Man Killed in Mendocino Pot Garden Raid

A Mendocino County sheriff’s officer shot and killed a man who leveled a rifle at him in a large, remote marijuana garden early Tuesday morning, law officials said.

The shooting occurred at about 6:45 a.m. on U.S. Forest Service land in northeastern Mendocino County, roughly four miles west of the Tehama County line, said Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman.

The name of the veteran officer who fired is not being released at this time, and the suspect’s identity is unknown, he said.

Three Mendocino County officers, five Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management officers and a dog were investigating the garden, Allman said.

They were entering one of several large marijuana gardens in the area when they encountered two men. One leveled his rifle and was shot.

Both men ran, but the injured man was tackled by the dog after about 30 yards, Allman said.

The suspect was given first aid but died a few minutes later. The second suspect escaped.

The dead man, who appeared to be in his 20s, carried no identification, Allman said.

The officer who shot him also was involved in a shooting in about 1989. He has been with the Sheriff’s Office for 25 years. Allman declined to give details of the prior shooting, saying it would identify the officer. He has been placed on administrative leave as is protocol following a shooting.

The District Attorney’s Office and the state Department of Justice are assisting with the investigation, Allman said.

It’s the first known lethal confrontation involving an officer in a Mendocino County pot garden, but they’ve occurred elsewhere in the state:

Deputies fatally shot a suspect in Santa Clara County last week.

Napa County drug agents earlier this month shot and killed a suspect who drew a weapon near Lake Berryessa.

Two officers were wounded and a suspect killed during a pot raid in Lassen County last year.

In 2007, officers in Humboldt County fatally shot a man who confronted them with a shotgun.

In 2003, two suspects were fatally shot by law enforcement in a Shasta County pot garden.

Less lethal incidents are more common.

Last month, the back window of a Sheriff’s Office vehicle was shattered by gunfire as officers left a marijuana garden raid in Western Mendocino County.

Also last month, drug officials in Lake County crossed paths with an armed marijuana gardener, but he fled.

Last year a sheriff’s canine was injured while struggling with a suspect who pointed a rifle at law enforcement officers in the same area as Tuesday’s fatal shooting. Also last year, armed pot growers in Shasta County created a panic when they fled police, running through the yards of neighbors, some of whom took up arms for protection.

While officer-involved pot-garden shootings are sporadic, Allman said there’s evidence that illegal pot garden tenders are more willing to use violence to protect their crops.

In 2009, officers seized 165 firearms from indoor and outdoor marijuana gardens in Mendocino County, he said.

State officials blame Mexican cartels for much of the cultivation on public lands.

Allman said his office is working with the Forest Service to make the northeastern corner of the county near Round Valley safer and to eradicate large marijuana gardens.

“From what I’ve heard, the number of grows in that area is unlike any year we’ve seen,” Allman said.

He did not yet have a plant count but said “several thousand” plants were growing in the garden where the shooting took place.

Marijuana eradication in Mendocino County this year already has exceeded last year’s effort.

State officers have seized 471,995 plants in Mendocino County so far, exceeding last year’s total take by about 30,000, said Michelle Gregory, spokeswoman for the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting.

Those figures do not include plants seized by local law officials working without CAMP (Campaign Against Marijuana Planting) involvement, which typically assists local law enforcement with eradication operations for several months of the outdoor pot growing season.

Statewide, CAMP has seized 1.9 million plants, compared with 4.4 million in all of last year, Gregory said.

– Article from The Press Democrat.



  1. Anonymous on

    why most growers have guns is simple… pot pirates, not so they can kill a dozen cops.

  2. Anonymous on

    Classic False Flag, Attempting to Radicalize and Create Response to This New Radicalization of the Cannabis Culture. Cointelpro.

  3. Anonymous on

    Needs his own website.

  4. Anonymous on

    Thanks Troll.

  5. Anonymous on

    ,, and geography & climate from Al Gores dog

  6. Anonymous on

    Just because you learned about love from porn & Rambo movies

  7. Anonymous on

    I do not agree with killing police nor civilians. I beleive in non-violence.

    I think the public should respect the law, but the law should also respect the public…..Prohibition does not respect the people nor the police. Police should not be arresting non-violent people. The police are doing the policy makers “dirty work”.

    Generalizing all people who use marijuana as murderous idiots, is also not logical. Of course there are idiots who use the weed, but they are still the same idiots when they dont use it. Fools are fools. There are also many violent and disrespectful idiots who do not use weed.

    Generalizing all cops as heartless and cruel is also not right. Just like people who use marijuana, there are good cops and bad cops.

    Here are 2 famous quotes from Abe Lincoln:

    Two of my favorite things are sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe of sweet hemp, and playing my Hohner harmonica.” – Abraham Lincoln

    “Prohibition… goes beyond the bound of reason in that it attempts to control a man’s appetite by legislation and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded” -Abraham Lincoln

    Peace Brother

  8. MOTFA on

    People also have the fundamental right to live, but you wouldn’t know it in america.
    Health care still needs a massive overhaul in the usa as well as the drug laws.

  9. Anonymous on

    Very well said, war vet. You really explained the bigger picture.

    The issue here is not marijuana. Marijuana is the messenger, not the message. The issue is whether we will live in freedom or under tyranny. The most basic of all human rights is the right to your own body. The lighted marijuana weed is the torch of freedom.
    — Dr. Julian Heicklen

  10. Anonymous on

    helicopters are fucking noisy. you can hear them coming a half an hour away and they are the olnly things in the mnountain sky,, oh and they can’t land near trees,,so lets lower a loud speaker down on a rope and a friendly voice comes on

    ” Yoo Hoo! Mr Pot growers! Hi! Please don;t run into the woods,
    surrender or you will have you hair all mussed up in the copter wash” ‘

    You chose well to not be on the cops side pal
    my Gawd that was a stupid suggestion

  11. War Veteran on

    Only a world police effort will curve drugs –that means raids on non-suspects since suspects are first non-suspects. That means while you’re at a restaurant –you have the right to be searched –your car in the parking lot and the entire restaurant too –scheduled searches of houses in ghettoes and well-to-do neighborhoods regularly. Searches of all land. Searches of all vehicles. Searches of all people going to and fro (good looking upper-class whites use drugs too). It’s not about getting high –it’s about putting gasoline in one’s care –its about eating healthier food. It’s about the Gulf oil spill. It’s about not cutting down trees for wood or paper. It’s about Anne Frank. It’s about the corruption of the law. Band one group of people and not the other sounds like a Nazi tactic –a tactic they learned from previous thugs. When one buys a bag to smoke –they don’t think of who grew it –do you think of the emissions from your car –why don’t you stop others from driving by doing damage to their cars –you don’t care about children’s health or what? This is about basic human rights. When you went to Iraq –did you not feel any remorse from the little boy who had lost his face from a bomb bought with drug money? Why don’t you remember that from your Iraqi experience or are you Satanic. Why do you not care about Iraq growing hemp to help their own gov’t –to not need to believe in a dictator’s lie because of an annual revenue that makes the country well to do. When you saw that faceless child on your war tour –did you feel indifferent? Do you not feel angry when you see a sobbing grandma begging you to remove the metal from her little granddaughter’s chest? Did you laugh when a father dragged the torso of his 8yr old son’s body –begging you to put it together because the trauma kept him from believing in the child from being dead –you sound Satanic. This is about keeping the cops and DEA from violating a sovereign American law called the Sherman Anti-trust act. Use your GI bill to go to school to bathe in the universities mass collection of books on history, economics, science, math, literature, poetry, psychology, ethics, philosophy, logic, theology etc. I agree that violence isn’t the best way –but most of us so called ‘pot heads’ are tired of not having a choice when it comes to groceries, housing, farming, fuel etc . . . we’re tired that Americans spend money on products that pollute –tired that people don’t buy daily used products from non-existing hemp farms . . . were tired of people killing the world thus killing more people . . . we’re tired of being needlessly searched. We’re tired of seeing blown up children from drug money –were tired that people go to the gas station to fuel their cars when cars don’t need gas but hemp fuel –cleaner and less dictator-ish when taking out the Middle East factor. When America says jump –most of the world asks how high –America taught the world to eradicate hemp and we can teach the word to take care of itself by using hemp worldwide for almost everything humans use on a daily to annual basis. It sounds like you are pro-cancer, pro-starvation, pro-dirty drinking water, pro-terrorism, pro-polluted soil, pro-Holocaust. We’re not perfect –just angry. Are you going to give a man a hug that kills a loved one right in front of your face? Will you hug the cop who arrests a neighbor based on their religion? Hemp or marijuana is about logic. Would say it was immoral to use violence to shut down a Nazi death camp? It’s a bigger picture than what’s in the bag or what’s in the bong.

  12. Anonymous on

    A couple of posters here seem to take pleasure in guns and death, and death of police in particular, They also applaud the marijuana pirates and wish them victory, at whatever cost, including murder.

    Its no wonder that marijuana is against the law all over the world and that heavily armed police are necessary to shut down growers and distributors.It is a truly low point for the human race that so many people are wired to pot use and not only does this drug make them into fools, but it makes them indifferent to the death of others who fight to bring them this unnecessary weed.

    I used to think pot smokers were swell people and the police sort of over reached their authority to stop them. Now I see the pot industry for what it really is, and thats drug poisoned idiots who actually will do anything to keep the pot harvest coming on.And I mean anything and that includes killing people or buying their drug from others who will kill people’

    You stoners are not cool or socially advanced, you are satanic animals with dead hearts and gummed up minds. I hope some of you smarten up and warn your stoner friends that prohibition is about to step up and roll the drug idiots out like pancakes and nobody would miss you.

    What little support you enjoyed from the straights is about gone now, and the only people who will care about drug liberation will be other stoners and they are doomed to the pancake pile as well.It will only take a few more years to catch up to you, and with death a certain end for all mortals. Stoners will be extinct and that will be that.

    Your big mistake was getting sloppy, and then desperate because that makes violence an option and in that game, stoners will lose

  13. MOTFA on

    …maybe they couldn’t afford the helicopter.

    So i guess we should legalize all drugs and use the tax money to buy them one.


  14. MOTFA on

    …it is ok for the cops to shoot a dog right in front of a child in his jammies but it’s not ok for growers to defend themselves? Whatever buddy.
    I still think pulling a gun on a cop is retarded. Why not run like the other person who didn’t get hurt? Also, someone mentioned exsessive force from the cops which i also agree with.

    In a war, people get shot. In a drug war it’s total anarchy on both sides, so i say bring on the anarchy and more cops getting shot.


    Because the more cops and public officials that the get shot/die means means we are closer than ever to legalization.

    I know it’s a totally fucked way of thinking but this whole prohibition thing is fucked so just deal with it.

    Also, i can go to any gun show and pick myself up a gun that can shoot from a long distance even if i had a criminal record and you are calling ME retarded?

    The laws are fucked. Deal with that too.

    Also, a person with no opinion or facts to back up a argument and only calls people names is my definition of a retard in my book, so what’s your definition asshole? HA HA HA.

  15. Anonymous on

    It’s a war….. They are willing to break down your door and point guns at your wife and children, shoot your pets, steal your property and put you in jail and if nessarry, they (cops) will KILL YOU! Sounds like many on here are willing to start fighting back? Are you willing to become the evil you fight? The holy herb (the tree of life) allows me to forgive the pig tyrants….. if your gonna level a gun at another man, PULL THE TRIGGER! It’s your karma…… I would say to the fighters on here, peace, love and FORGIVENESS will serve your soul better than more violence…… It’s takes time and it’s boring, deff’ not as sexy as a fist fight or a shoot out but we need to expose these criminals that run this drug war with people like Barry Cooper, Marc Emery, The United Cannabis Ministries, Dr. Bob, Chris Bennett, Cannabis Culture, each of us powerful people! GET INVOLVED! EXPOSE THEM! We all know that the international bankers and there private thug army the USA’s Military Industrial Complex (cops) are running a scam called the Drug War for profit…… keep perspective and fight smarter not harder…. leave the blood on their hands…..

  16. Anonymous on

    Your a monster!!!!

  17. War Veteran on

    That is why they use swat teams to bust a house for a pipe -shooting dogs. Swat to raid a Virginai mayor who was found innocent. Swat to raid an accidental house (oops 305 N. Ox street -not 307) where folk get killed or hurt. Swat to kill a collge kid with nothing but a flashlight. Swat to kill a little girl in Detroit . . . and if this doesn’t end and the law mutates like viruses -swat to raid a church -hunting down a pack of Christians or Buddhist . . . Swat to raid Democrats or Republicans when the STATE only has one PARTY: the Rulling Party. Swat to raid small buisness or farmers who won’t give up their land or give into some big corporation . . . happens in Mexico.

  18. War Veteran on

    Just because you’ve seen a gun on TV or shot at objects in a video game doesn’t mean you know how powerful they are -shotguns are only good up close when it comes to killing up to 4 or one -any further is less effective than a .22 . . . If I’m on the loosing side -explaine to me what voting is which has happend more than twice -have you ever heard of voting? That means living citizens make a choice regardless if they like the choices. So you seriously believe that 80thousand troops are more than 300thousand troops -Sixth graders really don’t need to be on this website. just because I don’t agree with the way it was waged -we won . . . but you don’t care because you just play video games and not sign up or volunteer via Red Cross to get your point across while doing something other than video games and opinions going nowhere. I have more respect for a soldier who does it his or her way when it comes to disagreeing with a war (like these armed growers) -they have a voice -they choose to get in trouble or have their opinion heard by there actions amongst the ranks. You’ve never even seen a shotgun so what do you know about them -they’re used to shoot non-lethal rounds too. Shots fired above grower’s heads -who are shooting back- will usually work or are you willing to get shot and not fight another day (even if its years down the road). Just stop with your zero opinion and get to level four on your game.

  19. War Veteran on

    So what you are saying: you like the fact that 9/11 happened being that we know that at least one plane was brought down using what drug money had to offer the terrorist when it came to funding the whole show. You like knowing that Iraqi’s used drug money to blow up their own kind nowhere near U.S. and coaliton soldiers. You find it cool that at least a quarter of the 20plus thousand dead in Mexico since 06′ were non dealers and non-police/military. You sincerely believe that the law which prosecuted and executed Anne Frank was right. You find it necessary that prohibition helped fund at least 25% of the violence in Africa since Europe started to use Africa as a smuggling rout for Coke in the Late 70’s. If drugs total 400+ billion a year by the time all the money is exchanged and cartels and gangs control nearly 75% of that. What is the ammount of money used to kill and train people who have no ties with drugs . . . children as young as 3 are gangbangers when their crib or beads gets shot up or blown up in Nepal, Mexico, Sri Lanka, India, Liberia, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Detroit, Miami, New York, London, Northern Ireland, Jamaica etc. Been to a ghetto? They’ve got people with children living there. Drug prohibition affects all negativly (at least coutries that use currency or have a population) -whether it be increased taxes or watching a building blow up with children and parents inside . . . of course we’re angry against cops -they make sure that kids have drugs and that kids are blown up. That’s a fact and history will prove it.

  20. Jake on

    Id say you have no room to talk not even using your name lol. Grow some balls. Your life must be so lame, chilling on our site! Here’s some new stats for your backward redneck ass.

    Oh and by all means stay here and argue. Cause I love to hear the last gasp of bullshit leave your lungs, as you prohibition foot soldiers craw into your hole and vanish into history.

  21. Anonymous on

    Step one : Hover above them with a Police heli.

    Step two : announce to the 2 that they are being raided

    they will either shoot, give up or run.

    the way they executed was asking for at least one death.

  22. Anonymous on

    Step one : Hover above them with a Police heli.

    Step two : announce to the 2 that they are being raided

    they will either shoot, give up or run.

    the way they executed was asking for at least one death.

  23. jake on

    You obviously don’t live in a rural area. I know plenty of stoners with a .308 which can kill a man up to a 1,000 yards. Id say that’s sniping.

  24. Anonymous on

    what a stupid idea –
    so you are a war vet– sure
    perhaps not on the winning side

  25. Anonymous on

    on one hand stoners are hyper sensitive to any criticism
    of their chaotic social policy platforms and delete any posts
    they fear are getting close to a demonstrable truth they cannot handle..
    and on the other hand, stoners line up to outdo
    each other expressing hate and bizarre punishment,
    advocating death to other human beings they have some differences with.

    That’s why prohibition is necessary,
    that’s why it’s still working & winning
    and that’s why legalization efforts never succeed…

  26. War Veteran on

    Sad, folks who are so innocent have to die for their livelihood. The police take it too far . . . why not opium gas like the Russians use or CS . . . rubber pellets –paint rounds (not paint balls). Cops use a caliber strong enough to kill if shot in the arm or leg due to the puncture and loss of blood –bullets used to kill within minutes . . . how many of these cops are trained in Combat Lifesavers? Did they have an Israeli tourniquet to use on the wound which works wonders within a few minutes? Even a .22 would be sufficient to bring this supposed armed man down without killing him. Most civilians get freaked out when getting shot and usually quit –but 45mm kills even when shot in the foot due to the size of the hole in which blood can come out from several veins. Why not use a series of flash bang hand-grenades that only stun or stun grenades that knock down folk without death. How many of them carry a simple medical bag like all soldiers . . . how many medics went into the field just in case a cop or person working for a living got shot. Who’s going to sell weed at face value –a pound of Kush usually goes for a thousand at best, so dealers can sell to dealers who sell to dealers in order to get rid of so much. Chances are the outdoor weed isn’t as strong as the $15-25 a gram weed due to not being able to control nature from the outside –so this stuff just turns out to be similar to potent Mexican one hitter. If police known that their standard issued 45mm hollow-point with a spreading lead tip for more puncture and less hollow-point affect kills more than half they shoot –this is a form of premeditated murder . . . keeps the victim from testifying that he had 300plants and not the 250 seized or that he had 50grand in cash and not the 40grad seized.

  27. Anonymous on

    So you are saying its OK to shoot and kill police officers, just do it from a safe distance? Plus what kind of stoner owns a fucking sniper rifle, are you retarded? And who the fuck is gonna wait around for cops to raid a grow op then start picking them off one by one. You are truly the definition of stupid.

  28. MOTFA on

    At least one grower was smart and just took off when he saw the thugs. I hope they never find him.

    If you are going to shoot at cops or people who look like robbers/rippers then please, use a sniper rifle from a safe distance. When will these stones ever learn…

  29. Anonymous on

    Drug cops make up lies, to make their own story sound justified.
    Drug cops mentality is to shoot first, make up a story later.

  30. Blueridge_Bandit on

    maybe if these fucking pigs wouldn’t wear ski-masks and black outfits when raiding they wouldn’t be mistaken for robbers.

    but then again, they come like theives in the night and dress the part as well. so fuck em, kill em all.

  31. Anonymous on

    illegal pot garden tenders are more willing to use violence to protect their crops.

    Good old fashioned greed-love of money is the root of all evil
    live by the gun / die by the gun

    imagine his grieving family showing up
    to pick up his dead doper gun jockey body at the police morgue
    and all the heat that action would bring upon them..
    maybe they will just leave him to rot