Five Pounds of Marijuana Smoked at G-420 Protest in Toronto

CANNABIS CULTURE – On June 26, members of the Toronto cannabis community held a smoke-in in downtown Toronto, in the midst of the G20 economic summit; the largest police buildup in Canadian History.

Despite more than 19,000 police being in Toronto, and a pledge that any lawbreaking would be met with swift arrest, no members of the G420 were arrested.

Even though they gave away more than five pounds of marijuana. The G420 unfortunately stands in stark contrast to the events of the rest of the G20.

This police tolerance for civil disobedience was terminated Saturday evening, as Toronto Police violently disrupted peaceful protests and arrested 1060 peaceful protesters and bystanders; with a complete disregard to the Canadian Constitution.

The G20 weekend now stands as the largest mass-arrest in Canadian history, more than doubling the October Crisis in Quebec in 1970.

Please, contact your Member of Parliament (login in to find your Member of Parliament) and demand a public inquiry into the disgraceful actions of Toronto Police during the G20.



  1. Brian Kerr on

    I have no doubt that some of the black block were cops. Its a common trick used by the police. No wonder nobody can trust the police.

    If the black block would just smarten up and go away it would be hard for the police to commit the agent provocateur nonsense.

  2. Anonymous on

    Anarchist retards- nothing few rubber bullets up the butt can’t fix
    you want a class struggle? you can have an ass struggle

  3. Moshe karl on

    alot of people are saying that the bloc was actually working with the police in order to give them an excuse to have more control. The countries visitting wanted to be 100 percent secure and they were backing this action as well. its the same like when they go out into pakistan and suicide bomb there and then they blame the taliban so they can have an excuse to go and attack them.

  4. Brian Kerr on

    First I would like to thank the cannabis fairy for giving me 3 joints (Id call them fatties) They were stinking huge ! I had to start to turn down tokes after a while. I was so baked. I’m glad I was baked too as it made me less annoyed to get home because they closed the north south subways. Fuckers ! I had to walk several block up the east west subway to get home.

    I saw some stupids throwing stones (broken bricks) at the cops. I also saw several peaceful bystanders being forced to the ground at gun point.

    The black block jerks have no message but to cause trouble and the media will zero in on that garbage and that is all people will be fed on the news. Every body else’s message to the world leaders gets blocked out because of these people.

    There were several people taking pictures of my sign. The rain did suck but you can see me standing in the back ground on the steps to the stage.
    I’m on the left side with the umbrella and holding a small sign.

    My phone cams of the event with other protests too. Quality not so good but I documented the whole march to queens park in short segments.

  5. Brian Kerr on

    I love the ever increasing Troll traffic. What this means is we are winning and we must push harder our politicians to legalize cannabis. The trolls are here because some body is afraid. Afraid to loose your money you make either from the war on people who use some drugs (On on the side of law enfrocment) or criminal drug gangs. Wich are you ?

    This witch hunt and witch hunt is exactly what it is.

    The women who were accused of witchcraft were the healers who knew how to use plants to cure, and knew of the entheogens in the plant and fungus world. Funny thing too, a lot of those women were land holders because their husbands were killed or away at war. The Christian church then confiscated the land (Civil Forfeiture rings a bell) when, they accused and then torchered and then tried and then Killed the women.
    The very reason why they were accused of witch craft is because they had the knowledge of plants.

    The government and religion is still doing this, (Witch hunting us) for plants
    and taking away our property for no good reason. The science and experience around the world is on our side. They Lost and now they have become tiresome
    nuances. Hardly worthy of even being read.

  6. Anonymous M Btok on

    In a glass skyscraper in Paris, a Bilderberg-connected banker named Jean-Claude Trichet and his 16,000 employees are struggling to save the euro and promote the “amero.” The European Central Bank is under heavy pressure to save the euro. So Trichet’s bank is buying billions of euros worth of government bonds in an effort to stabilize markets. But this has generated new tensions as Germany objects, saying it is a violation of the central bank’s rules. Unlike Ben Bernanke’s Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank must strictly monitor inflation and is limited in the amount of euros it can loan into circulation.
    As the economy fizzled further, Trichet decided that the goal of European unity was more important than the law and presented a compromise: They would buy bonds on the open market, not directly from governments, ducking the prohibition on funding government debt. At the same time, they would take other steps to avoid increasing the money supply to ease inflationary pressures
    In Toronto, Bilderberg-linked participants strongly supported Trichet’s money plan. “It’s the only way to save the euro, and without the euro, the European Union falls apart and the American Union never comes into existence” said one, echoing the agony expressed at Bilderberg’s meeting in Spain. “We can’t let that happen, ever.”
    “Euro-area governments have effectively thrown away the rule book,” moaned Volker Wieland, an economist at Goethe University Frankfurt. “It’s a complete regime change. No bailouts and individual fiscal responsibility have been replaced with mutual guarantees” for government debt.
    Bilderberg also is reportedly supporting strong international regulations on banks, as a step toward creating a world treasury department, which gained much approval in Toronto.“The stakes are so high, I think the incentives are high to sort it out,” Wieland said.
    Full Article at:

  7. Anonymous on

    Disturbance in the system will cause all of you more problems, FAILURES….. any body protesting anything is a low life, go to school and make money you fucking cry babies, FAILURES

  8. Anonymous on

    You dumb puppet… nobody supplied 5 lbs to Black Bloc members. The riot started at the west end of Queen, while the G420 sessions were on the east side of young, because the G420 wasn’t supposed to start until the afternoon. The riot started before G420 was even supposed to begin. Nobody’s smoking metal cop car frames, smokers would have been too busy burning their own things rather than cop cars & trashing a bunch of windows, etc. Get it? You’re a puppet, pathetic goof….

  9. weedmyg on

    its nice to sse no raids and snatch and grabs goin on but we need more now that we have people onour side that have somsort of athority its time to make our big move. i purpose a nation wide mp sit in asmany towns and cities as we can get make a major disdurbance in the stsytem and make them listne to us or GTFO

  10. weedmyg on

    its nice to sse no raids and snatch and grabs goin on but we need more now that we have people onour side that have somsort of athority its time to make our big move. i purpose a nation wide mp sit in asmany towns and cities as we can get make a major disdurbance in the stsytem and make them listne to us or GTFO

  11. Anonymous on

    Thanks Troll!

  12. Anonymous on

    Official Riot Drug Suppliers to the Black Bloc

    pot sure failed in its holy quest to make people peaceful
    = maybe its just the strain, Kush will do that you know,
    make you want to burn cop cars & smash window glass : )