‘Free Marc Emery’ Campaign Visits Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s Office

Jacob Hunter, Nicole Seguin, Chris Goodwin and Erin Gorman visit Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s office June 22 to protest Marc Emery’s incarceration.

After an initial locked door, staff welcome the protesters in and listen and discuss for 15 minutes the relevant issues. Unlike recent protests, only 1 police officer attended the protest, and was very polite and friendly.

Let this be a lesson to Niagara and Oakville police: Your more experienced, better trained and more intelligent fellow officers are making you look terrible.

Join the Free Marc Emery campaign at FreeMarc.ca – Free Marc Emery!

Go to WhyProhibition.ca and find out how to help!.

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  1. Dubs mcpuffen on

    As a constituent of mr flaherty’s, I am so glad that this took place. we had already gone to Colin Carrie’s office (though he wasn’t there) I only wish Oshawa’s cannabis community had been able to make it. For the record, not everyone there was from BC. Chris Goodwin for example, is from toronto, and a whitby activist was present but not named. There would have been tons of locals, but said whitby activist neglected to inform his peers in the local movement of the event.

  2. Anonymous on

    They couldn’t find any alcoholic police officers to attend. They were all off sick with hangovers.

  3. Anonymous on

    so when others have differences of view you freak out=
    your entire whiney crap blab is likely autobiographical
    Normal people experience the full spectrum of emotions and sensation
    Stoners have a very muted rage of emotions
    that range from out of focus non committal” whatever”
    to the constipated sublimated rage voyage of self loathing you posted,
    its only funny when Cheech & Chong do it and we can turn them off

  4. Don M on

    I think it is great that concerned citizens in Canada can peacefully voice their opinions – even though it seems they don’t want to be heard. Americans tried peaceful protests here (I’m American), back in the 1960’s only to have their heads busted and then onto serious jail time. I can only hope that the powers that be give some serious consideration to the very good points that were made! We’ll see! Keep up the good work – Marc deserves no less!

  5. Kris Eyvindson on

    Go back to anonymousville jackass

  6. Anonymous on

    a prime example of the self-righteous hypocrites that have taken over the west coast

    smoke some more weed of wisdom bob

    bye kids

  7. Bob Bud on

    Your hate comes out thru your words. They reflect a narrow, islotionist view and distrust of even fellow citizens of your own country! Pathetic! You need to grow out of your immaturity, your hate only feeds on your insides until the stress makes your heart fail and you become just another sad medical statistic. Show the world and yourself that you can turn it around before it CONSUMES you.

  8. Anonymous on

    even if it’s true LOL

    I was born in Vancouver and finally had to move in the 90’s due to all the pushy childish hypocrites.

    I am a libertarian, and I find many lefty extremists just as abnoxious as Rush fatty Limbaugh.

    POT? its a healthcare issue, not an LEO/PRISON INDUSTRY CASH COW and nobody’s business between adults

    EMERY? he’s a total creep and a backstabbing weasel. I’ve known him for years. His true pet cause is himself, period.

  9. Anonymous on

    If some BC stoners don’t like how
    Ontario treats space invaders
    maybe stay home with your medicine
    till you are ready to act like adults

  10. Anonymous on

    I must give praise to Jacob and the others for keeping at this even after all the intimidation and brutality they have been subjected to recently. Jacob must be pretty shell shocked by now. They were still able to express in an intelligent manner their objection to the treatment of Emery and the appallingly inadequate national medical Cannabis program.

    Some people wanted to believe that maybe the US prisons wouldn’t be as bad as we imagined. Surprise, they’re even worse. You get long term segregation for no apparent reason. Pretty obvious that this was planned out ahead of time and they were just waiting for the slightest excuse to implement “Operation Get Marc”, a joint operation between Canada and the US. Canada extradites him and the US implements the torture tactics that can’t legally be used in Canada. If Marc were of Arab descent, he would have been extradited to Turkey or Syria for the torture.

  11. Anonymous on

    although most of us dislike cops, i have come to realize some cops are out there to help people and actually try to protect and serve oppose to search and arrest. If all police were like this individual police officer, this country would be a very beautiful place and maybe we wouldn’t all have that nervousness ( i know i get it) when we talk to cops, even if we are innocent. Not like the other ones we have seen arresting Jacob, and i believe his girlfriend in a separate incident for doing absolutely nothing. The only way this can be stopped is if we all go to the polls and vote during election time, people that normally do not vote MUST this year and get rid of this power hungry government.

  12. Anonymous on

    They actually managed to find a cop who doesn’t have an uncontrollable urge to attack people at government offices. Must have brought him in special from outside Canada and gave him a Canadian cop outfit. Now my question is why were the cops called at all? Is this what democracy looks like? A few people go to a government office and they are first locked out and then after they manage to get in because some “normal” people happened to want to get in they call the cops. Did the Free Marc sign look like a gun or something? It’s obvious that all Conservatives have given their staff commands to lock out all possible protesters, or people with a camera that might catch Conservatives goofing off or committing crimes, and immediately call the Gestapo in. After the last assault was caught on camera, the Gestapo has been ordered to hold back on the assaults for now but still demand IDs like a Nazi demanding to see your papers. Who else in that office did Sergeant Schultz there ask for ID? Nobody. Anybody with a sign supporting Marc Emery is given the Conservative Party Gestapo treatment.

    A cop with a smile is still a cop. Aren’t cops supposed to be called AFTER a crime has been committed? Now they just show up any time a Conservative MP presses the red button under his desk, I guess. Real good use of police resources, Finance Minister. A guy probably got shot in an alley because Officer Friendly was called away for NOTHING, dumb Conservative dickwad. I’m still waiting for the day when a few people with a Free Marc sign and a camera can actually get into a Conservative MP’s office without a big hassle at the door and then not have the cops called on them to inspect their papers. Those Marc Emery supporters are helping pay their mega-inflated salaries, those ungrateful Conservative scumbags, how dare you treat them in such a way. Every one of those MPs deserve to get their asses kicked out at the next election for such arrogance. Maybe the Liberals will let Canadian citizens into their offices without making them feel like Jews in Poland. Let’s find out.