Toronto’s CALM Compassion Club Raided Again

CANNABIS CULTURE – Toronto’s Cannabis As Living Medicine (C.A.L.M.) Compassion Club, the embattled medical marijuana dispensary raided by police last March, was raided again Wednesday at about 4pm.

“This time they were a lot more polite and didn’t punch anyone in the face,” C.A.L.M.’s attorney Ron Marzel told Cannabis Culture, referring to violent police actions during the first raid reported on by Cannabis Culture and picked up by the mainstream press. “They used fake ID cards again. Once they were in they identified themselves immediately and said ‘get on the ground!

Marzel said police confiscated about 200 grams of hash and some shake. Staff members were arrested, but Marzel said they were all released without charges. C.A.L.M.’s owner Neev Tapiero, who is currently fighting trafficking charges stemming from the first raid, was arrested at his house a few blocks from the dispensary. His bail hearing is scheduled for tomorrow, meaning he will be forced to stay the night in jail.

Less than 10 officers from Toronto’s 51 Division were involved in the raid according to Marzel. 51 Division officers did not return phone calls from Cannabis Culture at the time of publication of this article.

“The detective indicated that the only reason he got the warrant was because he continued to get complaints about the smell of smoke,” Marzel said. “This is completely unnecessary, and Neev wasn’t even on site when they raided the facility.”

Marzel said Tapiero’s case from the first raid was moving along swiftly, with Tapiero already electing to have it proceed by indictment.

“We’ve been moving the process along fairly quickly because we want to get this resolved before the courts sooner rather than later,” Marzel said. “Neev has nothing to hide. He’s upfront about the fact that he’s selling cannabis to people who have a legitimate medical need. He wants to have his day in court. He wants to be tried. We’ve already elected. We’re waiting for a judicial pretrial next month. I got an application scheduled to be heard on August 25th to get the medicine back in the hands of patients. So everything was moving along quite well. This is, again, coming out of left field.”

Back in March, police also said the raid was due to “community complaints.”

The first raid sparked protests from cannabis activists, leading to more arrests.

Marzel said police were still inside C.A.L.M.’s building at the time of his interview (5:15pm).

C.A.L.M. is one of the oldest medical cannabis clubs in Canada, established in 1996. C.A.L.M.’s website states that the organization is a “peer-run organization that provides almost 2,000 Canadians living with severe or chronic illnesses with safe and continuous access to medicinal cannabis in a safe empowering environment.”

The raid is a continuation of a series of police actions against medical marijuana dispensaries in recent months after a long period of peace.



  1. Troy Campbell on

    The medical laws are actually not that bad the problem with the program is simply lack of funding which causes major back logs in application completion time and the Fact that most canadian Dr’s are afraid to sign the forms because of fear and lack of clinical information . But as far as getting on the program it really is not as hard as one would think as long as you are commited and wont give up and are willing to do some leg work to either provide your Dr with enough information showing that cannabis has shown to be a great benefit to your condition and if that wont work it is possible with some research to find a Dr who is well informed on the benefits of cannabis ,
    As for my own personal experience it was oct 2009 when I decided I wanted to try and get off of the opiate pain meds I was being prescribed and use mmj instead and the entire process was complete as of Aug 10 2010 having had my authorizatuon to posses and my personal use production licence issued as well as having completely ended using opiates for my back pain. Oh and I have read that as of march 10 2010 they mmar was amended to allows designated growers to hold up to 3 licences now and a personal use production licence holder is now allowed to hold 1 additional designated personal production licence.

  2. Anonymous on

    i understand the crown has told the court there was ghb and magic mushrooms found at the owners home. what do those have to do with medical marijuana? isnt having things like that a bit risky when 2000-3000 sick people are relying on you? i dont know which side of the fence to lean toward anymore. too many surprises. will another raid happen in december too? why calm and nobody else in the city? at least the patients were not pushed around this time.

  3. Frank Trottier on

    Thanks to our Commie Conservative Government, I quess the drug war is not over. There’s still the dieing and sick, no rock to big to turn over, we’ll get our man,women,child according to Steven Harper!8-)

  4. Sparkky Mcpuff on

    No problem! Cannabis dispensaries provide a service to people who cannot or do not want to grow thier own or buy generic cannabis directly from health Canada, currently the only two legal ways to obtain cannabis in cannada! 😉 so yes dispensaries are illegal, but not too long ago so was homosexuality and Sunday shopping! Times are changing and hopefully Harper gets voted out in this fall election! Thank God for Cannabis!

    What I wanna know is, can I sell weed to customers with a mmar card and call myself a compassion club? I think imma gonna try that! Soon as I get my card! Also, can I start growing as soon as my doctor fills out my mmar application and the forms are sent? Or do I have to wait for the photo card? Fuck it I’ll do it MYYYYYY WAAAAYYY!!!!

  5. Anonymous on

    1500′ chemicals before weed by any doctor…. Patent attempt by Industrial/Pharmaceutical…. Confiscation by law enforcement, suffering by thousands, millions..?… OBSESSION??? OCD Politicians & Police? Police sell to Mafia,??? Send to USA for double price..??? HASH…? Homemade Hash…? or Terrorist supporting Afghanistan imported black hash for $100+ per quarter? WHICH ONE DO THEY WANT???? Imported to Gangs, or Confiscated from suffering civilians and given to gangs????? The compassion club is more offensive to the crooked law enforcement than imported black. They are programmed… not “trained’ to do their jobs? Too bad their jobs are insane!!!!! California relax laws but on the hell hole of Mexican drug war’s border???? CHAOS! GROW YOUR OWN!!!!!!!! NEVER TRUST THE GOVERNMENT, ONLY YOUR SELF!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous on

    Order some seeds online.
    Check out you-tube pot grows
    Learn the basics on how to grow online.
    Experiment on your own with a few seeds at a time.
    Weed is super easy to grow, Thats why its called weed
    One good female plant can give you enough weed to last more than 2 years
    Male plants can also get you high, but its not as potent as the female buds.
    Screw the dealers man, 20bucks for 2 grams is complete robbery.

    Grow your own stuff. Just grow one or two plants in your garden for personal use, share it with yoyr friends and family. Its free, fun, easy, its mother nature.

    Peace to everyone

  7. The BallyHoo on

    Do shut-up!!!!!
    That is THE most ridiculous post I’ve ever read. HA hA hA!!!!!!!!!!
    You must really be hurting my friend…….Americans have NOTHING to do with our marijuana, you complete idiot.
    You are a fucking idiot……

  8. Anonymous on

    Raided because the americans want total control of pot sales in Canada.Why do you think California is legalizing ?

  9. slave on

    Raids shall continue ad infinitum as FDA is not legally able to patent a plant.

    This is humanity and life dying one draconian govt/industrial cabal move at a time…

  10. Anonymous on

    You are right. The system is designed to make it near impossible to get your card. I have stomach cancer and was given a script from a doctor. Many weeks later, including 5 weeks of gutwrenching chemo and radiation and still nothing. This was perscribed as END OF LIFE care. Oh and just try and call to get info on your paperwork, good luck! I have been using a compassion club in Toronto, 45min from my home, to get the medication my doctor prescribed for me. Our system is a total disaster!

  11. Anonymous on

    Card carrying med users are legal, but compassion clubs sadly remain illegal….its like getting a prescription but then closing the drug store

  12. Brian Kerr on

    No not legal.

    only government card holders can get weed.

    and only from the government or grow them selves or get from a provider.

    some compassion clubs will sell to people who have had their Dr. fill out the clubs papers. Not legal but probably constitutional.

    A provider can only supply 2 people.

    The Canadian medicinal cannabis laws are basically shit and designed to keep people off the system, by making it almost imposable to get on the system.

    A comparison is Canada vs California. Same size population Cal has millions on the system there and we only have 5,000 or there abouts on the Canadian system. It seems Californians are more Canadian than Canadians, when it comes to medicinal cannabis.

    That is my understanding of the situation.

  13. TitusGal on

    Forgive my ignorance, but I thought cannabis clubs and collectives were legal in Canada. Why the raid? Because someone was smoking at the club?