Five Pounds of Marijuana Smoked at G-420 Protest in Toronto

CANNABIS CULTURE – On June 26, members of the Toronto cannabis community held a smoke-in in downtown Toronto, in the midst of the G20 economic summit; the largest police buildup in Canadian History.

Despite more than 19,000 police being in Toronto, and a pledge that any lawbreaking would be met with swift arrest, no members of the G420 were arrested.

Even though they gave away more than five pounds of marijuana. The G420 unfortunately stands in stark contrast to the events of the rest of the G20.

This police tolerance for civil disobedience was terminated Saturday evening, as Toronto Police violently disrupted peaceful protests and arrested 1060 peaceful protesters and bystanders; with a complete disregard to the Canadian Constitution.

The G20 weekend now stands as the largest mass-arrest in Canadian history, more than doubling the October Crisis in Quebec in 1970.

Please, contact your Member of Parliament (login in to find your Member of Parliament) and demand a public inquiry into the disgraceful actions of Toronto Police during the G20.