Tommy Chong Rips Through Pot Lies on Huckabee Show

CANNABIS CULTURE – Famed pot-loving actor and director Tommy Chong brought a few nuggs of truth to The Huckabee Show on FOX News.

Sporting a ‘Free Marc Emery’ T-shirt, Tommy called guest David Evans on his lies about marijuana, then started scrappin’ with the former Arkansas Governor turned FOX News host Mike Huckabee.

“You’re getting paid to say what you’re saying,” he told the host. “You get paid to recite all the lies that have put people like myself in jail.”

Watch the AOL video:

Watch the YouTube video:

Get em’ Tommy – keep up the good work!

I haven’t seen the full clip online yet but will post it when it’s available.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Sorry Tommy, after jail. Your just another piece of forgotten history.

    The funniest part is the amount of deaths among american celebrities.

    If only it was more common among us. Like with our government.

    If only swine flu was like the black plague of the medival times.

    When everybody dieing after the world has ended.

    Only blood and bones left. Also possibily a couple humans left hanging on to this earth.

    After all that the cops might be crazy enough like the rest of this world to give his gun and say hey just take the pot. Because the government are always dead or hiding. Telling our nation to talk about history to our children. Which is why your average citizen is a disgrace to your society.

    And everyone in society should ask themself everyday when waking up.
    Should I smoke a joint or pick up the gun and blow my brains out.
    Those two ideas, are becoming the two last but not least things in life worth living for.

  2. Anonymous on

    – find any you like?

  3. Anonymous on

    ” …have everyone back to your place for as rump rangle”

    Sounds like you’ve got 1st hand knowledge. LOLOL

  4. Anonymous on

    “His point is clear though: the myth that pot is stronger now than it was 40 years ago is only believable to someone who hasn’t smoked weed in 40 years.’

    He looks like a stupid jerk know-all-who-knows-nothing. Those are the fools you could always sell oregano to and convince them its really weed. That’s why they think there was no strong weed around 40 years ago…

  5. Anonymous on


    Aren’t we all?

  6. Anonymous on

    I recognize your name too.”

    Yeah – it’s DICK.

  7. Anonymous on

    and you have humped more pantlegs than anybody wants to see

  8. Anonymous on

    Tommy Chong – We already have laws to protect our kids from cigarettes & alcohol. Apply these same laws and policys to Marijuana and you have got no problems.

    Can’t you see this interveiw has been cropped. Showing only the last sentence of Tommy’s argument and he is not acting political at all just tryin to get a damn point over..
    hence why it is written,
    “Get em’ Tommy – keep up the good work!

    I haven’t seen the full clip online yet but will post it when it’s available.”

    Stop hating dude!


    Thanks Tommy, for standing up for us once again. To the guy who is being hyper-critical, (with the Fuck You Comment), Fuck YOU>. I watched even more of the clip then what was on here. Tommy is Right, LIES,LIES,LIES. That all they had. Tommy ask the guy a straight question, never a straight answer.
    He also has alot of first hand experience, to make up for the formal education. Which in todays world is overpriced, and over rated. Tommy staighted that people use for Cancer and MS. If any one knows anything about Marijuana it would be Tommy. Keep up the Good Work, and Thanks Again.

  10. Kris Eyvindson on

    I recognize your name too.

  11. Anonymous on

    you are the only goof here. go read a book retard

  12. Anonymous on

    Ever wonder what you can do to help support medical marijuana in your own state? Find out how easy it can be to make a difference in states with and without medical marijuana laws at MARIJUANADOCTORS.COM. Here are 5 easy ways to help patients in need get medical marijuana safely and legally.

  13. Anonymous on

    Listen I completely respect what tommy chong did on national tv but the truth is he made pot look very bad. He came in with no facts and pretty much repeated the same line over and over again. I had to turn it off I couldn’t take the pain of watching it. Although it was a valiant effort perhaps a better prepared effort would be worthwhile next time.

  14. The Chronic Druid on

    GO TOMMY! GO TOMMY! Listen to that beautiful music tommy telling off those fake assed liers! They can’t stop us! With fighters for freedom and truth like tommy leading the pack this crap could be over in no time. Here the call! Free the weed. It’s time for all of us to take a stand and be counted let all these fools see who they are really screwing with! Free the Weed! FREE MARC EMERY!

  15. Anonymous on

    No fuck you asshole. Tommy Chong went to jail over something that he and millions of other Americans believe in! Including myself, so I take it personally when you put Tommy Chong down. By the way Tommy has wiped more weed off on his pant leg than you have ever seen, Dick head!

  16. SmokerHippie on

    yes please do post full video id love to watch it. thanks for the post, enjoyed it. Agree with Tommy all the way.

  17. Anonymous on

    You’d lead a gay parade and then have everyone back to your place for as rump rangle if they gave you free pot

  18. persecutedinalberni on

    I think you did very well Tommy, keep up the good work.

    In my opinion anyone who publicly spreads lies like David Evans about marijuans should be jailed.
    It is time to take back our freedom from little shits like David and many other hate mongers,it’s time to get tough and So I acually thought Tommy was pretty tame with this little fucktard David.

    Anyone who publicly lies about the marijuana facts does not deserve any respect so why would anyone think Tommy was rude to the little liar liar hemp pants on fire lol.

    Give em shit Tommy


  19. adisposablesociety on

    Good publicity bad publicity doesn’t really matter. The fact that it is being aired and shown for everyone to see brings awareness. You can formulate your’e own opinion no matter how much they edit it they won’t be able to hide the truth forever.

    Free Marc Emery, go Tommy!!!!!

  20. Big Jim Illinois on

    What happened during proabition? All hell broke lose and orginized crime took over. Then they came to their senses and made it legal again. I wonder if that would work with Weed? If you ask me it is a no brainer, kind of makes me wonder if our government is in cahoots with the drug lords!!! It is a plant that grows naturally and needs no special process to make it smokeable, no additives. We as adults and citizens of this so called free world have the right to smoke it if we so choose. Our government is trying to get too damn involved in our everyday lives and all hell is going to break loose if they are not careful. My advise to you all is to twist up a blunt and kick back and relax.

  21. Anonymous on

    I was critical of an old dull cranky stoner goof
    his name was Tommy Chong
    in that order
    Mickey you are defending bad form

  22. Anonymous on

    loved dude go pot heads lol

  23. Anonymous on

    The video looks heavily edited, but it looks like they hardly let him get a word in edgewise. It looks like he was trying to set up a a counter-argument to the lie that weed is stronger now than it’s ever been, by speaking from experience, but they didn’t let him finish. His point is clear though: the myth that pot is stronger now than it was 40 years ago is only believable to someone who hasn’t smoked weed in 40 years. People who still smoke know better.

  24. Anonymous on

    fuck that man. if it help people out in there life then why cant kids have it. it dosent fuck up my grades it helped my out. theres nothing rong with kid smoking it.

  25. Chris Emery on

    For all the laughs, for all your courage and for all you do, I thank you!

  26. MOTFA on

    ” that’s what smoking pot does to you ”

    Oh really? If smoking pot makes me call a bullshitter a bullshitter then sign me up!

    Oh and by the way anon, your full of shit!

    Ha ha ha.

  27. Anonymous on

    Bullshit dude, Tommy was right on the money!

  28. Mrs. Rat'sRectum on

    I saw Tommy on Huckabee again this past Sunday evening, EST. He was on the set this time. He should keep having Tommy come back so Tommy could rebut different prohibitionist talking points. There’s nothing wrong with coaching Tommy so he doesn’t have to take as long to make his point and to undo the damage of prohibitionist statements and accusations.

    Free Marc Emery Now!

  29. Anonymous on

    I guess if they’re hanging out across the street that would make it easy for the cops to find and bust the losers selling dope to kids…


  30. Anonymous on

    I guess if they’re hanging out across the street that would make it easy for the cops to find and bust the losers selling dope to kids…


  31. Anonymous on

    Tommy Chong just talked shit
    and someone else called him ” Tommy ”
    he was so stoned
    he didn’t even know his own name
    and when he _was identified,
    it was just to tell him to SHUT UP

    we all recognise your name.. you’re the famous Kris Eyvindson –
    can I have your autograph ?

  32. Anonymous on

    Your suggestion that everyone be the same is not a good idea

    But it would be a big improvement
    if Tommy Chong wasn’t such a crabby stoner old fuck
    when he’s scheduled to be on TV talking about
    the up side of marijuana legalization

    heck, even a sheep wearing a FREE MARC EMERY T shirt
    could have done a better job than oh so fucked up Chommy Bong here
    at least a sheep has character & charm and doesn’t interupt

  33. Anonymous on

    right across the street from any future legal potstores
    will be a million sketchies- lingering like rats
    selling black market weed
    to anybody with money – as well as any other rotton thing they can
    from the army of sketchies is where the 14 year olds will get pot
    when the miracle of legalization happens
    ……. in 100 years or so

  34. kelly kirby on

    your right…i think they need to smoke one then add a comment..
    free marc emery!

  35. kelly kirby on

    they could have at least let tommy speak – geeesh.. guess there isnt freedom of speech for all of us..
    free marc emery~

  36. Anonymous on

    I feel sorry for him for being a doped up old goof
    same way I feel sorry for you  being a doped up jerk

    hate is reserved for people I respect
    so you don’t have to worry

  37. Anonymous on

    Tommy Chong went to jail and is still sore about it
    he mentions it here in this clip out of context years later
    _hard to be jealous about going to jail
    or repeating yourself in front of
    a bunch of stoners for decades at a time
    -hard to be jealous about that
    or just getting stoned stoned stoned and sloppy and dull
    -hard to be jealous about that either

  38. Anonymous on

    Tommy Chong is just an all around great guy the haters are just jealous of his success.
    Thanks for having the balls to do what your doing Tommy.
    Love ya dude.
    Free Marc.

  39. Kris Eyvindson on

    You’re the one acting like a dick, but you aren’t man enough to put you name on it. Tommy Chong has the balls to stand up on national TV and put his name to his comments, but you are to afraid to put your name on a useless comment on a msg board. Do the math jerk.

  40. Anonymous on

    Guess your not enjoying the ride…Mannnn.Oh…ya…Dave! Isn’t here …Mannnn.

  41. Dreamer on

    I don’t know if Aaron Houston is the cat to have doing the talking either. I watched him kind of get his ass handed to him by some evil hooker from the partnership for a drug free america. He tried to call her out on her shit , called her a lier .. she threaten to sue .. and he shut the fuck up. Sorry but i think if you are going to go on T.V. and be interview for this topic. Go in that studio ready to throw down. Every interview like this on t.v. is the same. Talk louder then your opponent,cut them off in the middle of them making points as much as possible, these are the rules of the game. What Aaron Houston should of done was when the hooker threatened to take him to court, he should of said “Bring it on Bitch!”. I mean what better way to get the truth out then a MMP vs Partnership for a Drug Free America battle royal in a courtroom. Maybe than the truth would finally come out. But good job as always Tommy. You still make us proud.

  42. sam on

    sorry man, but i’ve been reading the thread from the top and you seem to be the guy who got a lot of shit in your mind. you’re a basher of humans and kept seeing negative things in people you *hate. the way you express what’s in your mind reflects what education you’re getting. you may be intelligent and can memorize a lot of technical terms but you got less wisdom on you.

  43. TxGrandma420 on

    They edited it to be con marijuana and made Tommy look bad in the editing people, cant you see that? Huckabee is a Redneck Republican who is against marijuana. Tommy, next time you speak please take Aaron Houston with you!
    Those news people, they can just f*** things up into thinking someone else f***** up.

  44. Anonymous on

    How The F does anyone consider that cue ball alien head reporter as a good impression??? He a f’ing homo with a polished head, and Tommy is supposed to look like an old fart??? That reporter would love one of Tommy’s farts down his throat! Hurray for Tommy!!!

  45. james on

    so i guess it would be better if no one had any personality and if everyone behaved like you and talked like you and presented them self in a formative fashion like you? so we should all be without character and charm we should all be zombie sheep like you? and be just like the next guy because diversity in society is unacceptable right?

  46. Anonymous on

    So I remember when I was a kid I could goto a dealers house and buy a bag because he didn’t care that I was 14. If it were legalized it would be sold in retail locations and purchasers would be IDed. So it would be harder for kids to get it.

  47. Anonymous on

    The TV news networks will bring Tommy Chong
    back again and again for the bigger
    better organized straight world to laugh at
    He represents the very worst aspects of fucked up old dopers
    way better than any scientific study ever could
    he looks like a drug impared homeless guy
    they pulled out from under a bridge
    put a Marc Emery T shirt on him just to set him up
    as a babbling stooge in an otherwise serious discussion

    He comes off as a farty old pot drunk
    somebody for parents to point at and say
    ” that’s what smoking pot does to you ”

    sad part is Tommy Chong thinks he defeats the straights
    when in fact he is just another stoner hippy Sasquatch
    out of his league & out of his mind

  48. Anonymous on

    WOW!! way to go Tommy Chong…got to call them out on all their lies on national TV, on their own show no less lol. AND YES THEY WERE LIES. THC has been proven to stop the growth of particularly resilient tumors and various forms of cancer. It is illegal only because people with money know that they will lose some of it to the serious competition that industrial marijuana will become once legal. Many people can be saved and many more helped, and all you people have to do is push for it …relentlessly.

    P.S. i don’t think that Tommy made a fool of himself, i will admit that he seemed a little high, but he made many valid points and i feel its about time to stop being so damn nice about legalization because apparently rationality and reason are useless against ZEALOTS!

  49. knowa on

    I know this is off track but one only has to look at YouTube videos of US troops in Afghistan and you see Miles and Mile of cannabis the size of trees. And the Farmers being forced borrow money from the Taliban to buy seeds and such. What I see is not just cannabis but Food,Fuel,Fiber and Medicine. The Afghans have never had a legitimate market for thing that they have grown, even before George Washington Time. Lets use be the one to give micro loans to set up Bio fuel operation, Fiber and Food production, not to mention Medicine. I think when prop 19 passes you will start to see a ripple effect that will turn into tidal wave world wide, and take away the easy money from these terrorist groups.

  50. Mickey on

    To the proponent of legalization of Pot opposite Tommy Chong — also, to anonymous — get real and try to pay attention to what is going on around you. Tommy Chong is right, the only way to get control of the crime and everything associated with it is to legalize the cultivation and use of Pot. Plain and simple — I have smoked Pot for 50 years, I’m highly educated, am a retired engineeer, a proud family man with 13 grandchildren — specifically, someone who has lived a productive life who has a well developed opinion on the legalization of marijuana — Anonymous, you’re the one to shut up for being critical of Tommy Chong.

  51. Anonymous on

    Everything he said was true and beautiful, and he got to call him a mushroom farmer lol

  52. Anonymous on

    Tommy Chong called the lies, lies in real time. If there is ever to to be reasonable debate you can’t allow one side to sit there and recite LIES! Tommy Chong responded exactly as he should. He did as much good as could possibly be done considering the forum he had the courage to face.

  53. Anonymous on

    Tommy is right they were lying, ive had first had experience with pot use for medical purposes (After all the pill options were burned up.) and i know others who have too.

    The simple fact is established business leaders stand to lose too much money if hemp becomes legal as a cheap way to compete with everything from pharmaceuticals to cotton.

    Thats the reason its illegal, nothing more nothing less.

  54. Jason on

    Don’t pay attention to the haters Tommy. You were awesome. Marijuana and all other drugs will be legalized and regulated soon. When you make something illegal, you just open the door to criminal underground. Take a look at alcohol prohibition for a great example. If alcohol and cigarettes are legal, there is no reason why Marijuana and all other drugs shouldn’t be legal as well. It will make the streets safer and almost stop gang peddling of drugs. Also, let all non-violent drug offenders out of prison. People always ask me what happens if we make all drugs legal? Won’t there be drug users driving and going nuts evey where? I say to them, hell no! All these drugs are available now! Gang bangers and drug dealers don’t ask for ID! They will sell to anyone. Now if the Government would regulate and tax all drugs, the world would be better off. If you can’t see this then your not using your brain muscle, do some research. Prohibition causes way more harm than anything. Peace everyone and I hope we all live to see a free world soon. Love ya Tommy!

  55. MOTFA on

    That was fucking GREAT! I loved it.

    Wow wtf was that other guy smoking? They should criminalize that shit and FAST.

  56. Anonymous on


  57. PunaDave on

    With all this talk of fucking each other, maybe you should just hook up and get on with it. I mean, it looks like you’re both pretty hot for each other, and share a certain ‘volatility’ (yes, that was a pun).

  58. Joel Laroche on

    This guy even sounds burnt out of his tree……my god…..If you are going to have a spokesperson, have someone with some credability….all he can see is “smoke”…

  59. Swollen_Goat on

    It’s complete bullshit to frame this discussion as a debate. How can there be a debate when one side has all the money, has all government and corporate backing, and gets paid to preach the status quo? Thank you Mr.Chong for giving the the other side a voice and speaking the truth!

  60. Anonymous on

    Fuck u buddy. Its stupid people like you who dont know shit!!!!

  61. Anonymous on

    That’s a LIE!

  62. Anonymous on

    dude your fucking stupid. He had to act like a dick for people to get the point. Nobody has listened while we have all tried to be nice so he had to act like a dick

  63. Anonymous on

    wow fuck you tommy chong you acted completey out of your place and sounded like a total roaring liberal that has no relative education on the facts nor did u have a collective argument to oppose him in any formal speech thankyou for making us look like left sided freaks