Great Cannabis Debates in Mainstream TV Media

There have been some great debates about cannabis and drug legalization in the mainstream television media in the last few weeks. Here are two.

First I saw this fantastic, hour-long segment on FOX News with host John Stossel, who never ceases to amaze me with his broadcasting style. He has a great way of breaking complicated subjects down to regular people in a no-bullshit way that sounds like good common sense. Check it out.

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ABC’s Nightline ran an awesome segment featuring a quick-witted Allen St. Pierre debating an astounding moron named Brian Darling, Director of the United States Senate Relations at the Heritage Institute.

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Watch Part 2
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St. Pierre had a great opening line in response to Darling, who was asked to speak first and vomited stream of lies about the dangers of marijuana. St. Pierre:

I’m 44 years old; I occasionally smoke marijuana. The idea that the government would violently interact with me in the privacy of my home in a country where tobacco is legal and kills 400,000 people, a country where alcohol is legal, a country where thousands of pharmaceutical drugs are available by a doctors recommendation – how much possible sense does it make that in 2010 we are in our 73rd year of marijuana prohibition. Alcohol prohibition was an abject failure; marijuana prohibition at the 73-year mark is an outrage!

He wipes the floor with the guy for the whole segment and even the host was calling out Darling’s bullshit. Loved it.

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.



  1. Anonymous on

    The only thing that I wish Allan would have said that he didn’t about the gateway theory argument, was the obvious point of cannabis being lumped in with H, C, and crystal(which Brian would not shutup about) lol.. Is they’re all on the black market and illegal! Well guess what asshole? Your pot dealer one day may just have scored some cocaine for resale and offer you some.

    You’ve gotta get your pot somewhere and if it’s illegal than you are risking youths getting involved with hard drugs. Holland is the ultimate example, also,wished he would’ve hammered some us teen vs Dutch teen drug abuse data( particulary pot)

  2. Anonymous on

    is the counterpoint in my rambling technique that is being unfairly attacked.Also, ad hominem attacks with anonymous posts ,as my name/email address is blocked??On a hemp legalization site?The sixties when hippies taught me peace/love and the underground press had ambiguous messages,and sometimes without a point or major thesis?Why is this so threatening?If you at CC website re-spin the spin in revolution for ganja (the’60’s Days of rage i watched in chicago as teenager) with misrepresentation and logical fallacies,as your groups idea of counter/reply to the “system” media using propaganda and fallacy.Tit for Tat…Well i respectfully disagree.Ray Christl pastor THC Ministry Asia.

  3. Interested Observer on

    Ray needs an editor to proof-read his rants before he posts them, preferably someone who can translate it into something the rest of us can understand. We may not agree with him but at least we’d know what the hell his point is. Until that happens, it’s just best to skip over Ray’s posts. Ignore them and maybe they’ll go away.


  4. antithesis media due to subjectivity on

    It can also be 2 year old blather.Try to have more clarity in the future.Pakaloha the greeting of true love from Roger Christie and Hawai’i.

  5. Anonymous on

    I have never seen you post anything that was even 1 percent coherent. If you want people to pay attention to you try typing intelligently thought out sentences instead of gibberish.

  6. Anonymous on

    please stop waisting our time and intellects with your rambly gibberish. i find it creapy and counter productive. are you intentionally trying to make a fool of yourself and this website?

  7. ray christl THC Media Church on

    for the FREE MARC movement.These are Kory T’s bosses the creator of Harper.Rick Simpson should give me the money to fly there and get Jeremiah made some fools/kick butt or eat/rub-HERO machine from cannabis with Mike Harris/Preston Bush Manning-these “industrial/intellectual” leaders.This does not compute….Enter FOX TV with Judge Napolitano and REAL libertarian moxie.See where it goes.WarBAMA will only move on a huge Yes Vote in November.Complicated in the minutiae.The rght is changing to adapt after BUSH2.

  8. Highonfailure on

    Don’t believe the hype. Fox news is a joke. If they stoop down to pushing pot legalization. We will all be screwed. These are the people who fight against legalization when that’s popular and now garners to a new crowd.

    We have bigger problems in America. And im risking my future every day.
    Check out

  9. Uncle Bob Burrill on

    The concern I have about the upcoming November ballot in California…is that voting machines are notoriously easy to rig the results. The vote should be done by paper ballots only.