California Marijuana Supporters Lead in Campaign Cash

Supporters of a ballot initiative seeking to legalize recreational use of marijuana in California have raised more money than their opponents, even as the proposition is struggling to gain favor.

Proposition 19 on the November ballot would allow adults to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and local governments to tax its sales.

Campaign finance reports filed Monday show two groups supporting the initiative raised more than $316,000 between April 1 and June 30 and have nearly $162,000 cash on hand.

The main group opposing the initiative has nearly $19,000 cash on hand and raised about $41,000.

Supporters say legalization will raise tax revenue, while critics say it would increase pot use and crime. A recent Field Poll shows more voters opposing the initiative than supporting it.

– Article from AFP.



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  1. one12alpha on

    Its to bad we can’t just buy votes, lol. If it isn’t clear to the opposition, pot use is where the money is. Look at the numbers, potheads have raised over 7 times more money than the anti-potheads.

    Sadly, I think the reasoning behind the lack of voters has, at least in part, to do with our policy on felons, and voting. How many votes do you think we’ve lost due to this policy? Surely, there are thousands of potential votes there…but the question is, how many would actually have voted it they could? Or, better yet, how many of said felons, even know they’ve lost their right to vote?