$1M Pot Bust on Harper’s Street

Police have busted a million-dollar marijuana grow operation on the same street Prime Minister Stephen Harper has his Calgary residence.

The bust was one of two by the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team last month at northwest homes.

On July 14, police raided a Tuscany home — on the same street where PM Stephen Harper has his Calgary residence — where they found 848 plants worth about $1 million.

The Sun is not releasing the address for security concerns.

Shunquan Luo, 43, was arrested inside the home and is charged with production of a controlled substance, possession for the purpose of trafficking, theft under $5,000 and theft of electricity.

Police said bypasses had been set up to steal electricity and water.

The second bust came on July 20 where police found 220 plants worth about $275,000 at a home in Kincora.

Police described it as a “sophisticated operation” and said no-one was in the home at the time.

Both homes were deemed unfit for human habitation by the Calgary Health Region.

“Grow operations are found everywhere from upscale neighbourhoods to rural communities,” said Inspector Kevin Forsen.

“And it is of concern to us because with these grow operations come significant public safety concerns like the risk of fire, electrocution and the violence that is often associated with this sort of criminal enterprise.”

Anyone with information about these crimes is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

– Article from Toronto Sun.



  1. Billyfromthehills on

    WTF—I’m from Ab and lived in Calgary for quite a while, I bet the people busted for this cant even spell Stephen Harper let alone know he lived down the street, this will definately ruffle some feathers but here goes. What happened is a horrible blow to the culture and any kind of inroads we were making with the rest of the population, what most people are not going to see is that nearly every fucking grow bust in Calgary and surrounding area is organized crime (asian gangs-95% of the time), now you think that guy running the house gives two shits about legalization or MMJ, I doubt it, he’s probably working off his fee to be smuggled into this country, and probably just glad that whatever gang hasn’t turned out his wife or daughter yet. It’s a sad state all around, the people that finance these houses are criminals of oppourtunity, if it isn’t grow houses, it’s “erotic massage parlours”, or identity fraud or whatever. The way I see it they’re just dumb criminals, it would be alot more advantageous to the MJ community if they just stuck to stealing BMW’s and Lexus’ and making fake credit cards. Sooner or later they will move on to something more lucrative, hopefully…

    And about that comment that was put up about Alberta burning, stop smoking that unflushed shit weed you bought downtown for 20 a gram, then maybe move out of your parents basement and cancel your world of warcraft account, get real…Oh, and its spelled politicians, not politians to whoever posted that gem of grammatical expertise.

  2. Anonymous on

    i hope you are joking on that one Motfa. If pot is legal in your state/country , just be grateful that you have decriminalized access to your medicine. I cant wait to move to one of the states w med. marijuana access and where there are jobs. AZ, my current residence is intolerant of everything as well as gay marriage. I am looking for information on Rhode Island…I lived there for over 12 years…never in a million years did i think that medical legalization happen there so soon. But it’s great! Does anyone know details about the plan for RI ? the process ? Dr.’s ?? I’m gonna check on NORML. If ANYONE really knows the info on medical legalization and marijuana dispensaries in Rhode Island- please message me back. So far, I understand that they seem confused about how many dispensaries to open and are fearful of the Feds, taxation ?…how to make it all LEGIT?…hiring standards? record keeping…blahblahblah. and so on. I would be great at opening a dispensary in RI, NM maybe Vermont… i’m great at cooking with it, too!

  3. MOTFA on

    I really hope that assassinations come back in style in the ’10 decade.
    It’s been too damned long. Too damned long.

  4. PeyotePal on

    This “Harper” dude is pretty smart.
    Don’t grow the stuff yourself – find someone down your street to do it for you.

    And only make sure you have small bite-sized amounts on you in case you get busted.

    Peace out.

  5. Anonymous on

    I’m surprised no has hunted any politians yet.
    Blown up cop stations or gone to war with the government.

    If we can’t smoke pot in our own country, while their stealing everyones money with tax. Just to give it back.

    Why should politians be aloud to step out their house.

    It really says something about how “Politians, the government, society work as one to make life a living hell”

    Hopefully Yellowstone Volcano Tosses Up a Storm Big Enough To Whipe Half America out, Vancouver. And Alberta / with Stephen Harper on t.v. for the first time burning to death. And I’m not talking pot.

  6. Dale allo on

    yeah noone should call crimestoppers they just stop crime we need a crimestarters phone number!! Yknow there are other crimes than marijuana growing right?

  7. Anonymous on

    You just gave Crimestoppers free advertising
    by publishing their phone numbers in your posting

    no wonder the legalization movement is faltering
    another dumb stoner strikes a blow against our side

  8. Anonymous on

    Nice journalism: “Anyone with information about these crimes is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.” Asking readers to snitch to the cops. That’s what I call impartiality. Man, journalism in this country really is crap.

  9. MOTFA on

    that is supposed to be “I hope the growers had rottweilers”

    damn ak-47, no more of you today.

  10. MOTFA on

    This shit is just so funny. I can barely contain the giggles.

    I hope the had rottweilers that were guarding the weed while the growers were shitting on Harpers lawn.

    *still giggling*

    Just one of those little things that makes me happy to be alive and pissing someone off. 🙂

  11. Anonymous on

    not likely worth 1 mil, just increased by the police or media report.

  12. George W. Bush on

    If you want to find harper’s house, look for the unmarked RCMP car parked out front.

  13. Dale allo on

    whats that like over 1k per plant? about 5 ounces per plant and theres 848 of them.. is it even possible to grow that many large plants in a house?

  14. Anonymous on

    Just down the street from Mr. Law & Order himself 800 pot plants..
    If this quirky event hits the world press,
    Mr. H & his pals in Ottawa cwill be double duty committed
    to hammering down on the stoner culture after this fuck up.
    A million dollar pot grow opp that wrecked a luxury home
    in the Prime Ministers home turf will not be treated gently-
    This is real bad timing considering Marc Emerys US prison sentencing
    is in a month, and he will be petitioning to be returned to Canada
    to serve it.. Canada will not be wanting to do him any favours
    after his ” Overgrowing the Government ” franchise ended up thus.