LAPD Investigates Third Shooting at a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Los Angeles police detectives are investigating a robbery at a Northridge marijuana dispensary over the weekend that left an employee in critical condition after he was shot in the face.

The shooting was the second at that business this year and the third medical marijuana dispensary targeted over a three-day period last week. Two people were fatally shot Thursday in pot shop robberies in Echo Park and Hollywood and a third man was wounded.

The Northridge shooting took place shortly after 9 p.m. Saturday at the dispensary in the 8900 block of Reseda Boulevard, police said. The victim, whose name was not released, was taken to Northridge Hospital Medical Center, where he is listed in critical condition. The suspects, who were not immediately identified, made off with approximately $11,000 in cash, police said.

Two defendants are awaiting trial in connection with a January shooting at the store that left a 33-year-old clinic employee wounded during an attempt to steal his wallet.

Los Angeles Police Department detectives said they did not believe there was any connection between the San Fernando Valley case and Thursday’s robberies, which occurred hours apart.

“We have no evidence to believe that the three [robberies]are connected,” said Kevin McClure, the captain in charge of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Robbery-Homicide Division. “But do I think it’s a disturbing pattern based on what it is, absolutely.”

The robbery at the medical marijuana clinic on Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park left one worker wounded and another dead. The dead man was identified as Matthew Benjamin Butcher, 27, of Los Angeles. The second incident occurred hours later and a few miles away on El Centro Avenue in Hollywood when an unknown number of suspects stormed into the shop. Ila Ali Packman, 39, of Hollywood was killed in that incident.

The killings coincided with a city crackdown on pot businesses that has resulted in the closure of dozens of the outlets.

The city attorney’s office recently notified about 400 marijuana dispensaries that they must shut down if they do not meet location restrictions outlined in a new ordinance that took effect this month. The dispensaries were given six months to comply with the law, but many have already closed.

– Article from The Los Angeles Times.



  1. Bud Man on

    I wonder out loud if these clubs that got hit were the same ones that the city ordered to be closed down?????

  2. Anonymous on

    You’re friend is trained to use a gun and therefore most likely a responsible adult. The crook that came in however was not. Guns for everyone means that crooks like that can get guns to kill/wound good people like your friend.

    And a scared society would be one where EVERYONE is carrying a gun and all you need is for one person in a crowd to start going bat-shit crazy and everything can get out of hand. Some people are just beyond redemption of any kind, giving them guns doesn’t help.

  3. str8upstoner420 on

    I have a sneaking suspicion that your right on target. Ive been in this movement for 10 years now and I can’t recall reading about any robberies at medical dispenseries and now for the past two weeks it’s like wild fire seems suspicious to me….

  4. Reverend Draco (First Pagan Science Church) on

    I have a sinking feeling that these instances are the work of “agents provocateurs,” set up by the Prohibitionistas to scare people into voting “the right way.” We’ve made it from 1996 until now with very little violence, and suddenly, there is a rash. . . things that make ya go “Hmmm.”

  5. Anonymous on

    Guns make a free society, hiding behind a bullet proof glass makes a scared society.When my friend pulled out the gun all the bullshit stopped immediately no more violence, the crook went to jail. my friend is trained to use a gun in emergencies I am glad he had it because no body got hurt if we had to fight the crook some one could of got hurt.

  6. MOTFA on

    More guns is not the answer. Just leads to more violence. You have to stop this shit before it even gets started. If the dispensaries are serious about their businesses and not just about profit, they will do what i have said before. Behind bullet proof glass with only a small secure drive thru type window, and either you hire security or you put up a good surveillance system.

    If these idiot robbers try this shit with fort knox type security. If it is good enough for a gas station or a liquor store, it is sure good enough for weed.

  7. Anonymous on

    Maybe the Cannabis Med centers should be like Pawn Shops and other places where I live the owners carry guns or have hired guns. I am glad to say not a lot of that kind of crap goes on around here, when it does it usually don’t last long. my friend owns a Bowling Alley and and carries a gun I was there one night when a crack head tried to rob the place and threatened to stick the clerk behind the counter the owner pulled out his gun and stopped the crook dead in his tracks,the crook got 7 years..he is lucky to be alive.

  8. D. W. on

    The people committing these crimes should be charged with a hate crime. I see no compelling reason not to treat them as such.

  9. Anonymous on

    in the area where I live, the dispensaries are getting vandalized, but none of the newspapers or government propaganda machine, talks about it in the news.
    I listen to the Alex Jones show at prison planet dot com and he has uncovered that our beloved CIA is responsible for shipping in all the major drugs, and the war on drugs is simply a ploy to get rid of the competition.
    at the street level, police on the payroll and prison guards control the gangs that sell it. the feds are sending their protected criminal informants, to murder the dispensary workers, now the attack is not in the form of lies and false propaganda, they have gone up a notch and resorted to violence and intimidation and bullying. the government paid criminal informants who in many cases have extensive criminal background, will never get prosecuted, they have immunity, this is why they are sent to do this sort of crime, also, they will be protected at the prison level.

  10. Anonymous on

    I kind of wonder if the shootings are from dealers who feel that they are loosing $ they feel should be theirs. If so the sooner we legalize the better.

  11. Anonymous on

    Funny how humans work, isn’t it?

  12. moldy on

    It looks like it’s starting in Cali. This is another example of what the opponents against legalization will stoop to. Isn’t it funny how we’re starting to see a major up swing in violence the closer prop 19 gets? hmmmm