Pot Legalization Initiative Has Same Number as One From 1972

It’s an important day for the manufacturers of political buttons and bumper stickers, as the Secretary of State’s office has given numbers to each of the November ballot measures.

The most buzzed-about initiative will be Proposition 19, the measure to legalize marijuana. If that sounds familiar, rest assured you are not having a flashback.

In 1972, there was another measure on the ballot to legalize pot in California.

It was also called Proposition 19.

Coincidence? Or some sort of cosmic congruence?

The Secretary of State’s office says it was a coincidence. But you can’t put anything past the people who named the state’s medical marijuana bill SB 420.

Anyway, if you still have your Prop. 19 buttons and posters, you won’t have to go buy new ones.

As you can probably tell, Prop. 19 failed in 1972. In fact, it wasn’t close. According to Ballotpedia, the measure went down by a vote of 66.5% to 33.5%. We’ll see in November how much attitudes have changed in the intervening 38 years.

While we’re at it, here’s another weird one, at least from a strictly numerological standpoint. Business groups are pushing an initiative to undo AB 32, the state anti-global warming law. The proposition is numbered 23 — or 32 reversed. Whoa.

– Article from LA WEEKLY.

Go to the Yes on Prop 19 – Control & Tax Cannabis 2010 webpage.



  1. Anonymous on

    What happened in 1972 was a historical injustice. Possibly this is the fates way of reversing a historical injustice. Prop 19 should have passed in 1072 but it was Nixon who unfairly rigged that elecection through dirty tricks, lies and the brainwashing of the public. Californians it is time to reverse the historical injustice imposed by Nixon. Pass Prop 19 this year and reverse the historical injustice of 1972.

  2. ray christl THC Media Asia on

    Republican ticket.I comment this new change will kick BUSH-DEA Obama’s butt.That’s why the yes vote is sooo important come November.US activists should get on a plane ,or take a bus of 45 people.FREE MARC seed seller!Sumptuary law explained by Alan Watts (not Alan Watt paleoconservative legalizer)the 60’s intellectual brit who went to post Summer of Love,beat poet West coast USA. An incredible savant.Youtube/google Alan Watts.org — 40 years ago his words speak as a clarion call.Amazing scholar Watts on Buddhism to dialectic process in religion,and evil sumptuary/sin prohibitions.

  3. jomila on

    Ron Paul – Gary Johnson 2012!