Handheld Vaporizers: The Next Generation

I was recently handed a cutting-edge piece of handheld whip system technology. Feeling a bit like Worf from Star Trek, I inquired more about this space-age vaporizing majesty.

The response was, “you know your vaporizers; try the thing out. Beat it up. And then hit us back with a review.”

So here it is, my review of the Vapir NO2 Portable Digital Vaporizer.

I started by taking it to the beach and used it extensively there, drawing on it by taking deep, well-focused rips. The first thing I figured out: damn this unit heats up quick and burns hot! I immediately used the digital display and temperature controls to turn it down to 357 degrees making it a lot more enjoyable.

The ergonomic design is great but there is a downfall. A few of the lucky beach stoners I asked to help me test this unit accidentally turned the element off with the heel of their hand. This is not really a big deal, and it is easy to avoid by holding the device a little lower.

Another noted response was the odd shape of the device. One girl smiled when I passed it to her and responded, “wow, sexual looking, almost phallic.” We vaped and laughed it up. Moments later I passed it to a young urban poet I met on the path. “Damn that shit looks like some kinda female sex toy,” he said. We laughed it up as I told him about the beach girl’s response.

These were the only negative things I could find about the Vapir NO2.

How does this device compare to other handheld vaporizers? IT DOMINATES! It has an easy-to-load top chamber that allows you to adjust the depth by lowering the screen if you want to add more herb. It comes equipped with a bamboo stir stick with a curved end making it easy to get your herb in and out of the loading chamber.

It fits a decent amount of green and comes with a great little plastic measuring scoop to gauge how much to add to the chamber. The NO2 utilizes a whip style technology, so if you’re expecting a forced-air unit like the Vapir One you won’t find it here.

Vapir’s NO2 is great for the adventurist or any extreme sportsman or avid outdoorsman, allowing the user the freedom of taking vape rips beside a waterfall, hanging on a side of a cliff, riding on a downhill mountain bike trail. If you really wanted, you could use this thing while skydiving.

The machine comes with a removable, rechargeable battery that takes about three hours to fully charge and provides a solid 80 minutes of inhaling if you don’t disengage the heating element when refilling. But hey, if you can’t get to where you want to be in 80 minutes of vaporizing you probably need better herbs. The unit will run continuously while plugged into the charger and an industrious smoker could add a solar powered trickle charger for continuous use at a campsite or on the beach.

Truly amazing is the price. At only $179.99 US, it is one of the most affordable high-quality vaporizers on the market. (Buy one here)

The NO2 is really the future of vaping and if you are a fan of this style of inhalation products I strongly suggest you move the Vapir NO2 to the front of your portable vaporizer fleet and like your American Express, don’t leave home without it!

Enjoy! I know I am.



  1. Anonymous on

    yeah man thats the truth for real. I´ve been burning my lungs for over two decades. almost a decade since I discovereded the Volcano and would never look back. now on my second unit of volcano, I decided that it was time to go unplugged. after having tried the minivap personally on a 3hr session at the shop where it originated here in the Basque country I can vouch for its awesome look and quality. makes the no2 look like the cheap plastic china made version. as far as results go, they perform identically. I like that my no2 has the actual battery and temperature on an lcd iluminated display. this was not an option when I tried the Minivap a few weeks ago. the Mininivap has leds instead which is fine, different colors but the same indicating funtions of the leds on my no2. my no2 is lighter with the same duration of battery and warmup times are faster also. same amount of work and time to load it for a hit. I dropped my no2 on the floor and didn´t even scratch it, I´d hate to see what would happen to the heavier shinier aluminium. I take my no2 on everyday outings because its so quick and easy to use. smoother than my volcano rips any day on the same homegrown indo. Can´t believe I´ve been letting my volcano waste so many of my crystals. my stash is lasting almost twice as much as the volcano, now thats a bargain. I would totally recommend the no2. you tech guys have really done it this time, its a phenomenal item. truth be told, my experience with the no2 was greatly enhanced because of my previous experience with the Minivap. I was well informed of the proper technique of inhalation by the nice man at the shop.

  2. Anonymous on

    I have the pridviledge to comfirm this as I have tested this awesome piece of engineering art masterpiece. I tested it personaly at the shop in Donostia.I don´t think it´s as portable or light, though. but it is definitely elegant and well designed. I would say the no2 is even jacket pocket sized. I had it in my shorts pocket when I went to the movies the other day, whipped it out and had a go for a while and had none of my friends even notice. If you can spend the dough then get it bro! the mini vap. haven´t left home without it since I first hit it! the Vapir No2.

  3. JR on

    Quite simply the best way to get high,,I have the ONE (Digital Air)cant wait to buy the N02,,best money I ever spent,,Im sold.

  4. Anonymous on

    I have had a launch box for about 4 months now, and quite honestly, after a few uses, the thing quits working (using the included batteries, fully charged). I am currently looking for another portable vap, but not the Iolite, as they are pretty hit or miss with heating up to the proper temp.

  5. D-Man on

    “I don’t care if it’s the new volcano, I’d rather walk around with a big ol’ blatant bong than to pretend I was sucking on a dildo…”

    You are that insecure in your man hood?
    This is a vaporizer thread, that’s a bit weak.

    If you had actually looked into it before posting, you would know that you inhale off a TUBE which extends about 4 inches off the top of the unit. So it looks like you are sucking from a drink more than anything else.

    The NO2 is a very good portable/plug in vaporizer that works well and is far superior to smoking. So for those people that care mostly about getting an effective vaporizer, the NO2 is a great choice.

    Advantages the NO2 has over most portables including the iolite and magic flight: Temperature control, plug in option, built in rechargeable battery that lasts an hour, that’s BIG. For all those features and that kind of performance for $179 USD, hard to beat that.

    NOTE: For you people that aren’t happy with Vapir and won’t give their new product a shot, come on. They’ve been working there ass off for YEARS to come out with good products and they’ve finally done it out of the gate without needing to improve it version wise. Sure the Vapir One 1.0 was weak but the 5.0 was pretty good. So please give the NO2 a chance, try it before you comment, its a damn good vaporizer.

  6. Adam on

    I don’t care if it’s the new volcano, I’d rather walk around with a big ol’ blatant bong than to pretend I was sucking on a dildo…

  7. Darren Dman on

    ive been smoking for a long while, like most on here.Just wanted to say if you smoke weed everyday like me…this vaporizer is a must.not only is it better for your lungs,the taste and high you get out this vap. is friggin amazing!!! very easy to use, the only problem about this vap. is finding the best trees’ to vap up…u kno.Nuff respect to the makers of the N02.

    Smoke weed everyday,
    Darren Dman

  8. Anonymous on

    That has not been my experience with the Iolite. It is small and discreet. There is no odor….at all. Only complaint is the swishing sound it makes while heating up.

  9. Mr. Purp on

    *News Flash*
    Vapir makes another crappy vaporizer.

  10. rediiiiiiz on

    I just purchased one of these a couple of weeks ago based on a review I read on gizmodo and right out of the box the thing worked amazingly well.

    Now that I have had some time to play with it and really zero it in, I am absolutely LOOOOOOVING it!

    I have tried all types of vaporizers through friends and parties I have attended and for the money, the ease of use and the portability this NO2 is HANDS DOWN the BEST OPTION available on the vaporizer market!


    Loving it!

  11. Uncle Bob on

    You’re gonna love it. Guard it with your life when your buddies come over. The Lb gets me seriously medicated, when away from my Volcano it’s the ticket for me. Be sure to pick up the Energizer 15 minute NiMH battery charger ($55.approx at Rona ) comes with 4 NiMH batts, and A/C adapter, as well as a 12 volt plug so you can charge it up on the run. The Lb comes with a lifetime no-fault replacement warranty. I have not run into anybody that isn’t impressed with the launchbox.

  12. Brian Kerr on

    Vaping is way better than smoking in every way and way better for your lungs.
    My opining is only cave men smoke now. Unless at a smoke out. It would be hard to have a vape out. 🙂

    I have heard horrible things about Vapir products. I would never buy one.
    I think most people out there will say a Iolite is the way to go. But don’t take it form me. google it.

  13. 8balldown on

    I ordered my Launch Box (E-Bay) a couple of weeks ago (I’m Canadian) and can’t wait till it arrives. Check youtube reviews, it’s small, effective and under $100. Reviews are great and I’ll post once I get mine delivered and tested. It’s made of wood, uses small battery – truly portable. Worth considering ;~)


  14. Blazemonkey on

    You’re the first I’ve heard of this. Looks like it could be great!

  15. marc hempary on

    Basically a miniature, battery powered heat gun i guess.

  16. ez on

    I see no one here has experienced the little “Magic Flight” hand-held vap. I picked one up recently and its a great little item. Made of hard wood, battery operated, see thru cover. One hand covers the entire thing from view. Vaporization is practically instant. Your draw dictates temp and flavor. Outstandingly simple.

  17. marc hempary on

    I would like to have a small, heat gun type of gadget that I could aim at the weed in my pipe instead of a lighter and smoke(vape) that way. Does anybody know of such a thing? Million dollar idea i’d say.

  18. Ohigho on

    Actually I’m looking forward to the VapeXHale Cloud which should be out this year. Its an in line vaporizer that combines an all glass heating path with HIGH QUALITY glass water bongage! No more heat guns or dabbing glass suadering iron into bowls but rather a unit thats streamlined and you can use one handed. It even vaguely looks like a light saber.

  19. Anonymous on

    I’m pretty sure typical combustion temps when using a lighter to light that bowl/joint are in the 800-1200F range (off the top of my head, don’t quote me on that, but i KNOW its much higher than vaporization temps). Which means you’re much more likely to “torch” your lungs from a burning joint or pipe than a vape…

  20. toxicc on

    Well.. you said it yourself, you used it the wrong way. The vapor from vaporizers is a lot smoother than smoke, and you can hook a bong to your vaporizer anyway (maybe no with a N02, but with most boxstyle whip vaporizers you can. Also, unless you use very hot temperature (wich is what you did, and was an error as you said yourself), the vapor high is LESS couchlock than smoking because of the lower boiling point of thc compared of couchlock cannabinoids cbn and cbd, wich needs higher temperature to be released. Finally, when smoking a joint of your crazy strong weed you loose a large amount of cannabinoids because of combustion. Vape the same amount the proper way and you will inhale a lot more cannabinoids. It is pretty clear that your experience and informations about vaporizing are limited.

  21. Anonymous on

    Tried vaporizers, inhaled too strong once and torched lungs, these things are dangerous if not focused very clearly,… 350 Degrees a couple cm away from your mouth direct down your lungs aren’t as safe as might be perceived. Vapors taste great, but it is noticeable that they will make you pass out more often with an extremely mellow buzz or overwhelming compared to joints or bongs which keep somewhat enlightened or energetic high. Not specific to skydiving when energy and alertness is needed. Different chemistry during the vaping or burning. But that high temperature, wooooh, you suck that in too hard or quick your chest will hurt for a few months, being familiar with bongs for long time, inhaling from a vaporizer and nothing coming out make you raise the inhalation pressure instinctively, which you pay for, like a pipe, it is very light inhalation needed and if you aren’t told or instructed that before you ever use a vaporizer which inhales direct from the unit and not through a 1′ or longer plastic hose which some may avoid this heat down the lungs, it will hurt. Vapors are what some need to use to even be able to handle the crazy strong weed there is out there today, but here’s my comic relief of vibrat… oh I mean vaporizers sucking a large black cock (vap) of streaming crappy fumes on the beach must make you feel great!, or a mini white dick (joint) burning at the end with herpes must feel OK, cough cough

  22. Ryan on

    The Iolite is garbage compared to the NO2.

    Here’s how I rank the portables I’ve tried.

    1)Vapir NO2
    3)High Guy Vapor Genie

  23. Anonymous on

    594 euros…..I don’t think so. How about the Iolite at $179.00

  24. levelnext on

    Hey there Darth Vapor, Just wanted to tell you, I’ve tried a handheld vaporizer that is simply amazing. It’s more expensive but it is top of the line. I really recommend it as I’ve tried several vaporizers and this one was the best of them all, I even compared it to 2 different vapir models.
    It’s called mini Vap.

    here you go http://www.minivap.com/

    have a look, it’s made in spain, and it rocks.

    so. great article!