Pot Clinic Owner on Bail, Plans to Reopen

The founder of a downtown clinic that provides medical marijuana vows to reopen as soon as Saturday.

Fresh out of the Old City Hall courts and sporting a black eye he said came from not co-operating with a cellmate, Neev Tapiero said he’ll welcome friends and clients at the CALM Compassion Club “as soon as possible.”

Interviewed with his lawyer, Ron Marzel, just after being released on $5,000 bail, Tapiero, 38, said “the adventure is over for now.”

Toronto Police 51 Division officers raided the CALM (Cannabis As a Living Medicine) storefront at 106 Queen St. E. on Wednesday afternoon after receiving a “community complaint,” Const. Tony Vella said.

In the second raid on the clinic since late March, he said officers seized an allegedly larger-than-permitted stock of pot, plus hashish and hash oil.

Several people inside were released and Tapiero was arrested at his home.

Ironically, Tapiero said he was unable to be released Thursday “because the bail court was jammed with people up on drug charges,” and spent the night in the Don Jail.

Marzel said he hopes his client’s trial on the earlier drug charges will be held next summer.

In a message to a support, posted on his Facebook site, Marzel vowed to seek court “condemnation” for the raid and opposes Health Canada’s “dysfunctional medical marijuana program.”

– Article from Toronto Sun.



  1. Anonymous on

    Just as Eazy E says… F**K the Police comin’ straight from the underground, a young N!^^#R got it bad cause I’m brown,
    … I don’t give a F&#^ I cause I keep BAILING!!!!! WHat da F are they YEllin’???

  2. Dale allo on

    The C.A.L.M clinic is one of the best ones in the world they are very careful about letting in only very sick people and they are very professional there. It’s ridiculous that the police are wasting money with them when there are legitimate criminals around that need their attention. The patients that go to that clinic are trying to take their medicine in a legal and safe way instead of buying it from the street right now their largest fear is the police who are supposed to be out to protect them.

  3. Anonymous on

    Yes we are that fucked up as Canadians.
    The conservatives government is plunging the whole country into a state of prohibition never before reached.

  4. KevinN on

    Just as Prop 19 (legal personal possession) is coming into California, the Canadian Government is trying to push Bill S-10 (automatic jail time for possession).


    Does anyone else see the STUPIDITY in what the Canadian government is doing?

    Are we that fucked up as Canadians?

    The Canadian Government is really going too far. Anyone that looks at the RESEARCH and NOT THE RHETORIC will instantly see this truth.

    When all of the polls show that Canadians WANT decriminalization of cannabis, I guess that makes this a dictatorship that we live in.

  5. KevinN on

    I know I don’t know all of the facts surrounding this case … but, WTF?!!

    Is this not CANADA?!!

    I thought WE were the most tolerant people in the world.

    When MMJ is constantly PROVEN TO HELP and not harm, why do the authorities continue to harass the people trying to help the SICK?!!
    (On an aside, I blame Stephen and now more-so Barack).

    If Health Canada itself APPROVES of cannabis as a MEDICINE then why are the AUTHORITIES EVEN INVOLVED?

    This is the largest continuing farce of justice that the feds have ever pulled. Do they even listen to the PEOPLE ANYMORE?

    I think I’ll move to Cali in November.

    Fuck you Harper.