G-420 Protest Parade is Saturday June 26

CANNABIS CULTURE – Members of Toronto’s cannabis community will be hosting the G-420 parade on Saturday, June 26 in downtown Toronto.

The protest will start at 12pm at Dundas Square and parade will depart at 2pm to Queens Park South, via Yonge and Wellesley Streets. Organizers are adamant that nobody attend the protest wearing masks, asserting that anyone who does so will be assumed to be an undercover police officer/agent provocateur.

What: G-420 Protest
When: 12pm, Saturday, June 26
Where: Dundas Square, Yonge and Dundas, Toronto

Go to G420.org

Sign up on the WhyProhibition.ca G-420 page

“The G-20 is an absolute waste of money, where very little is ever actually accomplished. A cursory glance at the security setup shows that protesters will be neither seen nor heard” said Jacob Hunter, G-420 organizer, “We are here to bring our message to the people of Toronto, that the drug war, despite $1 Trillion dollars spent, has actually increased drug availability, while enriching ever more violent organized criminals”

Organizers of the rally promise music, speeches and large amounts of marijuana smoking. There are rumours online that free marijuana will be given away at the parade, though organizers say they are not involved with any such plan.

“I have heard these rumours and I can’t say I am bothered by them. Given the tense atmosphere in downtown Toronto, I frankly think people could use a little free marijuana”, said Hunter. “Marijuana is safer than alcohol or tobacco, and nobody has ever overdosed from it; with everything going on at the G20, I think Toronto police have better things to worry about than free marijuana.”

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  1. Anonymous on

    My email isn’t working. Can’t access. Freeze up.

  2. Spanner McNeil on

    There has been so much political interference in our affairs that this is a righteous protest. Something to keep in mind while guarding the fence in Toronto. CSIS has some pretty major concerns confirming how foreign governments are influencing our officials. Keep your eyes peeled for anyone making contracts on behalf of Canada.

    In a recent CBC interview the head of CSIS gave a heads up. “We’re in fact a bit worried in a couple of provinces that we have an indication that there’s some political figures who have developed quite an attachment to foreign countries,” Richard Fadden said.

    I must say I feel that Mr. Fadden has good reason to sound the alarm and well thought timing. Political figures are meeting political figures at the G-20 and G-8 Summit in Toronto. The Queen is coming. Canada Day is around the corner. We are jailing intellectuals and allowing thugs to grow rich and influential. We have a stranger in The House and we might not be too sure who our friends are. I’m sure Mr. Fadden will be critiqued for speaking out but Mr. Fadden, the head of CSIS, has made the right choice because it is Canadians who must back Canada and not moles from questionable backgrounds. Call Mr. Fadden Brave and Bold. Another reason to have an unelected Senate.
    Hopefully enough Canadian joints will be thrown to get a Canadian message across. Smoke one for Canada. End the war on Canadians.