A Couple Of Recent Studies The Mainstream Media Forgot To Mention

Investigators and pundits alike are fond of calling for ‘more research’ into the safety and efficacy of marijuana and its active compounds. Ironically, when such calls are heeded and new research is published, nobody wants to talk about it.

For example, researchers at the State University of New York (SUNY), Upstate Medical University in Syracuse published data in the June issue of the journal Pharmacology concluding that the administration of the plant cannabinoids delta-8-THC and delta-9-THC halted cellular respiration and tumor growth in human oral cancer cells. Specifically, investigators reported that cannabinoids were a “potent inhibitor” of Tu183 human cancer cells, a notoriously difficult to treat type of oral cancer.

Of course, this is hardly the first time that pot’s compounds have been demonstrated to possess anti-cancer properties. As has been widely reported here and elsewhereUS government researchers were first aware of this finding over 35 years ago, and today there exist published scientific studies demonstrating that cannabinoids can inhibit the proliferation of a wide range of cancers — including brain cancerprostate cancerbreast cancerlung cancerskin cancerpancreatic cancerbiliary tract cancer, and lymphoma. Nonetheless, abstract prohibitionist concerns regarding marijuana’s supposed cancer risk continue to dominate the headlines while actual scientific studies debunking these allegations tend to go unnoticed.

Similarly, preclinical data published online last week in the journal Cell Communication and Signaling reported that the administration of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) increases adult neurogenesis (the active production of new neurons) in laboratory animals. Authors speculated that cannabis’ pro-neurogenic effects may explain why the plant appears to be useful in the treatment of certain neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease or ALS.

As I wrote last week, to date there are now over 20,000 published studies or reviews in the scientific literature pertaining to marijuana and its active compounds — making marijuana the most studied plant on Earth. But what’s the point in further research if nobody even bothers to pay attention to the research that’s already been done?

– Article from NORML on July 6, 2010.



  1. Anonymous on

    Weed is not just a drug, think about hemp and all of its 50,000 uses….

  2. persecutedinalberni on

    I have been studying and testing marijuana for years,it’s safe
    This weekend I will be studying the effects of really good honey oil,I am testing to see how high I can get off the biggest toke I can take off my pipe lol.
    I just wish I could find sponsers who will fund my studies.

  3. Macky on

    I have rarely read such absurd, ill-informed nonsense as this.
    You have not the first notion about the subject.
    Brain damage??? Cannabis toxidity(sic)??? Gansta Grampas??? It would be laughable, if it were not so utterly offensive to any human being in possession of at least half a brain.

  4. Anonymous on

    You are an ignorant piece of dog doo doo. Some of the most productive members of our current society are potheads. Anyone who says differently is a misinformation artist and should be labeled as such.

  5. Anonymous on

    The Feds don’t keep retesting cannabis so they don;t have to pass legislation permitting it.. they keep testing cannabis to see why, if its not addictive, so many people devote their lives to getting & staying stoned..
    and as we can all see, chronics are slow, dull and cranky: and even if they are forced off pot in jail, they remain slow dull and cranky none the less.. that’s permanent brain damage , cannabis toxidity is no fantasy, its gonna give us a future full of absurd career criminal gansta grampas by the >millions who will be useless slugs that normal people will be obliged to feed and house- – because they will be just too fucked up on decades of pot to effectively care for themselves..

  6. Anonymous on

    Dear Mr.or Ms.”Pot as medicine”.You forgot to mention that it could be the other way around.People in the future could well be in a position to not understand why marijuana ever came be tolerated somewhat in western societies.You might as well enjoy the freedom you have today in being able to smoke a joint or two without being executed,because if you think future societies will be more permissive I think on the contrary that totalitarian and lack of freedom will prevail in future societies.Look at the trend with the recent G20 meeting. A real police state. Imagine the world when theres going to be bionic flies spying on you with their compound camera eyes courtesy of Mr.Harper XX th century ideology.

  7. undrgrndgirl on

    it is politically correct to keep calling for more testing (in the hopes of finding out that cannabis is in fact the evil weed it has been portrayed to be)…when the studies confirm OTHERWISE (as is nearly always the case) media outlets shun the results as they fear reporting that cannabis is NOT the evil weed will come to mean the media supports legalization- which is still politically incorrect…otherwise known as blaming the messenger…

  8. Anonymous on

    Hugh Grant got a blowjob from a hooker??

  9. Anonymous on

    I totally agree that Cannabis is not the most studied plant, but its one of the most studied drug based plant including opium and many other natural drugs that comes from natural (plant).

    (Cannabis has some use in medicine,
    but it will always be a novel fringe drug
    with limited application..

    the 20,000 published studies about cannabis
    are for the greater part, explorations into
    the abuse potential and toxidity st>>>>>>>>>>

    Cannabis is the most and safest medicinal plant ever known to human kind with
    a wide application that goes back to more than ten thousand years of healing.

  10. Ginger on

    I suppose in the future when people look back at the way we treated cannabis, it’ll look a lot like the witchcraft hysteria in Salem.

  11. Anonymous on

    That honor would go to rice, corn or any of the other cereals that sustain human life. Opium has been studied in greater depth than cannabis because it is both a valuable well establihsted medicine and a dangerous recreational drug.

    Cannabis has some use in medicine,
    but it will always be a novel fringe drug
    with limited application..

    the 20,000 published studies about cannabis
    are for the greater part, explorations into
    the abuse potential and toxidity studies

  12. MOTFA on

    Hugh Grant will forever be known as the guy who got a blow job from a prostitute. The media is like a elephant, it never forgets!

    I tend not to blame this on the media though. Blame big business, the pharmaceutical corps, the health care system, the lobbyists, and the politicians right up to obama and all the past presidents during prohibition for this one.

    I hope that elephant in the room takes a dump in the oval office.