Investigators Raid Medical Marijuana Protest Organizer

The medical marijuana patient and caretaker who organized a protest outside the Saginaw County Courthouse last week, says investigators raided his home Tuesday.

Thomas Township resident John Roberts organized the protest, accusing The Saginaw County Sheriff of raiding patients and caretakers. Protesters came from around the state, some holding signs reading, “Learn the Law.”

Roberts, who is vice president of the Tri-City Compassion Club, said at the protest, “Our patients had to suffer because they don’t believe in it. I don’t give a rat’s expletive what they believe in.”

Wednesday Roberts told NBC25 he believes investigators raided his home in retaliation. He says now he has patients who will suffer.

Saginaw County Sheriff William Federspiel says his department had nothing to do with the raid, and that it was part of a federal investigation.

– Article from NBC25



  1. Samson on

    ya know,…..I don’t believe being gay is morally right. However, I do NOT want to see homosexuals put into prisons across the nation in record numbers just because I don’t agree with a personal choice some one else has made. WeAmericans now live in A mockracy; not Democracy.

  2. MOTFA on

    I love living in a free society don’t you?

  3. ray christl THC Ministry Asia Media on

    Democracy is why sumptuary law was invented,and used in the modern social contract.The rabble become the “King of their castle”,so laws must now punish king freedom.Social control is not based on consent/freedom,but manufactured propaganda agreement(paid politico) in our dishonest community.We live under CIA/Mafia/Christian sin–law slavishness.