deputies Shoot and Kill Man Guarding Pot Garden

Jackson County sheriff’s deputies on Wednesday shot and killed an armed man guarding a marijuana garden deep in the woods north of Sams Valley.

The sheriff’s SWAT team was searching for the garden on Bureau of Land Management property at around 7 a.m. when they encountered a man armed with a loaded shotgun, law enforcement authorities said.

Two deputies fired at the man, who is described as a Hispanic adult, according to Oregon State Police.

A SWAT medic performed emergency aid on the man but he died at the scene, OSP said.

After the shooting, deputies spotted a second man fleeing the area. He disappeared in the woods. It is not known if he was armed, OSP said.

The sheriff’s office immediately turned the investigation over to Oregon State Police detectives. Oregon law mandates police agencies not investigate their own officer-involved shootings.

OSP will release the involved deputies’ names at a later date. The deceased man’s information will be released once he has been positively identified by the medical examiner and attempts to locate next of kin have been completed.

Once the investigation is completed, the results will be turned over to the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office to determine if the shooting was justified, OSP said.

The SWAT team believes the marijuana garden belongs to a Mexican drug cartel, OSP said.

Cartels are large-scale criminal organizations based in Mexico that deal in weapons and drugs.

The forests in Northern California and Southern Oregon are popular with the cartels for their marijuana operations.

The 2010 National Drug Threat Assessment released earlier this year by the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Drug Intelligence Center reported that the number of plants removed from public lands soared more than 300 percent from 2004 to 2008, primarily at pot gardens of Mexican drug-trafficking organizations. The cartels favor public land because its remoteness can limit detection and it can’t be seized or traced back to an owner the way private property can, the report said.

The shooting occurred just days after Southern Oregon sheriff’s departments gave U.S. Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., a helicopter tour of the area’s vasts forests. The trip, documented in Sunday’s Mail Tribune, showed hundreds of illegal marijuana gardens sprinkled throughout Southern Oregon.

The sheriff’s agencies are asking the federal government for additional funds to eradicate illegal marijuana farms.

Sheriff’s deputies in Lake County, Calif., shot and killed a man last week who was guarding a marijuana garden, according to The Associated Press.

The sheriff’s department found a weapon cache and a 10,000-plant garden near where the man was shot. He later was identified as 51-year-old Juan Sanchez Corona.

– Article from The Mail Tribune.



  1. Anonymous on

    How many tobacco fields do you know of armed with ak’s and other assault rifles?

  2. Anonymous on

    Yeah, every site has tortillas and is close to tourists it seems now a days. Got to throw in they are Mexican cartels making meth also so they can start getting some buko tax dollars. Which they will use to confiscate property of home growers with jobs and pay taxes,

  3. Corners on

    The sad thing is the cops know they can keep their jobs forever by attacking pot and getting to keep half of the forfeitures they seize for more raids on taxpayers. Putting our own population in prisons so a handful of people can keep their jobs as cops and guards is insane. Freedom my arse.

  4. Corners on

    Yeah , but do you really believe that if these guys were related to the Mexican cartels he would just have a shotgun? Those guys carry assault rifles, not dinky shotguns best at scaring people away.

  5. Adam on

    I’m betting it will come out that this was a medical grow operation.

  6. undrgrndgirl on

    maybe the guy shouldn’t have been killed over a plant (but then again he was armed) i just can’t get behind supporting these clowns who are growing in national, state, county and city parks…they are destroying ecosystems…
    by supporting these guys *we* as a movement are not doing ourselves any favors…sorry, but when i go hiking i don’t want to see someone’s (always going to be) illegal pot “farm”!!! growing on public lands is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG !

  7. Anonymous on

    All those Coyote’s out there don’t help the outdoor growers.

  8. Anonymous on

    Well not sure what to say about this one. If you are going to bring weapons into the Marijuana cultivation you are asking to be shot. If we are going to try and legalize it this is the wrong way of doing it, truly this is what makes it look bad. People are going to look at it like; if they are protecting it with guns then it must be bad. I wonder what would happen if there are no guns involved.
    I do know this is news on marijuana, but you are sending the wrong message here. What A guy arm himself to protect his plants with a shot gun and gets himself shot and we are supposed to feel sorry for him. Now if he got shot and wasn’t armed then it would something to shout up against.
    I been thinking I am all for Marijuana but if we legalize it and people start growing it out doors are they going to be armed with shot guns. This shows us people will do anything to protect their crop. If that is the case keep it illegal I have no problem I been smoking it for 30 years now and have no problem with it. At least I know the chances of a kid getting shot over a marijuana plant are slim to none if it is illegal.

  9. The Chronic Druid on

    Tis sad, wonder how many times they asked him to drop the gun? Or was there even a gun at all? It’s quite staggering to see how far they will all go to try and stop us. Killings are becoming too common when I hear about this, and if we fight back were demonized. This has to… no.. no.. THIS MUST STOP. This brutal war is going nowhere and as we have all seen, it has put everyone involed in dept for the most part(yes I am talking about you US of some sort of A) The true question I keep finding myself asking is; How far is this all going to go? Are we going to have some sort of peaceful resolution? or is somebody out there somewhere just gonna pick up a REAL shotty and kick down their doors (they have to sleep sometime right?)I hope not, I would like to be able to raise my children in a safe land not have to send them somewhere safe so they don’t get cought in the crossfire. Nobody thinks of the lil guys, our future kids are already here, or planned or hoped for. The question you want to ask yourself is how are they gonna survive if things are like this now? Food for thought!

  10. Anonymous on

    Sheriff needs more funds… this is all bogus, debts are artificial loans that don’t get paid, technically, there shouldn’t be a debt for any country, they are given the materials, but the only value is a set if files with numbers and the accounts…. artificial digits in a computer are your GOD now!!!!!! Lets get that satellite electromagnetic pulse boosted from space plotted by Iran.. you know… the one mentioned that will shut the power grid & internet down instantly across the hemisphere. Those plants aren’t artificial digits, only in the mind of the cartels and government, it is really relief from this world’s lies and evil and the truth of medicine. Pharmaceutical Co’s can beg for legalization to try to take over the market, well too bad, plants are natural, tax-N-Control is bogus, cigarettes were $2-3 a pack a couple decades back, now they’re $10+ each. Well I ain’t paying $45 a gram to please this economy in the next 10 yrs!!!! ECONOMY SLAVES, ECONOMY SLAVES. ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCES OF GOD, THE COMPUTER HACKER!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous on

    armed mexicans? well now that is the least of the problem. When it has been our government letting them over the boarder for the past 20 years. Its the armed authority taking our rights of the land.. most people who enjoy these forests are probably scared to even camp or hike for fear of being killed and for being the next target/story for them to make cannabis look bad .

  12. Anonymous on

    good post. It is ultimately all life that they will try to take. Our land is more valuable than we can imagine. These protected forest will soon be chopped if we don’t defend what is rightfully the peoples. marijuana is just a small part of it.

  13. Harrison on

    Okay, so from a journalist point of view this article is missing a lot of details that can lead to assumptions. I still don’t believe that should have killed the man. Honestly, I feel like I’m getting desensitized to people dying from police raids. It’s becoming so absolutely pathetic and just down right intolerable that I can’t help but start to feel like nothing will change and this is how things will be.

    I hear comments from some tokers that if we legalize marijuana it will be just another way for the government to screw us over. “They will be able to raise the taxes as they please so it will be like gas price changes over the course of the year. And if they legalize it medically they won’t allow small time farmers to grow, it will still have to be done by gov funded big pharma companies.” Hearing those words set me back a little and have me wondering why I put myself out publicly as a responsible marijuana smoker, and continue to fight for it’s legalization. It’s hearing about people dying in police raids that puts me back in my place and continue the work I do.

  14. Anonymous on

    Somebody sprinkles some empty salsa jars and Frito’s and there all like “blame the dirty messicans” we need more enforcement money from taxpayers to justify free helo rides… Fucking America.

  15. BigDfromWA on

    Congratulations Jackson County. I’d heard the Mexican drug cartels were having a hard time keeping up the body count. Only 26,000 killed in 4 years. Guess they need all the help they can get. Better kill a few more of them damn mexicans before prohibition is over. Maybe then they’ll all go home and find a ‘real job’.

    Guess between the people and pets, if we try really hard, we may be able to murder more mexicans than the cartels do. But we’d better get busy. Prohibition will be over soon, and then it will no longer be open season on folks in the woods.

    Yeah, had a loaded shotgun pointed at me. If you don’t believe me, just ask the other LEO’s that were there. We’re all witnesses for each other, when the need arises.

    Here’s an idea. Why not borrow a few of those unmanned drones the government is using to murder random Arabs. Then we don’t have to bother with beating the bushes. Just have some dipshet with a joystick in some cubbyhole blow away anyone seen on satellite that’s out walking in the woods. Shit, they were probably doing something illegal anyways, and with any luck, they may be mexicans.

    Again, congrats. Keep up the good work.


  16. Kristin, Southern OR. on

    I received an e-mail from Congressman Walden regarding the illegal grows and wrote him a lengthy e-mail telling him why he should support the repeal of cannabis prohibition and an overhaul of our cannabis laws. I wrote it before I even found out about the officer involved shooting. I hope he was watching the news this morning.

  17. trick james on

    The Drug War is causing our most cherished national treasures (our forests) to be invaded by armed and dangerous people. Legalization would solve this issue instantly.

    As soon as a hiker is killed by one of these guys they are going to blame Marijuana, but it’s the Prohibition that is causing the problem!!

  18. MOTFA on

    Ok are the police out for blood now or what? Is it shoot first ask questions later? I mean what the fuck is going on here?

    1. find a pot farm
    2. yell “he’s got a gun!”
    3. shoot till you hit something

    And why is it that one guy always gets away?

    Fucking dirty cops and really fucking stupid growers.

  19. Anonymous on

    just another reason to legalize-tax-control. then there will be no need for illegal grow-ops with armed guards in national parks or any public property.

  20. blueridge_bandit on

    so, not only did they give someone a taxpayer helicopter tour of some outdoor crops, but can’t walk the mile in the woods to get to them without more funding? hahaha! i wonder what the funding would go for? more helicopter rides, water, food, some fucking rope?

    idk what they’re spending their money on but it appearently is just dissapearing into thin or fat pig air.

    my county is fucking broke, they took out the helicopters for 3 days in july and didn’t find anything and now they don’t have the funds to operate them.

  21. blueridge_bandit on

    so, not only did they give someone a taxpayer helicopter tour of some outdoor crops, but can’t walk the mile in the woods to get to them without more funding? hahaha! i wonder what the funding would go for? more helicopter rides, water, food, some fucking rope?

    idk what they’re spending their money on but it appearently is just dissapearing into thin or fat pig air.

    my county is fucking broke, they took out the helicopters for 3 days in july and didn’t find anything and now they don’t have the funds to operate them.