The Green Outlaws: “I Wish Stephen Harper Would Smoke a Joint”

CANNABIS CULTURE – East Coast cannabis activists The Green Outlaws present their ‘smoking’ new song, “I Wish Stephen Harper Would Smoke a Joint.” The track is an old-time country send-up of the current cannabis laws in Canada.

Listen to “I Wish Stephen Harper Would Smoke a Joint”

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The Green Outlaws’ message is simple: stop criminalizing cannabis consumers.

“Poll after poll after poll has come out in favor of legalization why does Stephen Harper continue to move in the opposite direction?” asks band leader Red “Sticky Fingers” Clay. “Our music is a lighthearted attempt to point out this mis-direction and portray cannabis consumers in a fair and accurate light.”

The band’s new single “I Wish Stephen Harper Would Smoke A Joint” blends toe-tapping old time music and political humour with a decidedly East Coast twist. It’s fast becoming an underground hit.

The seven member group with an average age of 56 was formed in direct response to Harpers current approach to cannabis legislation. The lineup includes some of the East Coast’s best musicians and was recorded by East Coast legend Roland Peppers.

“Everybody volunteered their time,” say Clay. “We feel very strongly about what we are doing. We’re not kids. We’ve seen this nonsense for 40 years now, and enough is enough. We’re having fun and Steve gives us lots of material to write about. We’re elated that he is a musician. Maybe we can open his ears. This is just the beginning”.



  1. 969 on

    Let’s play pin the head of the donkey Stephen Harper, shoot him in the ass.

    In 2012, picture people robbing stores for food.

    Floods, Volcanoes. Daily Tornado’s!

    North America’s one dead…………….

  2. James Dunlop on

    Harper seems like a nice goy–im.

  3. Uncle Bob Hicks on

    my God…i recgnize that look….its the same look those priests that molest kids have on their face…the “I have the Power of the Church behind me” look…all I know is, if anyone from the church was standing behind me I’d be worried and holding on to my pants…dude just admit you bat for the other team man…its OK God will still love you…and you can stop living a lie…

  4. Dave on

    Drug of choice for these people is booze and crack. Looks like he enjoys both?

  5. Anonymous on

    I’d be looking like that too if my husband turned gay with my bodyguard.

    Someone needs to send him some chocolaty “brownies”

  6. Anonymous on

    Harper looks like he’s on Crank more than weed in that photo!

  7. Bhonze on

    Stephen is still mad about all the pot smokers that used to whip his ass in school!!!