G-420 Parade and Protest in Toronto

CANNABIS CULTURE – Members of Toronto’s cannabis community will be hosting the G-420 parade on Saturday, June 26 in downtown Toronto. The protest will start at 12pm at Dundas Square and parade will depart at 2pm to Queens Park South, via Yonge and Wellesley Streets.

Organizers are adamant that nobody attend the protest wearing masks, asserting that anyone who does so will be assumed to be an undercover police officer/agent provocateur.

What: G-420 Protest
When: 12pm, Saturday, June 26
Where: Dundas Square, Yonge and Dundas, Toronto

Go to G420.org

Sign up on the WhyProhibition.ca G-420 page

“The G-20 is an absolute waste of money, where very little is ever actually accomplished. A cursory glance at the security setup shows that protesters will be neither seen nor heard” said Jacob Hunter, G-420 organizer, “We are here to bring our message to the people of Toronto, that the drug war, despite $1 Trillion dollars spent, has actually increased drug availability, while enriching ever more violent organized criminals”

Organizers of the rally promise music, speeches and large amounts of marijuana smoking. There are rumours online that free marijuana will be given away at the parade, though organizers say they are not involved with any such plan.

“I have heard these rumours and I can’t say I am bothered by them. Given the tense atmosphere in downtown Toronto, I frankly think people could use a little free marijuana”, said Hunter. “Marijuana is safer than alcohol or tobacco, and nobody has ever overdosed from it; with everything going on at the G20, I think Toronto police have better things to worry about than free marijuana.”

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  1. Anonymous on

    Keep protecting the rich. Hammer on poor’s head.Stephen Harper at his best.
    At last hes able to defend his conservative ideology with other yoyos of this world. Amazing how the world turned to police state in no time.A little more to the right and Adolf Hitler is right here in Canada.F… the capitalists!Toronto stop arresting Quebecers ! We owe you one !

  2. Whimsy on

    Anarchism is an unsustainable philosophy that can be summarized as having yours and the muscle to keep it. We don’t live in the ideal world, which to me is more or less free tickets to a world-wide Disneyland where security isn’t necessary because everyone is universally awesome.

    Instead, we live in a world that necessitates certain controls. Freedom of Speech is important to me in this world, and I agree that politicians need to hear what we have to say, but there are means to do this, and that requires a concerted effort on anyone who wants positive change to happen.

    While I agree that Toronto’s law enforcement and the Ontario government employed a series of regrettable strategies for which no apology will be issued, the fact is that the Black Bloc and people applying their tactics fired first. For half a day, Toronto Police held off on stopping the attacks. Planted or not, vandals took the bait and set several police cars on fire that we’ll pick the tab up for.

    They smashed the windows of the businesses in the downtown core. For business owners to become vigilantes, cracking skulls and assaulting the bullies who came for a free-for-all property damage festival would be to admit that the criminals involved were right. The damage they’ve done will ultimately be offset by the businesses who had the foresight to have insurance, but the social damage to the legitimately peaceful protesters will be long term. They’ve given “the man” the ammo they need to justify more limits on freedom. That includes protesters for pot.

    Historically, when peaceful protests happen, local businesses help support them.

  3. Anonymous on

    There are a lot of nice photos of the riot over at cryptome dot org..

  4. Anonymous on

    you have yet to prove your point. you just ramble on and accuse.

  5. Anonymous on

    yup it’s a wast of time allright
    a big fat wast of time

    you said it pal,
    you said it

    ha ha ha ha ( DUH )

  6. Anonymous on

    Hi! I’m a marijuana activist and I’m about to break something

    ya right– we have T shirts for sale incriminating ourselves

    you ashtray licking idiot- wake up and smell the catbox
    I have rights I’m using them
    to mock retrograde humanism such as yourself..
    I know its all your brain can manage to keep your hair growing
    but thanks for trying,
    Maybe the next transplant patient
    can make better use of your organs than you did
    you left leaning dog dish

  7. Brian Kerr on

    I see Mr. Anonymous rears his ugly pusstulating head once again.

    You see Mr. Anonymous is here PROTESTING , these pages. This is Mr. Anonymous little protest; And since protesting is a wast of time I bet Mr. Anonymous will now go away.

  8. Anonymous on

    show me where it says a marijuana activist vandalized anything. Everyone has rights you Nazi piece of shit. Marijuana activists may be standing up for peoples rights but that doesn’t mean they had anything to do with the damage done to Toronto. You are the type of guy who becomes a cop so you can jerk off in you cruiser after beating the hell out of an innocent protester. I hope you get ass raped by Stephen Harper you fascist neocon slime bubble.

  9. Anonymous on

    show me where it says a marijuana activist vandalized anything. Everyone has rights you Nazi piece of shit. Marijuana activists may be standing up for peoples rights but that doesn’t mean they had anything to do with the damage done to Toronto or are being violent in any way. You are the type of guy who becomes a cop so you can jerk off in you cruiser after beating the hell out of an innocent protester. I hope you get ass raped by Stephen Harper you fascist neocon slime bubble.

  10. Anonymous on

    read the headline on this story above, squirrel bait–
    the Toronto Stoners were signed up franchise partners to the Saturday outrage in the downtown core- Dundas & Yonge is Arnarchy central, that was no mistake and no misunderstanding and the 420 clowns gave their full suppoirt to all this crap

    .. they were willing players who planned on being part of stick it to the man.. its just too bad they backed such colossal assholes
    too bad you can’t read & comprehend simple things
    and derive plausible conclusions based on facts presented
    too bad you are an asshole stoner, not that it really matters

  11. Anonymous on

    Go FUCK yourself bitch, If you want to tell this one they’re the Black Bloc of Comments…. There will never be unity amongst these stoners, some are idiots and some are extremely intelligent, but if you want the Black Bloc has the right to say they should express them self… then the owners of the stores and homes vandalized should express them self too after seeing that happen in front of their eyes!!!, Maybe the store owners and folks who live in the middle of it should express them self by shooting them in the head!!!! If someone started trashing my place or business with bats, hammers, then hopefully in their favor they aren’t standing in front or behind my vehicle because I would run them down, LIKE THE COPS WHO DID IT FOR YOU!!!

  12. Whimsy on

    The Black Bloc has an incomprehensible message and they leave a mess wherever they go. Nothing they say makes sense nor does it jive with their message, and they represent a minority of jackasses that even the local authority has seen to be different compared to the peaceful protesters.

    In short, your comments, with their lack of paragraphs and needless digressions into how unions suck and how the youth of today are bad are what the Black Bloc is to a legit demonstration of public concern. I hope anyone who resorts of Black Bloc style tactics can and does find it in themselves to get educated. Don’t be the guy who stifles or denigrates others who do want to express their feelings on critical matter; above all else, don’t be the guy who confuses them with the brutes who have committed property damaging crimes in the downtown area.


  13. Anonymous on

    Whoever thinks protests re good, you’re wrong, they are a waste of your effort, you won’t prove your point, not with a bunch of immature Black Bloc goofs who start trashing things during a PEACEFUL protest, so the fagot trying to say stoners are the ones who started this riot in toronto yesterday is clueless about what happened, the videos show the dumb black dressed CHILDREN!!!!!!!! Trashing things. I WATCHED THE WHOLE THING LIVE ON THE NEWS….. THE COPS DID WHAT THE F*#& THEy HAD TO DO> Because the new world order thinks they can prove a point by being violent, NOW the vandals are complaining about being sent to a detention center to complain about their human rights…. HOW the F do the cops get over 300 arrests by the end of the night. I think the cops should have been for aggressive. BLACK BLOC has a DEATH WISH!!!!! SHOW UP IN ANY CANADIAN CITY AGAIN DURING G20 or NOT, they will be attacked and assaulted and very intensly beaten with BASEBALL BATS WITH FISH-HOOKS which they brought with them and dynamite and molitov cocktails, THEY ARE JEALOUS of other countries protests and want to bring this bullshit to CANADA!!!!!, they are interfering with the protests and they are disrespecting the country and the citizens, and the government. IF THEY TRAVEL AND GO OUT OF THEIR WAY TO GET TO THE CITIES NEED TO BE BANNED FROM TORONTO, IF THEY CAME FROM USA or any other countries, then THEY are lucky you aren’t near the wrong person, because the people who live in the city of T.O> don’t need trashing crybabies doing this SHIT. I think a lot of people have woken up since watching that garbage…. BUNCH of FU**king stupid kids playing a prank to open the security zone for ruining the security force tactics, these are things that would be condemmed ans considered helping TERRORISM!!!!!!. THESE PEOPLE DO NOT REPRESENT CANADA, they are spoiled little bitches who can’t do anything but smash a few windows and torch a few cars. STOP CRYING ABOUT YOUR LIFE, if you’re a stoner and you have issues with legalization or medical use, standing in a crowd of stinky homeless idiots and welfare cases who already get free money. FU&* the union’s protest, like mentioned before UNION members are NEVER satisfied!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLAME THE UNION WORKERS TOO< THEY ALWAYS NEED TO GET MORE, MORE MORE, MORE, GREEDY GOOFS!!!!!!! GO HOME AND KEEP THE STREET CLEAR, G20 doesn't give a F about any of you protesters, PEACFUL ones or VIOLENT ones. WARNING TO BLACk BLOC, You will get your teeth yanked out of your skull if you ever promote ANARCHY!!!!! DEATh WISH LITTLE BITCHES!!!!! BLACK BLOC is a bunch of goofs who look like spoiled children who probably hate their parents, YOUNG PEOPLE WHO AREN'T GOING TO HELP THE PROCESS. The next generation is a JOKE. PROTESTERS NEED TO KNOW THEY LOOK GAY STANDING THERE WITH THEIR HOME IN A BACKPACK!

  14. Anonymous on

    You are a moron. “Stoners” had nothing to do with the trashing of downtown. If you read the article, it actually states not to wear black or masks because of that reason. Now go plant your propaganda seeds somewhere else you piece of shit. The cannabis culture is just as sickend by what is going on in toronto as everyone else. Fuck you for trying to pin that shit on us.

  15. Anonymous on

    Wow too bad the stoners decided to throw in with the
    Anarchist Speed Zombies and trash downtown Toronto today.
    That alliance with stupid violent animals
    is gonna cost the legalization movement
    everything it ever gained overnight.

    First the swarming on the MPPs offices with bags of med pot
    and now attacking donut shops with garbage cans. For heavens sakes-
    Delete this entire blog story and pretend you never said it’
    It won’t be the first time, but it should be the last time

    Bad enough stoners are perceived as time machine goofs in denial
    don’t make it worse aligning us with violent idiots.
    We sympathize with Marc Emery doing five years of hard time
    in the bowels of American prison planet but we don’t want to
    join him in prison because some of us have no sense.

    Will we be asked to donate money to the
    Toronto idiots who get arrested for rioting ?
    Are they heros or devils? We can’t have it both ways

  16. Whimsy on

    We don’t need no suits to get heard, the man just wants us to talk to them on their terms ITS ALL ABOUT CONTROL!

    On a serious note, you’re right. There’s nothing necessary about wearing a suit and tie at a demonstration where Ganja Clause will be appearing, but overall we need the cannabis lobby to expand without alienating or isolating the people that need to hear the message.

    The MPP in the US has had a good image, and overall I think Cannabis Culture is a bridge in the right direction. I appreciate the activism that CC has done historically, including giving the MPs in Parliament a free subscription to the former print publication, but it’s time to move forward; the old days of the published magazine are gone, and it’s time that the Cannabis Culture identify its own subcultures.

    Is it not too early to offer a trade magazine? I think that if the movement pushes too hard too soon, the effort would be a waste. If there were a medium that could regularly draw the attention of lawmakers and lobbyists without over-extending its efforts to appeal to younger audiences.

    Magazines like “Treating Yourself” are concepts leaning in the right direction, but still focus too narrowly. Marc Emery identified a long time ago that there is a small rift between the legalization movement and the medical movement, and while I hate tinfoil headware, I tend to believe that this is a bonus effect of the medical movement that enable lawmakers to appear compassionate while maintaining or imposing greater penalties or increasing the social stigma of marijuana users – you’re not only (ab)using an illegal substance, but now you’re also using a prescription medicine! Shame on you (and all that).

    Perhaps the best platform would be to combine Jack Herer’s (Rest in peace) work with Cannabis Culture, which would package the trade aspects of Hemp production while highlighting the additional benefits of other cannabis types. Invite hemp growers of all walks to contribute to this effort with the understanding that they would benefit from relaxed regulations; isn’t less regulation what businesses want anyway? Isn’t that what we, as cannabis smokers, ask for too?

    The scope is daunting, but if you start with a nail, you can build a house, and a few houses build a street. Activism takes many different shapes and works on different fronts. Our homework – all of us reading this – is to find ways we can contribute with our skills to make Hemp and Cannabis an option in others lives. Share some awareness with it! If you have a friend who needs a piece of rope to tie something down, suggest help rope, and maybe start a dialogue about how the same pot that people use to get high was also used to ease labour pains (Plug for The Emperor Wears no Clothes goes here, heh).

    Anyway, I’m running a bit long with this comment, but I hope that people can understand where I’m coming from. It’s no longer about proving ourselves right to eachother – we’ve had 40 years of published magazines and websites to convince ourselves, and we can recite website after book after resource. Keep the protests up, but while we’re at it lets make what we know so well accessible to those who don’t know.

    I want to leave a final word about Marc:
    Continue going on those sit-ins – Those are critical, because Marc’s current living arrangements give him absolutely no other voice in Canada or the USA.

    Good luck to everyone!

  17. Anonymous on

    Is this really the image the cannabis culture wants to carry? Every group protesting is a joke. The whole protest is a joke. This is exactly the reason why people aren’t taking us seriously. We present ourselves like a bunch of immature hippies. At least Marc wore a collared shirt and tie. He presented himself professionally. I think we should probably try and do the same.

  18. V420 on

    I wish I could attend(USA)You guys yell and medicate for me.!!!Keep up the great work everyone!!!! Free Marc and Free Mannabis

  19. Anonymous on

    Ride a bike from Whitby to Toronto! What are ya, lazy!?

  20. Anonymous on

    Most transit is still running, you can take the GO from Whitby to Toronto

  21. Ryan on

    I live in Whitby and heard the train and buses are not running to Toronto. I really want to attend but cannot find how to get there. If anyone would be willing to drive I assure im a very friendly person (whos not a cop lol) who can either pitch gas money or smoke you at g420. My email is [email protected]. If not, have a great time and free the weed!