My First US Federal Prison Visit With my Heroic Political Prisoner Husband, Marc Emery

SeaTac FDC super-max prisonSeaTac FDC super-max prisonI went to visit Marc today for the first time at SeaTac FDC. Thankfully, I’m able to visit him even while he’s in SHU (“segregated housing unit”, solitary confinement). When I arrived at 1:30pm, it was very nerve-racking. I stepped up to the massive building’s entrance, got buzzed in, then found myself in a big lobby with a reflective glass booth and a little hole to pass ID and paperwork through.

There was a table with the paperwork to fill out for visiting, but no pen. Thankfully there were some visitors there who had been through it all before and helped me figure out the process (and loaned me a pen), because you don’t get any answers from the staff. Visiting officially begins at 2pm on Fridays, but by 2:15 they just started processing, which took a very long time itself.

Big families and many individuals filled the lobby. So many broken-hearted parents, girl friends, wives and troubled children crying “I want to see daddy” and behaving unruly, to the distress of the moms… so many Drug War Widows and Orphans. After all, the vast majority (almost all) of the inmates are there for non-violent drug law violations. The number of prison employees who came in and out was staggering – how can they possibly need so many staff? (Oh, right; it’s one of the biggest US industries, and locking people up continues to be a booming business!)

After an hour of waiting to be processed – as they really want to drag it out and make everyone involved suffer – I was told that my visit would be conducted through video, which means NOT in person! I was stunned, trembling and ready to burst into tears (almost) because the thought of not being able to touch him in person was utterly devastating, especially after flying here from Vancouver and staying until Monday to get two visits in (you can only visit every other day), expecting to kiss, hug and hold hands.

Thankfully, as I was being waved through the metal detector, the woman said “Actually, it’s Sunday that your visit will be done through video. Today you can visit in person.” I almost cried with gratitude when I heard that! I didn’t know why the rule changed, and I couldn’t ask her questions, but I was so grateful I almost cried again (this is all an emotional roller-coaster of an experience).

I waited with four other people, as you get brought in five at a time, and then we started down the hallway with a guard. It’s a very strange place, the inside of a federal US prison: long corridors with heavy metal doors slamming shut, camera everywhere, and colourful painted pictures of landscapes and such on the walls to try and make it less dehumanizing (it doesn’t work).

We got into the big visiting room, which consists of many rows of big plastic chairs facing other rows, and more cartoonish paintings of Seattle landmarks and scenes. There are enough seats for 125 inmates, but only 20 or so came in, staggered in time slots. As I sat there waiting for Marc to come out, I asked one of the guards why Marc’s next visit would be conducted through video; had he done something wrong? The guard explained that it’s a nation-wide policy being implemented on Sunday, June 20th in all Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities for SHU inmates, and today was the last day for in-person visits. That means my visit on Sunday the 20th will be through video. Thank goodness I booked my flight for today and got this final chance!

Marc came out from one of the many doors, wearing a bright orange jumpsuit (the other inmates wear beige; he’s part of the “bad” orange group of SHU inmates), looking around the room for me. I leapt to my feet crying out “Marc!” and ran towards him, he smiled and reached for me, and I jumped into his arms. He held onto me tightly, and I him, and he lifted me off the ground in a wonderful embrace – I kissed his neck over and over as he held me, clutching his head and feeling his hair, breathing him in… and then we had a long, intimate kiss as we stood there, holding each other – but the “hellos” have to end after 30 seconds, so we had to sit down. What a pleasure, though!

We sat in opposite chairs (as required) facing each other over a little plastic table, and held hands as we gazed into each others’ eyes. I cried a fair bit, I’ll admit – I let the tears fall down my face as I held his hands, and he wiped them away, staying strong to help me pull myself together. It was so good to see him, so nourishing to feel his hands on mine! It’s been a long time since I looked at his face up close in person, noticing all of the little spots and hairs and every tiny detail that I used to adoringly examine up close every day, all day long… it was so sad, but so wonderful – a strange twisted mix of feelings that no one in the real world would ever know.

He explained that it was very, very bad in SHU, “just like solitary confinement in the movies, truly that horrible”. He’s completely deprived of any human contact or fresh air or space. He has never been allowed out of his cell. Food is delivered through a slot in the door three times a day, take it or leave it (and Marc eats whatever they give; you have nothing else). Guards don’t even open the doors for check-up; they just look through a tiny window in the door. It’s 24-hour lockdown in a tiny little room with nothing but non-stop screaming and yelling from the other SHU inmates. “It’s like a mental institution,” he said. “It’s absolutely maddening.”

He has received some mail, but NOT ENOUGH, which is really disheartening for him (and for me – where are all of his fans?). He said that if his supporters are sincere and really care about him at all, they will SEND MAIL because that’s the ONLY non-depressing part of every day. Everything else is dehumanizing. He is longing for some human contact, communication of any kind.

So please write a letter, print some articles from online, send pictures – note that you can’t send a lot of photos at once, but apparently one or two at a time can come through to him in SHU. Send a photo of your protest sign, highway banner, or FREE MARC shirt, your family, your friends, anything positive (but nothing obviously illegal). He REALLY needs to hear from his supporters, so if you give a damn about Marc’s well-being, you’ll do the one thing possible to make him (and me) feel better: SEND HIM MAIL!

Throughout the visit, Marc and I lovingly stared into each others’ eyes as we talked non-stop, with a few pauses to just take in the precious moments in each others’ presence, to softly say, “Oh, I love you so much…” and “This is so wonderful”. He said this visit and seeing me so close would last him for weeks, months – and how desperately I needed to hold his hands and kiss him, too! They can’t take that away from us now! The last time we physically touched was the morning of May 10th, when he was ordered extradited by the Canadian Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and I said goodbye, thinking he would be out on bail later that day.

We talked about many other things, good and bad, the FREE MARC campaign, what he’s going through, and what he expects from me and others. He really wants people to be more active in the campaign to have him sent home to Canada, and to end prohibition and free drug war prisoners everywhere (especially getting rid of the EVIL Conservative Government in Canada).

The two hours flew by, and I was sad to see it end. I’m so grateful we got to bathe in each others’ admiration and incredible love, holding hands… He said he was so proud of me and he hopes he’s still my hero (of course he is!), and that he wants people to keep working harder than ever to end this drug war.

One of the guards called his name, and we had to stand up. I hardly remember saying goodbye; we hugged each other and kissed again, but my mind was racing with the panicked thought of this being our last in-person visit for a long time… I said, “I love you Marc! You’re my hero, my civil rights activist boo!” as I was led away, blowing kisses and wearing a brave smile. Seeing him sitting in the special SHU inmate chair, knowing he’s going to be strip-searched and then taken back to that dark, tiny hell of a cell… locked away from any human contact, unable to call me or write except for letters that come a week later (and perhaps not even any mail in two weeks!).

It was so terribly sad to say goodbye, but he told me not to cry. We must be strong, no matter what comes. No one can take away our love for each other.

It will really help me feel better if supporters make a fuss about his utterly unjust treatment by telling the media and spreading the news online. Here’s Marc’s current situation, how horrendous the conditions are, and how much worse it can possibly get:

Right now he’s been in SHU for 2 full weeks (June 3rd-June 18th). In that time he has been refused phone calls to his US lawyer every day except once. Phone calls to lawyers are supposed to be a prisoner right, as outlined in the “Prisoner Rights” guide. He has had two or three visits with his lawyer, which has been really appreciated because it’s a friendly human face, but that’s just a short legal visit and doesn’t have any real social elements to it.

It takes three hours for an inmate to be “prepped” for visits, including strip-searching and waiting in an empty processing room. Imagine not having anything at all to read or look at, for hours; just you and your thoughts. That’s what Marc goes through. He NEEDS to hear from people who know and care about him.

His disciplinary hearing will happen in 2 weeks or so, as inmates in SHU for violating rules must wait a month before they get their hearing (and remember, his rule violation that resulted in being sent to SHU wasn’t explicitly stated in the manual!). ***June 20th correction: disciplinary hearings can take 3 MONTHS to happen, not one month!*** The prison hearing is an internal Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) disciplinary process and has nothing to do with the legal system or inmates’ legal cases – which is why no lawyer is allowed to participate or intervene – and the ‘judge’ has already recommended that Marc lose his phone privileges for 6 MONTHS and be held in SHU for an additional 1 or 2 MONTHS!

The worst part is that if Marc is then ‘sentenced’ to another month or more in SHU, he will then have his radio taken away (that’s one blessing he’s had so far in SHU) and he will NOT be able to receive ANY commissary items – that means he won’t be able to get any stamps or envelopes or paper, so he won’t even be able to send me mail, which is the only way we are able to communicate.

This punishment is cruel, excessive and utterly unjust, but it happens every day to thousands of people all across America in this horrific drug war and imprisonment industry. Remember too that Marc is in prison not for violating drug laws, but for speaking his mind and leading a peaceful revolution of good, honest people. That is why he’s a political prisoner, just as the DEA admitted after his arrest. And that is why we must FREE MARC EMERY and free all peaceful prisoners of the drug war: it’s a violation of freedom of speech and freedom of choice.

I have to stress it again: sending Marc letters is so important. He can keep getting mail from us, even if we can’t get any from him. Just write about anything positive, your daily routine, your family and friends, your job, your hobbies, the news, activism – anything at all. The longer, the better, because he literally has NOTHING else to do!

For those of you who think, “I don’t know how to write a letter,” well, it’s like writing a long Facebook comment/message, or an email. He misses that regular contact he used to get all the time! Just sit down and start typing away as though you’re simply sending Marc a message on Facebook or through email. Express how you feel about things, what you’ve been doing, what you plan to do. Then print it off, get an envelope and stamp, and put it in a mailbox! It’s the LEAST you can do, if you say you support Marc Emery. Please, send him mail. I need to know that my man is not forgotten!

I love you, Marc. I promise to never give up in our quest for personal liberty and freedom from oppression. As you said, “One person can undo the evil of several thousand people. You must never underestimate your power.”


Jodie Emery
Jodie Emery

Jodie Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, politician and business owner. She is the wife of activist Marc Emery, and owner of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV, Cannabis Culture Lounge and Cannabis Culture Headquarters.



  1. Medicinal Mike on

    I am a cardholder who is on disability, but even I can kick in $4.20 every once in a while. Right now I am tapped, but I have to find a way to get a Free Marc Shirt before the 24th, because we are going to be protesting at our local MP’s office that day. It may have to wait till the next protest. I am lacking money, but I know there are people who are doing well. Please help. As a side note I have been reading Zero Limits by Joe Vitalle. I have been using Ho’opopnopono to try aand heal the situation. One of the things you do is try and clear yourself. When I see the Free Marc picture I have as my desktop background, I do the “I am sorry – please forgive me – thank you -I love you” which seems to help and I feel more peaceful. I do not enjoy walking around in rage all the time. I hope that helps someone.

  2. Lisa on

    I posted a critical letter to JODIE, but you calling her a crackwhore really annoyed me. I had to take some time myself to read all her posts to “get” her and one thing I do not believe her to be is cruel like you. Yes, she is a little over-the-top emotional but cheezus, she’s just a very young woman who believed she and her husband would never get caught up in the legal system and now that they are, why not at least refrain from such dishonest attacks. My post my have been a little harsh, but your attack on her is no better than going down to your local State Prison on Visiting Day and telling every little child waiting to see Daddy that their momma is a whore and their daddy should get fried.

    JodIE, I’m sorry if I came off as anything like this guy above. I am old enough to be your mother and I have been involved in Prisoner’s RIghts for more years than you have been alive. Still, you have a man Inside now and I DO support you. Believe it or not, my family has been involved in Law Enforcement for 3 generations but none of them still alive think the drug war is doing anything than enriching some very wicked people.

    In your original reply to me far above, you expressed that you have already found Prison Talk Online and I am very glad to hear it. If you go to the section on Greeting Card or Postcard swaps, you may be able to join in those where each gal or guy volunteers to send cards to guys/gals on the list. Of course, I did read the mail requirements for Marc’s facility and they seem awfully restrictive even for a Federal facility. He may not be able to get greeting cards of postcards that have certain types of coatings on them or that are too stiff (sorry, I’m not trying to be funny) because stiff card stock can actually be sharpened into a slicing weapon.

    Here’s the link to the Inmate Card Projects:

    What those of us do for guys in SHU or who have severe restrictions is find a cute image, often from the free Dover Publications Samples or E-cards page, print it, then cut it out and handwrite something on the back as our part of the swap.

    Anyone else reading this thinking of sending Marc a letter, use Jodie’s link to the mail info because there are an awful lot of things you may not send to federal facilities and guys in the hole. Sometimes letters longer than a page or 2 typed on a computer will get bounced back. Jodie , perhaps you can post how long a computer typed letter can be and still get through.

    Please remember folks, if you send ANYTHING deemed inappropriate, not only will your letter get sent back to you and Marc not see it, but a report is usually put in the inmates files. I can’t speak for Marc’s facility but some State facilities tend to get very picky and rule-specific with “High Profile” inmates. Therefore, make sure you follow the rules.

    I know from experience with some of my own friends that Mail call can be the highlight of a prisoner’s day. When I write letters, I always try to include a poem that will fit on the back and front of a page that is filled with vivid imagery. Again, Dover Publications sends out copyright free samples that include poems, logic puzzles and such. You can drag the image of the page over into Word, adjust the size and print it out.

    Jodie, you can see my email and you can use it to friend me on facebook if you like. I will send Marc a brief letter and a poem that I hope will lift his spirits. I’m not an activist by any means but I DO support you as the wife of an inmate.

    Best wishes and I WILL keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Anonymous on

    Jodie emery is an ugly crackwhore. You have to venture pretty deep into the bowels of a crackshack to find a beast as ugly as her.

  4. ganja_granny on

    Jodie, this is an edited exert from my my first post on CC. Since posting I have sent Marc 3 postcards from around the area.

    Jodie is the reason I felt compelled to join the forums. I was appalled by the comments that have been posted on her blog about Marc and his stay at Sea Tac.

    Over the last three years, since I met my partner I’ve been getting an education on cannabis. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some great minds from here Neil Magnuson (Freedom Tour) broke bread with us in our humble little home. I had the pleasure of meeting Prince of Pot Marc Emery and his beautiful First Lady Jodie Emery! Truly a fine young lady she is! I would be proud to be her Mother or Granny!

    Anyone that has experienced a loss of a loved one be it by death or separation has good reason to blog and cry about it. I truly empathize with Jodie, having suffered the loss of my daughter due to a horrific automobile accident.

    A loss this severe is hard to deal with, I’ve been treated by doctors with all sorts of anti-depressants, mood stabilizers etc. I was raised in a very strict conservative, Christian household, brainwashed against the evils of marijuana! I’ve been receiving an education under my partners guidance; whom I trust explicitly. Proud to say I’ve been prescription drug free for three years now! I use cannabis to treat my emotional pain as well as my arthritic pain. I have a hard time with the smoking aspect of it, never been a smoker of any tobacco products, so I prefer to ingest it via cookies or tincture.

    Marc and Jodie and all the other activists out there have done a great job. I hope to one day see the use of cannabis legalized. I’m so grateful that Jodie is keeping the movement alive for those of us that are unable to speak out due to fear of losing contact with their grand-children or losing their livelihood.

    Jodie hold your head up high! Jodie you and Marc are in my prayers and thoughts and one day he will return to you and we’ll meet again on his Liberation Tour.

    Thanks once again Ganja Granny

  5. Brian on

    To be a shill for the man? I mean really. Do you guys get paid well? Benefits?

    No sane person writes the crap you clowns write. There are a bunch of you….or maybe its all just you……but no matter, you are all the same anyways. Braindead.

    Maybe you should just spend your time beating your wife and kids……it would probably be much more enjoyable for you and a better use of your time. The sane people on this forum would rather not read your crap. Have a nice day. Jerk!

    The same thing goes for the rest of you ass clowns. Go away.

  6. Brian on

    Hi Jodie,

    Just wanted to give you a heads up on something.

    More times than not, these “people” who post this type of crap are NOT here to help, they are here to destroy. In fact I would suggest they are actually being PAID to come here to post crap that will piss you off and also to discredit Marc and you.

    This is a war afterall. In war, there is propaganda. On both sides. Expect people to wage war on this site against you guys.

    Your best bet would be to use the delete button……..sure some will complain this is a form of censorship……but in my opinion, answering these FAKE posts plays into their hands. Just delete them. Once they see you won’t play, they will slow down or even stop the assault.

    I am glad to hear Marc is out of the hole. Hopefully he can stay out for awhile. But I wouldn’t doubt for a second that once he gets sentenced and sent to a real prison he will have to do more hole time. They just love to severely punish activists. So don’t be surprised when they do that. I hope they don’t, but these are evil people afterall. Keep your chin up.

  7. Jim West on

    Dear Jodie,doing time in a SAFE prison as he is no biggie.He should have researched the rules before he went in and not played silly buggers with them.In my opinion you are going overboard about the way that he is being treated,he is just a con and nothing more,nothing less.Whining about the way he is being treated is silly,he brought it on himself by the way that he thumbed his nose at the US gov.He tried to get noticed but didn’t think that he would be held responsible for his actions.What about the idiot move of jeering of the “drug czar” in Vancouver.Don’t you think that an intelligent person such as your husband Marc would have known the possible repercussions that could come from this.His big mouth is what got him into trouble,not his “activisim”.Don’t worry Jodie,he won’t be gone that long,only a few years til he gets out.Then the book and movie offers will come in and he can make some legal money from his story.
    Don’t worry about support for him,all you need to do is promise free Marijuana as you did when you wanted people to protest in Vancouver when he was removed from Canada.Free weed will bring out all his “supporters”,you know the people who count.
    Tough it out lass,you will get back to your lifestyle soon enough.Just think money Jodie then the time will pass quickly.
    This is my own opinion on this subject,I am a longtime Cannabis smoker that is now an MMAR exemptee.We seem to be the people that you dislike,why is that my dear,because we are sick and have reason to smoke for our pains.It is funny but all MMAR card holders that I have spoken with say the same thing,we have been smoking for our pains for years before we got our cards.
    I don’t agree to what has happened to Marc at all but please stop all the whining.He is a grownup and should be able to look after himself if he watches his words and actions,I doubt that he will be hurt while a guest of the US Prison Systems.Having a big mouth usually means an attitude adjustment but he is smarter than that isn’t he?
    Good luck lass and say hello to Marc for me when you see him next.Be strong and wait it out,it won’t be that long a time.
    Jim West

  8. Anonymous on


    I just found out NORML has had an Amicus Committee since at least 2002. Perhaps they could use some gentle persuasion from the rest of us to speak out in Marc’s case?

  9. john ashcroft on

    it is my firm belief that jodie emery has framed marc in hopes of getting him killed while in prison. why you ask? LIFE INSURANCE!

  10. stoner on

    I read your moving letter. I am not that smart or learned of a person,but I have a small knowledge of something that might help Mark who is a very learned person. Mark had wondered about our prison system. I almost hate say it, because it sounds so paranoid.[MASON`S]. One of the biggest organization`s In the states is the [faternal order of prison guard`s and policemen]. Years ago in California Jack Herer told me that this organization had paid off govenor`s and in return they got contract`s to build prison`s. And got law`s like the three strike`s law to help fill them up. This was really hard for me to follow and I told Jack so. He pointed me to Josh and Ginger who ran a H.E.M.P booth on Venice beach. Josh and Ginger had a lot of knowledge. With so many secret organization`s Bilderburger`s, Omas DAis, and trying to restict us with rules of morality and such that they feel they don`t have to follow. Organization`s live many human life times. Michel M who also ran a hemp booth for Jack let me in on this tidbit. “In the dark age`s land Lords [they were called Pol`s] used surf`s to work their land. When the slaves ran away the land lord`s hired people to for them. The surf`s called these people lice. [blood sucker`s. Hence the name Police.” With so many secret organization`s trying to run free will out of town, it is hard for an above board organization`s to shed light. Mark against all odd`s and not knowing what he was up against got the word of truth out . That is what they fear the truth. The power, greed,and ambition of the military industral chemical pharmacy gmo`s bought government only want one thing complete control of everthing. Jack Herer wasn`t allowed to go to Canada because he had a fellony. He was arrested at the fedral building for regestering people to vote. Go figure, but this gave him time to write THE EMPEROR HAS No CLOTHES.Mark , you probably know about a lot of this. For more info contact Jeanie on Jack`s website. I hate to see such a friend of peace get harased
    by the war monger`s who run the world through ignorance and fear.

  11. chris on

    hey jodie we all feel for the two of you and our thoughs are with you both.

    but could we send our letters to marc to you, then let you forward them on your next visit? i’m shure you could get FAR more letters to him if you could forward them from CC

    the US and even the canadian prison system is ment for punishment rather then correction. so much waisted potential in prisons and needlesly tearing apart families over non-violent crimes

    anyone here think it’s long overdue for -PUNITIVE REFORM-.

    FREE MARC!!!

  12. Gary Pallister on

    Jodie,Never let them see you cry,screw them ,don’t give em the satisfaction,all will work out ,your man is paying his dues,,,its great publicity for a book!!! Keep the faith Jodie,,many,many supporters out here lady,I am one of them ,FREE MARC EMERY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ray christl THC Media Cambodia on

    Yet unsure how to mail from Phnom Penh.An individual postage for each letter is very expensive.Any ideas ?also,my comments can create controversial opinions.Please know i’m not trying to abuse the privilege of this CC system.One more thing.I have researched Fraser Institute and the two bosses of Kory Tweet .Mr.Preston Manning and Mike Harris both hired Kory and introduced him with reform,conservative politico machine ,yet retire to a so-called “libertarian”think tank.Simon Fraser prof.Steve Easton a senior researcher “make pot legal and tax 2004.Why the disconnect over FREE MARC??? thanks it takes a month to receive a letter from here.Aloha

  14. ray christl Media THC asia on

    digm/scheme to allow anonymity during prohibition.Very clever modality similar to the rainbow family amorphic/non specific identity leadership???

  15. Anonymous on

    The Marijuana Movement is where it is today
    because of activist supporters like
    David Malmo Levine & Pauperinlaw.

    Squeeky Wheels begging for our grease

  16. PauperInLaw on

    Your either DEA a lawyer or a dick (all the same)to be talking crap like this. The law has been dead since Terry Parker day, were have you been? Your missing the whole point. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. What Jodie is doing is nothing more than devotion to her hubby and what she and we all know is just.

    The enactment of criminal law is within the exclusive jurisdiction of the
    federal government. The Canadian Criminal Code is applicable uniformly
    throughout the entire country. Provinces cannot enact criminal legislation and
    any attempt to do so will be deemed ultra vires (outside its jurisdiction)
    pursuant to sections 91 and 92 of the Constitution Act, 1982.

    I met more corruption in the so called legal system then good.

    Just wait for the day you get old and sick and the only thing to relieve your pain is man made chemicals that are so good for you. Then your liver rots and you die. Thanks but I will stick with pot which is a herb not a drug. Only government officials call it a drug so they can tie it in with the chemical drugs that are bad for you. And for propaganda purposes. Jodie is a stand by your man type of gal as my wife was for me. If you find something wrong with that then your a very sick person and need to take a step back and take a long look at yourself.
    P.S. I sign my comments because I can back everything I say and I’m not afraid of the truth.

  17. Harry Cording on

    I mailed a letter to Marc today. I hope they still let him have mail. Is Amnesty International on the case? They should be.

    Maximum respect to you both – Marc and Jodie – from a friend in New Zealand.


    PS – Google the Daktory

  18. David Malmo-Levine on

    “Cannabis is not legal in Holland, it is tolerated to a point=”

    What you really mean is that cannabis is TREATED as legal but not CALLED legal:

    This is to get around the treaties that all countries have signed. But their form of legalization legal enough to disprove what your original statement was: that “There is nobody alive today who lived with party use cannabis being legal – it has always been against the law to use cannabis for party purposes” – the fact of the matter is that the Dutch have lived with defacto legalization for 35 years, proving to the rest of the world that it can be done with little in the way of negative consequences – a fact that prohibitionists such as yourself can’t handle.

    “you may have been there David but you were not paying attention.”

    I went and bought cannabis and smoked it on a chair in the street … cops walked by … nobody feared arrest … the difference between that and “fully legal” wasn’t at all detectable … sure felt legal to me.

    “as for harm = you are a good example of cannabis psychosis”

    I mounted a rational Supreme Court challenge and got an irrational answer … I built my own museum … I’m about to be published in a book … I’m doing well in my art dealing business … I’ve got support from a Canadian Senator and a Harvard medical professor and most of my critics are afraid to use their real names – if I’m suffering from psychosis it’s not the kind that gets in the way of my life goals.

    “Medical marijuana users don’t get ” stoned ” they get “healed”…”

    The two things aren’t mutually exclusive:

    1. High on drugs, especially cannabis (weed).

    An “antidepressant” is defined as “a drug or a treatment that prevents or relieves depression” (Glanze, 1987). A “stimulant” is defined as “an agent or remedy that produces … functional activity” (Dorland, 1903)

    Taber defines an “anxiolytic” as “a drug that relieves anxiety”. (Taber, 1997) Dorland (1903) defines “soporific” as “causing or producing profound sleep”; “hypnotic” as “a drug that produces sleep”; a “relaxant” as “an agent that lessens tension”; a “nervine” as “allaying nervous excitement … a remedy for nervous disorders”; and a “sedative” as “a remedy that allays excitement”. Dorland defines a “cerebral sedative” as “one which particularly affects the brain. To this class belongs cannabis, camphor, the bromids, hyoscin, and the hypnotic and revulsive agents.” Dorland also includes cannabis in a list of the “nerve-trunk sedatives”.

    “and you are not a medical marijuana user and you get stoned and you break the law, you went to to jail to clear up that misunderstanding..”

    Judges aren’t perfect. They make mistakes.

    “The Supreme Court judge who told you cannabis use & cannibalism are connected was to demonstrate to you that the cannibal thinks his actions are fine but EVERYBODY ELSE IS HORRIFIED”

    Majority of Canadians Would Legalize Marijuana, But Not Other Drugs
    Apr 15, 2010 – Angus Reid Strategies – Global Monitor

    Canadian Majority Would Legalize Marijuana
    May 13, 2008 – Angus Reid Strategies -Global Monitor

    “53% of Canadians support the legalization of marijuana”

    “…think if it as that shocked conscience thing you tried to pull to try to have the Justice minister _not extradite Mr Emery to the USA,, If your conscience can be shocked so can everybody else’s and they have and they did and the present drug laws are the result of the collective shocked conscience.”

    The last time harmless scapegoats were shipped from one country to another for long, harsh sentences was in Nazi Germany … all but the most cold-hearted, indoctrinated, fucked up Nazis would find that shocking.

    “If you pull the evil empire brainwash card, we will play it right back at you– ”

    “We” ? As in “We the members of the evil empire”? You said it, not me.

    “Medical marijuana will always be tightly regulated,, how do i know? the UN wants that and so does every nation on earth…”

    One day real democracy will come to every nation on earth and our rulers will no longer be able to thwart our will.

    “Cannabis is a powerful mind altering drug, it will never be handed out like like Breath mints,…”

    Why not? Caffeine is a powerful mind-altering drug … it’s handed out like breath mints. And cannabis is distributed like coffee in Holland – why not everywhere?

    “…these pro pot initiatives you refer to are localized notions of cannabis liberation ( see: drug psychosis ) and they all tend to fizzle out pretty quick.”

    That’s what they said about med pot. We’ll keep coming until they succeed.

    “The great time and energy you claim to be investing in drug liberation is crashing and burning David, its brave of you to deny it but it’;s not particularly clever to call a defeat a victory, Your leader Mt Emery is a surrender case and now lives in your enemies prison. Thats going to take a lot of guff to sell that one as a victory over the rest of the world.”

    Our numbers grow daily. Our rulers lock their doors and hide behind brutal police. Every time they do it gets recorded and broadcast over the internet – Canadians won’t keep voting cowards into power … they’ll vote for the people who are not afraid to speak to the cannabis community.

    “Ghandis tactics worked in Ghandis Ghandis era– they were an advance on what had gone before- your retro salutation to the 40s and 60s is confrontational theatrical, but it isn;t working.”

    Explain, then, why the majority of Canadians favor legalization.

    “Anarchy, like professional wrestling is cartoonish & entertaining but neither approaches resolve anything.”

    It’s rulers that resolve nothing. Living in a ruler-free society is the only thing that will solve everything … and that day is coming.

  19. Bruce T. on

    Jodie I hope you don’t listen to the dissenters that say you should not wear your heart on your sleeve Re: Marc’s mistreatment at the hands of his oppressors.

    He is a great man that has done so much to fight a useless and destructive law.

    I was fortunate enough to meet Marc when he was first a street vendor in Vancouver and I’m pretty sure I bought my first growing book from him. Dr. Alexander’s “Grow Your Own Stone”, plus some Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers and Harold Head comics. (Still have some of those).

    I never got to smoke a joint with him tho I wish I had.

    I still can’t fathom the depths of hypocrisy that our current government has fallen to and it saddens me to see Marc fall victim to it.

    I have stayed away from any real public activities opposing the same laws that Marc is paying for due to my paranoia as I’ve grown constantly for my own use since 1978. I am a member of eNDP and Why Prohibition tho not actively involved. If it’s any consolation I’m currently growing a sweet KaliMist cross originally purchased from his seed bank and will be offering up many tokes in his honour.

    I promise that I will sit down and write a personal letter to Marc to let him know that there is another believer that appreciates his sacrifice to the cause.

    I wish that there were some way that I could contribute financially but it is impossible at this time due to current health problems of both my wife and myself. Getting old sux and I do not recommend it at all! LOL

    Please keep us all informed of Marc’s situation and your own state of mind so that the more sympathetic of us may share your pain. Pain shared is pain lessened!

    I firmly believe that our current government is living on borrowed time and Marc, if not soon back in your arms will at least be back in our country and much more accessible to you.

    You and Marc’s love will prevail. Of that I am sure.

    My love to you both.

    Bruce T.

  20. Jake on

    Just got done writing my letter to Marc! I’ll be mailing it tonight on my way to work. Come on everybody, 1 letter about 2 pages long only took me 15 minutes. Tell him about yourself, tell him what you’ve done or will do to support him, and just give him something friendly to read while he is being treated like an animal is our prison system. Thanks for all the helpful info Jodie!

  21. mike on

    Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison … the only house in a slave-state in which a free man can abide with honor. If any think that their influence would be lost there, and their voices no longer afflict the ear of the State, that they would not be as an enemy within its walls, they do not know by how much truth is stronger than error, nor how much more eloquently and effectively he can combat injustice who has experienced a little in his own person. Cast your whole vote, not a strip of paper merely, but your whole influence. A minority is powerless while it conforms to the majority; it is not even a minority then; but it is irresistible when it clogs by its whole weight. If the alternative is to keep all just men in prison, or give up war and slavery, the State will not hesitate which to choose. If a thousand men were not to pay their tax-bills this year, that would not be a violent and bloody measure, as it would be to pay them, and enable the State to commit violence and shed innocent blood. This is, in fact, the definition of a peaceable revolution, if any such is possible. – Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobedience (Forgotten Books, 2008), p. 22


  22. Anonymous on

    reverend pastor, second coming of rasta, hawaii egohead or whoever u are, give yourself a rest already, geeez…on almost every thread on here no matter what the topic you are typing your weird stuff that makes u sound like a mental case. your weird attacks on malmo-levine, use of capital letters and constant spewing are the signs of a person who has no life and needs to get his or her own website at the very least and stop coming on here ruining threads with your bizarro notions. get a life dude.

  23. ray chistl on

    thousand times for your efforts.Please forget about my attempts to influence your vibe.I’m 100% behind Marc/Jodie and you Vanny posse CC folks.Forgive my debate,yet that is the “Letter from a Birmingham jail”.

  24. chris and teresa H. on

    I almost don’t know what to say. I thought even on death row, that people got out of their cells 1 hr. a day. (even if only in another wire cage but at least outside.) I VERY MUCH RESENT MY TAX MONEY KEEPING MARC,AND SO MANY OTHERS IN JAIL. I need to read more of this story to fully understand all of this. It seems insane.I feel there so many other avanues of “punishment” in a case such as this. Ones that don’t waste my taxpayer money and actually benifit the community and the offender themselfs.This is truly sick.I feel your and Marc’s pain. Good luck to you both… and I will write Marc a.s.a.p.

  25. Anonymous on

    Cannabis is not legal in Holland, it is tolerated to a point=
    you may have been there David but you were not paying attention.

    as for harm = you are a good example of cannabis psychosis

    Medical marijuana users don’t get ” stoned ” they get “healed” and you are not a medical marijuana user and you get stoned and you break the law, you went to to jail to clear up that misunderstanding.. Did you re-misundrstand ? The Supreme Court judge who told you cannabis use & cannibalism are connected was to demonstrate to you that the cannibal thinks his actions are fine but EVERYBODY ELSE IS HORRIFIED – think if it as that shocked conscience thing you tried to pull to try to have the Justice minister _not extradite Mr Emery to the USA,, If your conscience can be shocked so can everybody else’s and they have and they did and the present drug laws are the result of the collective shocked conscience.

    If you pull the evil empire brainwash card, we will play it right back at you–

    Medical marijuana will always be tightly regulated,, how do i know? the UN wants that and so does every nation on earth..Cannabis is a powerful mind altering drug, it will never be handed out like like Breath mints, these pro pot initiatives you refer to are localized notions of cannabis liberation ( see: drug psychosis ) and they all tend to fizzle out pretty quick.

    The great time and energy you claim to be investing in drug liberation is crashing and burning David, its brave of you to deny it but it’;s not particularly clever to call a defeat a victory, Your leader Mt Emery is a surrender case and now lives in your enemies prison. Thats going to take a lot of guff to sell that one as a victory over the rest of the world.

    Ghandis tactics worked in Ghandis Ghandis era– they were an advance on what had gone before- your retro salutation to the 40s and 60s is confrontational theatrical, but it isn;t working. Anarchy, like professional wrestling is cartoonish & entertaining but neither approaches resolve anything.

    Have a happy slave free day- and say no to drugs-

  26. David Malmo-Levine on

    “…say that to people in the rural areas about those city slicker folks?”

    Why are you trying to equate my critique of people who tell others what to do instead of being active themselves with Palin’s critique of city people thinking they are more sophisticated than rural people? I don’t see the connection at all.

    “…arm chair people are in a wheelchair(can’t get out of house) and that’s all they have is their arm chair,you evil insensitive fucktard!?”

    I can see why you didn’t bother to quote me … you can only argue with your sockpuppet version of me.

    I just think that people who have the capacity to write comments in our forum also have the capacity to write letters to the editor … the fact that they don’t says lots about them. Case in point … where are your letters to the editor? Where are your accomplishments aside from critiquing Canadian activists and associating with an organization bent upon impressing and wooing the DEA? If you spent as much time speaking out against prohibition as you did speaking out against imperfect Canadian protesters you would have something to show for it.

    “I agree with anarchistic theory on many levels, but not to ram it down other people throat.”

    Provide me with an example of me “ramming” “anarchistic theory” “down other people’s throats”. As far as I can tell I lead by example, not words alone … and people can take it or leave it.

    “Jodie needs to know that chatter/noise in media is all they need to maintain primal fear.”

    Wrong. Unchallenged stigma foisting is what the establishment needs to maintain euphoriphobia and smoke-a-phobia. Jodie challenges that stigma very effectively. Until your community shows more public support for total relegalization as ours does, you should spare us the lectures on how to do it correctly … and maybe take some notes instead.

  27. ray christl THC Ministry Pakaloha on

    say that to people in the rural areas about those city slicker folks?A straw man fallacy you use often(your post above, I agree with it mostly) goes like this…arm chair people are in a wheelchair(can’t get out of house) and that’s all they have is their arm chair,you evil insensitive fucktard!? You cop to any of that David.How about Palin saying to farmers you are the salt of the earth/real people not those plastic city shiste arm chair eaters.No you can’t change the context.Arm chair is only talk,and real is David the Great?Your not the GOD to tell people either.I understand you mean all blog/words and no action in the street or court case etc… Now,i think Jodie wastes too much time answering trollish things (psycho drama possible distraction),yet like you mentioned she is Jodie.I hope she doesn’t think my posts in my name are negative.She never stated her thoughts on my encouragement/posts one way or the other.People have the right to do what they want David,and we have the right to make just laws.I agree with anarchistic theory on many levels ,but not to ram it down other people throat.You Vanny guys are pretty well behaved.No prob,Jodie needs to know that chatter/noise in media is all they need to maintain primal fear.The frequency of arm chair activists may vibrate louder than REAL activists(sounds imperial like Palin)ism,so don’t judge hastily.Let folks do their thing.She needs kick down money the most.Give$$$$$$$$$to Jodie

  28. ray christl on

    and donate $$$$to Jodie and Marc.A hemp tax kick down to this women and friends.Intern hired from science university can research some kick ass HEY why is Fraser Institute a libertarian think-tank,and Mike Harris ex-boss of Kory Tweet,talkin’about choice/freedom and spit on FREE MARC.the Canadian Renewable Fuels Assoc know anything about hemp ethanol/bio mass conversion KORY Terrible job of due diligence.

  29. Pastor Ray Christl THC Locomotive on

    We continue to love FREE MARC/JODIE and the Vanny posse.Your tithe and offerings of 10%,yeah that is it.You made 120,000 $ last year in secret garden.Kick it down 10,000$ to Jodie BAM.Help the dear woman(hire interns).Some of you cats are buying gold/diamonds etc…pay your hemp tax first.The movement stands up for YOU and if busted now a very low punity on conviction.USA is another trip!?Please lord cannabis don’t let anonymous love be greedy and stop our liberation.Send money to Jodie and at her whim with Marc spend it.Cops don’t try to set her up..have nonprofit account # get real and help this cause.

  30. David Malmo-Levine on

    “There were no laws of any consequence addressing the ancient business of slavery…”

    Slavery can be traced back to the earliest records, such as the Code of Hammurabi (ca. 1760 BC), which refers to it as an established institution.[2] …

    The Hittite texts discovered by archaeologists since the 19th Century include laws regulating the institution of slavery.

    As evident from the above, the Old Testament accepts the institution of slavery as such, but seeks to regulate it and ameliorate the slaves’ conditions.

    There are many, many other examples of the regulation of slavery in ancient times … or modern times, for that matter.

    “There were no world drug laws of any consequence until “Dangerous Drugs” were retsricted to the medical profession.”

    Marijuana Monopolies of Yesterday and Today

    “…its more of a case of drugs got to a point where there was great harm to society and laws were passed in the 20th century restricting use to the medical profession.”

    Really? What “great harm” was cannabis causing?

    “There is nobody alive today who lived with party use cannabis being legal…”

    You ever been to Holland?

    “even medically cannabis is tightly regulated and probably will always remain so”

    Where DO you get your opinions from? Have you not heard of all the new initiatives in the US to legalize cannabis for all purposes? There’s one in Washington State, one in California and more planned such as in Colorado in 2012. They all stand a good chance of passing.

    “Everytime you get stoned … you are breaking the law”

    So med pot people don’t get stoned?

    “If you want to change that law you better get moving and choose more reasonable tactics than swarming politicians offices and yelling slogans in the street.”

    For example? All non-disruptive tactics have been tried and continue to be tried … we’re also availing ourselves of the disruptive tactics of MLK and Gandhi because those tactics of disruption did result in positive change in the past.

    “If you want to overthrow cannabis prohibition be prepared to invest as much time and energy as those who worked so hard and well to install the prohibition of slavery.”

    We are and we have.

    “In 1772, the Somersett Case (R. v. Knowles, ex parte Somersett)[292] of the English Court of King’s Bench ruled that slavery was unlawful in England …”

    We too have launched our challenges to the pot laws. Me and Marc Emery cooperated on one to the Supreme Court of Canada in 2003 – which resulted in a very irrational decision that equated cannabis use with cannibalism and which argued there was no such thing as the harm principle. It was that irrational decision which has led to other reform channels aside from legal reform channels being used.

    But please … if you have any other ideas, feel free to share them instead of just criticizing like most if not all critics do.

  31. Anonymous on

    There were no laws of any consequence addressing the ancient business of slavery , but as you point out, there were a few moot business practise laws about the slave industry in the USA at the end of the 18th C. But that’s a drop in the icean
    There were no world drug laws of any consequence until “Dangerous Drugs” were retsricted to the medical profession..sole exception was the outright ban of party opium in China in the 19th C and the occasional total ban of party Cannabis in Moslem nation over the centuries. The bulk of legislation about dangerous drugs concerns regulation, Its not exactly true to say drugs were legal before they were made illegal,, its more of a case of drugs got to a point where there was great harm to society and laws were passed in the 20th century restricting use to the medical profession.
    There is nobody alive today who lived with party use cannabis being legal – it has always been against the law to use cannabis for party purposes and even medically cannabis is tightly regulated and probably will always remain so

    Cannabis for party purposes is prohibited world wide , -yet medically and industrially cannabis is regulated worldwide. Everytime you get stoned or handle grow or exchange black market cannabis you are breaking the law, if you ignore that prohibition you risk getting busted. If you want to change that law you better get moving and choose more reasonable tactics than swarming politicians offices and yelling slogans in the street. If you want to overthrow cannabis prohibition be prepared to invest as much time and energy as those who worked so hard and well to install the prohibition of slavery.

  32. David Malmo-Levine on

    Let Jodie Emery be Jodie Emery.

    If you have a better way to fight the evil empire, please, show us all how to do it better. All these armchair activists who sit around telling others what to do but not lifting a finger to do anything themselves should just go away … their negative energy isn’t needed here.

    Jodie is doing just fine … if she wants to share some emotions that is her right. She speaks well and articulates both the facts of the matter and the human cost – not just in statistics and not just about Marc but about all drug war prisoners and in real non-robot ways.

    I wish all the arm-chair activists would just go away … or become real activists.

  33. Johnny Green on

    Just to be clear, are you stating that there were no slavery laws in Canada, or are you saying that there were no slavery laws in the United States? Because in the United States slavery was specifically addressed in the Constitution, stating that it could not be banned until 1808 at the earliest. Also, fugitive slave laws were established in both 1793 and 1850. When new states were admitted into the Union, they were determined to be either free states, popular sovereign states (meaning the people decided), as well as slave states that were backed by state law.

    The point that Mrs. Emery is trying to make is that NOT ALL LAWS ARE LOGICAL, and she gave great examples of very bad laws that were eventually overturned due to activism. If something is a law, it doesn’t mean that it is a valid law – all it means is that a politician or citizen group was able to successfully influence the political process, for better or worse. Anyone who says ‘the law is the law, so follow it’ is a robot…and politicians like robots…Remember – well behaved people rarely make history…

    How about instead of trolling this website, you go try to do something positive in the world…Just an idea…

  34. Jodie on

    But the prison can just make up rules as they go along, it seems. I recommend sending a letter separately from the manuscript.

  35. Jodie on

    Prisoners have to buy writing paper and stamps themselves. You cannot send that to him. The prison “needs” to make money, after all. *sigh*

  36. MW on

    Dear Jodie,

    I’ve written a letter for Marc – and I was thinking that I might include a short-story I’ve written — but I want to make sure that before I send it, exactly what the limits are on the length of letters allowed.

    I figured that if there is a limit – I’ll just send it in installments…
    So if there is a limit – it would be good to know how many pages at a time is
    acceptable by the authorities…

    The story is 65 pages even when I make the font really really small, and single space everything.

    I figured since Marc can’t get any books or mags – and he wants stuff to read, he might enjoy it… It’s a libertarian themed murder mystery sort of.

  37. Pete Eyre on

    Thanks for sharing your experiences Jodie. Hearing how Marc (not to mention the millions of others kept in a cage for actions that don’t aggress upon the rights of others) is being treated based on arbitrary man-made legislation underscores why we should not grant this system of violence any authority.

    We must not blame government – a faceless, unaccountable institution – but those who choose to violate the rights of others – the individual politicians, bureaucrats, cops, jailers, etc. who rationalize their actions by claiming that they’re “just doing their job”.

    Marc is right – stay strong. Keep fighting the good fight. There are a lot of us standing with y’all.

    Molon labe.

  38. Anonymous on

    Jodie get a grip on your own reality- you cry because you choose to cry.
    There had never been laws ” allowing ” slavery, as it had been around for millennia, much longer than people had been smoking pot. Unfair but true

    When slavery was abolished, laws were set in place PROHIBITING slavery
    and so anybody who stood up -against slavery laws, or who -broke slavery laws they decided were unjust were in effect, condoning and advancing slavery.

    Please seriously consider enlisting a sober logical impartial adult to review your posts before you put them up in public. We, your supporters know what you are trying to say but you are not making much sense these days, especially going on and on about how sad, unhappy disappointed you are about the unfairness of Marcs recent big-house slapdown. His whole trip was afterall, welcoming a long nasty stint in jail to get attention for his scene about the unjust drug laws and here you go, blubbering on and on about how unfair and wrong marcs sacrifice all is now..You are wrecking it all Jodie with every on line tear, emo outburst and cranky poorly thought out response.

    Marc is in solitary because of you Jodie, you taped his calls and were eager and ready to put them up on a pro drug website – it may be hard to accept but that was your fault he got slapped down to solitary in prison, maybe it was his order but it was not his fault you obeyed him. Your fingers did the work, noit his, and you have to take responsibility for your actions- mostly so it doesn;t happen again

    You need a little vacation Jodie, at least till Marc is out of solitary. You are not helping Marc the cause or yourself by acting the full time buzzkill downer chick. Come back when you are rested up and ready to fight and win.. winners don’t fuck up, don’t make excuses when they do and they certainly don’t cry about the megastruggles they are engaged in.

  39. Anonymous on

    I think that is why he doesn’t get more mail. People are afraid he won’t get it anyway and afraid that it might lead to a backlash against us, and a paper trail to their back doors. It could also mean harsher treatment for Marc. These are scary times. No one trusts anyone anymore.

  40. Howard Priest on

    I am curious if there are limitations as to what Marc can receive, that fall within the definition of a “letter”.

    For instance, if a typed manuscript of a few hundred pages was sent, would he be allowed to receive this and read it ? Or would security require that the whole thing be read by prison staff before it was passed on to him, delaying it for a ridiculous period of time?

  41. Anonymous on

    At least my tax-dollars aren’t paying for it.

    And Canada isn’t.

    Should hire some of these architects for social housing programs,

    Looks great!

  42. Jose Melendez on

    You could even print with a really small font, then Marc has lots of extra half and 3/4 or larger size paper to tear from.

  43. Anonymous on

    Can we send extra blank paper with our letter up to the ten pages allowed. Or does the paper have to be written on. I am just thinking if he is going to be denied access to paper maybe we can send him paper.

  44. Anonymous on

    Dude, Do you feel that??

    That’s my foot in your ass.

  45. Covey69 on

    maybe deep down inside most of us never beleived a man would go to jail for 5 years, probably, not even Marc.
    It’s insanity so it’s easy to be hard to beleive it would have even gotten this far.

  46. Covey69 on

    I thought maybe some ideas might help but you are right, he deserves this.
    He deserves this
    He Deserves… This..
    It makes me sad and angry and all kinds of mixed up emotions..
    I only know him from a distance.
    I could only imagine Yours and Marcs Heartbreak.
    I think grief would be so strong on me to be away from my wife and kids and grand kids, my heart breaks for him.
    Especially when I meet people who do not consume but still cannot beleive this man was sentenced for SEEDS.
    If we do good for want of a reward or fear of a punishment, WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT US as Mankind.
    Do Good because it’s the right thing to do.

    I promise I will write a letter and have it sent out in the next week.

  47. ray christl THC ministry asia on

    write Marc,and complain to the politico/clergy/leaders of industry/ institutions/media. My college students are writing letters to understand the arguments of how a person can be denied liberty and love of family for selling SEEDS.Consenting adults in freedom are garbage to these dictators.Did Buddha use these same seeds your in prison to punish.?!Take 30 days to reach Seattle.Maybe the Bush-DEA can file a reply to their innocent questions? Vegetables have bigger brains ,and BUSH-DEA train all troops on strip search interrogation.Guess who the terrorist is?The window may close on our oppotunity.VOTE YES.!

  48. ray christl THC Ministry Laos-Viet on

    Everything she says is truth,which must be properly understood in the *system two* minds of a brainwashed enemy.A nonviolent forced evolution is difficult when corporate “kleptocracy”is global.complete and vicious except cannada!? The LOVE she and Marc talk about is the PATHOS that will eventually awaken death to LIFE. This is the neo-resurrection of the messiah(LOVE conquerors all)as our institution (body/soma)is born in the LOVE sacrifice that”Principle of Pot” highlights.Your doing great and hopefully the posse will organize assistance/internship personnel at your whim to calmly share this injustice to liberty,love,faith and healing the flora/fauna of this tiny satellite.The love you have together is the antidote of the enemy poison who create extinction in their ignorant hate.I think your storytelling is pure, compelling and the Kory Twit girlie- man was brilliant poli-theatre.This is info war,so go on paleoconservative talk radio.The posse should hire a PR firm and your story of LOVE defeats this SWAT HELL ,so iboga can heal the mindal of Kory (he knows he’s sick,and in denial)and cannabis then manifests the inherent goodness we all know Mom au naturel possesses.We have science,logic,history and LOVE on OUR side,yet they have the guns,laws,tv and logical fallacy.MLK says today is the time to make just what was unjust.One day at a time with confident calm LOVE.

  49. Heinrich Willhelm-Gottleib Evers III on

    While I was incarcerated for 4 and a half years in a youth correctional facility, I remember Solitaire confinment.

    I remember how u spent all day staring at a wall, and u couldnt see the other 3 people in the area in seperate cages with u.

    I remember how it took 12 hours just to go through intake, I remember how if released at noon, you wouldnt get out until midnight.

    I remember the visits, how they would make me bend at the waste and spread my ass-cheek open so they could inspect my asshole for drugs, and weapons.

    I was only 17 at the time.

    I remember how they would try experimental psychotropics on the ward inmates.
    At one given time I was on 12 different medications at one time that all had none of the theraputic effect that cannibus has on me.

    I remmeber seeing children stabbing eachother and staff just to be transfered to an adult state correctional facility because their ward rights were always being violated, and how the YCO’s would bribe the grievance clerk with food from the “outs” to “lose” crucial grievances to escape civil suits.

    I remmber the female facility, and how 25% of the teenage girls were impregnated by the guards at Ventura School.

    I was incarcerated in YTS otherwise known as Heman G Stark Youth Correctional Facility in Chino , California.

    I remember race riots in the church that were allowed to continue while the guards would watch and bet on inmates at times.

    But yet we, the children at that time were the “criminals”.

    I can only hope that you contact the ACLU with your husbands plight because as an adult u have more rights than we minors had.

    What will happen if his defense attorney looks at his available ward rights violation is a civil suit, and possibly a class action civil suit with any of the inmates also in Solitaire confinement that have been denied phone privilages to thier lawyers.

    If he filed a grievance and was denied, and had his appeal denied then they become liable.

    That would be when you would want to file suit.

    Good Luck, And GOD BLESS you Jodie and Marc Emery.

  50. Jodie on

    Because despite knowing this would come, I am still a living, breathing, emotional human being and my husband – whom I spent every single day with before he was extradited – is not with me anymore. I miss him terribly. Why shouldn’t I cry sometimes?

    People like you who say “the law is the law”, so follow it or suffer the consequences, what do you say about the slavery laws? Or the laws that stopped women from being “people” and having the right to vote? Or the law saying black people had to stay away from white people? Those are UNJUST laws. Those laws needed to be broken to show they were wrong. Marc knew what the punishment was. He’s going through this to be an example. It’s me who wants him out of US prison.

    And besides, he broke the law in Canada and was willing to go to court in Canada. It’s all about politics, not about pot. The Vancouver Police tried to have Marc charged in 2003, but the Crown declined – so the VPD worked with the USA to indict him south of the border. In 2008, American authorities offered a plea deal that would allow Marc to serve his time in Canada if he was charged here, but the Conservative government refused.

    If Marc broke the law in Canada, he should be tried and sentenced in Canada, not sent to a foreign country to be punished under much harsher laws. That’s the injustice here.

    “One who breaks an unjust law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for law.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

  51. Jose Melendez on

    You may write him directly:

    Marc Scott Emery #40252-086 Unit DB
    PO Box 13900
    FDC SeaTac
    Seattle, Washington

  52. Anonymous on

    i thinki we shld all get together
    go down to SEATAC
    and bust marc out!
    whos with me?

  53. Anonymous on

    it says to send an inmate a letter you must have his register number of the inmate to have it delivered to him…anyone know what it is?

  54. Anonymous on

    Cremater is right,Mark and you r not the only ones fighting for mj freedom.There r lots of us waiting in the wings.LIKE A CHESS MATCH,don’t give away the game by a few good moves.Plan ahead,stay cool and above everything else be a man and a women of maturity..In five or maybe less,Mark will be free and that’s when payback will come.What comes around goes around..The US IS IN THE LAST STAGES OF ROME..when it’s destroyed from within..It’s coming….so be cool !!!! peace and pot..John

  55. Scott on

    If Marc knew it would come to this, then why all the tears? Did he not think how these actions would affect you? Did he care more about His cause than you? Was he so oblivious to the fact that he was doing something illegal and may lose you and his friends, who last as long as the high! We live in Canada where we have freedom and laws. Everyone has the choice to follow the rules of the land or take the result!
    You both made the choices you made. Period. End of story.
    So why the tears?

  56. Jodie on

    First of all, I have to decry and complain about the unjust treatment not only for Marc, but for ALL prisoners in America. We are NOT asking for special treatment and we do NOT expect Marc to be given any advantages. I’m condemning and pointing out the unjust system and how it affects ALL family members of prisoners. I think I have a right to “whine”, as you put it. Why do you think otherwise?

    Secondly, I joined Prison Talk Online right after Marc was sent away. I use my real name, unlike others, because I want to represent those who are afraid to speak up themselves. I’m also in regular contact with numerous ex-prisoners and partners of incarcerated people. Why do you think I’m self-centered and only focused on myself?

    Third, I have ordered Marc numerous books and magazines he has asked for, but they haven’t gotten to him in solitary because he can’t have access to his property locker until 30 days of SHU are up. He does get newspapers that I’ve subscribed him to.

    Fourth, you clearly don’t know or understand me or Marc if you think he was “thumbing his nose” at the US and expecting special treatment – that’s NEVER been the case. Your comments are rude and offensive, and betray you as a sympathizer with the people who think Marc deserves to be in prison. You can’t say that you “care” about us and then throw those kind of “get off your high horse” slams at me. What’s your problem?

  57. Anonymous on

    I’ll vote for the NDP when they replace Jack Layton with David Christopherson. I saw him once talking about Parliamentary reform. As he rightly stated, the British system was designed to keep the Lords in power and to completely marginalize the average citizen. Canada simply took the parts of that system that gave the Prime Minister and his buddies the maximum power with the least possibility of it being somehow bypassed by Joe Average.

    Down with Layton, up with Christopherson. Yes, he looks and sounds nerdy as hell, but he speaks the truth. I don’t know his views on Cannabis, but he seems like the type who might be wit’it. He seems to have more capacity for independent thought than most politicians.

    Maybe he could be persuaded to become a Liberal and then become their leader. They sure need one.

  58. Reegz TheReeferman on

    The website is a great idea and I though about it myself. But on first reading the rules it seemed that we would have to send each letter individually. Which would be prohibitively expensive. I think cost and time is still a factor here.

    Just pretend you are writing an email, but then print it out, put it in an envelope, stick a stamp on it and mail it. Its not really a hard concept.

    Time is a big thing for most. I know I have been so busy with my activism, that between that and work I haven’t had time for much else. Not to mention that being a medical user can be very time consuming in an of its self.

    This weekend though I will take a break and write Marc a letter. I hope to make it at least a few pages long.

  59. Lisa on

    You aren’t doing yourself any favors or earning much sympathy by whining here about the “awful’ treatment you think you’re getting. Trust me, Marc is being treated far better than most prisoners in State prisons. You don’t earn any sympathy either when you brag about having the luxury & affluence to fly in to see him. Do you have any CLUE as to how actual families of Drug War prisoners are suffering to scrape up bus fare for a more than 24 bus ride to see their husband less than once a year? It seems you don’t. You pay a little lip service to them in your tirade but that’s all it is – lip service. Your self-centered complaint about only being able to feel him up and slather him with kisses for 30 seconds was so ignorant. That rule is to prevent dry-humping and/or the passing of contraband via intimate contact. And what kind of person gives themselves over to such a sexual display in public in a room where other families have to watch? Answer- one who is thinking only of herself.

    The Video visits have been coming for some time and your lawyers should have told you about that. They are being done not to hurt YOU but to deal with safety issues in SHUs regarding gangs such as the AB and others who use face to face visits to give kill orders without leaving a paper trail in coded letters. Also, the generally sucky economy has resulted in staff cutbacks although it may not seem that way to you. As you noted, preparing a high risk inmate for a face to face visit is time consuming and costly in man hours. Video visits are the currently accepted solution. I know it’s awful but it’s not being done specifically to YOU and to Marc as some personal vendetta.

    Marc has lived a charmed life for a very long time, thumbing his nose at US drug laws and getting away with things that were he a Black man living in the States and doing the same would have sent him up for Life long ago. His white skin privilege, affluence & Canadian sanctuary kept him free for a very long time and you should treasure those times. Now that he is INSIDE, you should buck up, educate yourself and encourage Marc to educate himself as well. There is an excellent book you can buy online about how to survive a stint in federal prison, you can buy it here: There are other books too that can help you.

    Your next move should be to google Prison Talk Online and then join it – it’s a wonderfully organized resource for families of prisoners. You will find other wives there, lots of compassion and answers to questions BUT – if you get all uppity and self-righteous with a woman whose husband is doing 15 years of hard time for selling a small amount of pot in Florida or Texas, they will tell you to get off your freakin’ high horse as well they should. SO much of what you write is misinformed such as the issue with Mail. Being denied commissary does not deny him the right to mail or the right to send mail. In the hole, he is allowed to send letters but the number and to whom is dependent upon the rules of the facility. This is why PTO, Prison Talk Online is so helpful. There are women on that board with men inside your husband’s facility. they can advise you.

    Take a step down from your high horse, the one you have been riding for some time, put your feet square on the ground and get real, girl. Your man’s in Federal prison. Deal with it. The sooner you do deal with that fact and stop grieving for the fairyland past you lived in when Marc was prancing around poking the USA in the eye with his behavior, the sooner you will be able to forge a stronger bond with him in the here and now.

    Since you can well afford it, send him a variety of good literature – not stuff about your “cause” just good, well written, classic literature or new literature. Large Trade paperbacks that contain multiple books save money and go ahead and pay for Amazon prime, it’s worth it for the free shipping. You can friend me on Facebook if you want and I can list for you some of the most popular books Inside. Having books he can trade will help. Also, Dover Publications makes inexpensive word search books, logic puzzles and so forth. Find out what the limit is for Magazine subscriptions and make sure you send him ones that come out more than once a month such as The New Yorker or Sports Illustrated. You can also earn him some major goodwill if you send a book or two to his favorite cellmate when he gets out of the Hole. I find sending postcards each day to be a good way of staying in touch since they tend to go thru faster than letters which must be read and checked for contraband. There are postcards books and collections you can buy.

    DOn’t command his “followers” to write to him.. ask them nicely. The whiny “you don’t support me cuz you don’t write me” thing shows weakness when he should be trying to project strength. Again, end the pity party and buck up. Your man needs you to be strong and to get him to be strong. Stay in the present, try not to worry about the future and remember the past is OVER. It might be fun and comforting to discuss your happier times in letters but don’t make the mistake of thinking the rules that applied in the past during the glory days of Marc’s antics still apply today. He’s in the hands of the system now and he needs to learn to play well with others. he needs to shed his false sense of entitlement. He chose this role, after all. If he wasn’t truly prepared to serve the time, then he was kidding himself and everyone who believed him. Now he is in a new phase of his fight. How he handles this phase will define his legacy.

    Good luck. My prayers are with you. it may seem like I don’t care, but I do. I simply know far too many other couples whose suffering so far exceeds yours and they don’t have the resources or the support that you have. They are also far more grateful for what little they do have.

  60. Jason Tomlinson on

    I believe as well that the last thing you should do is hold back your emotions. please don’t EVER do that (though I know you never would). people need to see just how the reality of this is. I am very sad because I KNOW that if people stood together against our greedy corrupt “leaders” and fought, I mean REALLY fought, to have a free and just world where people don’t get jailed for free speech we would have it!
    But that’s just it isn’t it?! They keep humanity complacent with chemicals in our foods and dumb us down with drivel on our television sets and feed us false ideals so that the majority is kept so busy turning their wheels that 90% of the population simply feels that they can’t afford the time to stop and think of such things, let alone actually get up and do anything about them; and even THAT supposing they even bother to ‘take a look’ around them in the first place. Something needs to be done, and soon; BEFORE they completely remove our personal sovereignty.
    And that is exactly what some aim to do.
    Feel free to message me any time you like.

  61. Ryan M on

    I find the treatment of Marc utterly disgusting. How can we as Canadians stand by and watch one of our own rot in a foreign prison for supposed “crimes” that were committed in his own country.

    Stephen Harper, you better watch out as next election, I hope your Conservative Party gets handed their pink slips, never to be seen again

  62. MOTFA on

    It comes natural to me to write so I did make time out of my days to write Marc 2 letters, and yes i intend to send more even if they only are able to amuse the prison guards or people who read his mail. I hope he at least received my first letter as my 2nd is probably still on the way.

    I hope maybe some day he will write me back, that would be cool.

    Thank you for the updates, they are appreciated.

    As for the person who said that America is fascist, Canada is just as bad in some ways and will get worse if we continue to do nothing. That new propaganda machine suntv news network is right on the horizon. Makes me sick that so many Canadians are as ill educated as most Americans and take this opinion news crap for gospel truth.

  63. Sheri Playfoot on

    I have read a bit of comments on facebook then came to this link. i don’t understand why more people aren’t voting for the n.d.p. considering they are trying to decriminalize marijuana and are a strong enough party to succeed! they just need more votes from us. we all DO have the power to change this if we would just stand together behind a party that wants what we want instead of not voting at all!

  64. will on

    Hi Jodie.
    Stay strong and try to still smile from time to time.
    I hope this will seem positive not cynical but Marc doing what he is doing now is probably the only way he could have got the respect of a huge skeptical section of the cannabic world so how ever crap it is in the long run it will hopefully serve some purpose,(Heinously cruel and bang out of order though it may be).
    I will post a letter to him from sunny spain on Monday morning and will try to encourage others to do the same.
    ps I have a private question for Jodie how could I make it?

  65. Jason Tomlinson on

    If people truly do care, it shouldn’t be to much to go through the “trouble” of writing and sending a letter. I will send a letter jodie, it disgusts me how corrupt the system really is. I am very sad for Marc. My prayers are with him.

  66. medimary on


    thank you for your tireless work. I am a mmj patient in NM and I do appreciate everything you and marc are accomplishing. And you are accomplishing a lot, even if it doesn’t seem that way sometimes.

    I will send marc another letter today.

    be well-
    mary clemens

  67. Anonymous on

    Hi Jodie,
    Thank you for sharing! Keep up the good work.

  68. Jodie on

    People need to know what is going on. I have said many times that I want to be a name and face for the THOUSANDS of nameless, faceless family members of victims of the drug war, the people who suffer greatly while their loved ones are incarcerated.

    People need to know what happens, and people are watching me and Marc to find out — I will not hold back the truth. The truth is what is on our side and is why we are GOOD, and deception and lies are what makes the enemy EVIL.

    We are honest and truthful and if they punish us/Marc/me more for being honest and truthful, FINE. That works in our favour. We need the enemy to over-reach. Marc and I discussed this. We are prepared.

    We must expose this evil prohibition and incarceration industry for what it is. No sugar-coating, no misleading comments — just the TRUTH, because the truth rings loud and clear, the truth exposes the lies, and even if Marc suffers for it, in the long run it will help everyone because he will be a name and face for all of the people unjustly imprisoned and persecuted in this drug war.

    I will discuss this more again with him, because it most definitely is a difficult situation to be in and there are many strategies and tactics. If they punish Marc for me speaking the truth, that will make him even more of a martyr, and that will make more people angry and motivated to do something.

    I appreciate your advice to a point, but once you start telling me I should lie and pretend I’m divorcing him… that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Wouldn’t that just lead to the prison/system/evil-doers celebrating that they have won and broken us? Who does that help?

  69. Jodie on

    I have printed articles for Marc where comments at the bottom are included, but I don’t think I can send mail to Marc on behalf of other people. The prison doesn’t like people trying to get around the rules or send messages on behalf of other people. They won’t allow other people’s letters sent from me; and they might even stop all mail from me as punishment for trying to send messages from other people!

    Even if you think “I don’t have the time”, please remember that Marc deserves your time, that he has sacrificed decades of his life to fighting for your freedom, and that right now he has nothing BUT time. He has NOTHING to do. If you really care about Marc, you’ll make the effort to write. Yeah, I know, we’re all busy — but even I manage to send him at least 3 pages of letters EVERY DAY, and I have a TON of work to do. If I can do it, so can you, at least one long letter!

  70. Anonymous on

    That is a great idea! As long as a moderator is able to filter out spam/negative comments, I think it would be such a perfect idea for quick comments from lots of people.

  71. merry jon on

    marc’s treatment is so harsh and unjustified i can only guess that the shortage of mail is because they are being withheld as additional punishment; but i will try and write something anyways. welcome to fascist amerika!

  72. persecutedinalberni on

    Lay it on hun,let’s hear about how you feelings that’s what gets us all in our hearts and makes us all wake up alittle more,makes us angry.

    And that is why you are told by some to stop because they know that get’s people more involved and perhaps more willing to demand a release more.

    We want to hear it all Jodie so don’t listen to any cold hearted people who were not taught how to express their feelings.

    All Americans should be ashamed of themselves and most of all Mr Obama for even allowing a judge to impose such harshness,they treat him like the the germans treated a jew or a “BLACK” man during ww2 right mr Obama?

    I will not allow my country to become a prison state so the authorities/elite can hand pick any good citizen they don’t like and get rid of them by destroying their life.

    I agree more people need to get involved, write Marc a letter or your politicians and let them know how much it pisses you off.

    Make a list of all your pot smoking friends and ask them if they would make up a AMERICA MUST FREE MARC EMERY sign and stick it on their front lawn or in your window every weekend for two hours.
    If only one or two freind agree it is still better than none.
    Do you know a supporter who lives in a tall highrise apartment building near a busy road/freeway/highway you can post a big sign on windows or to hang it out the window?

    Think, there is lots of things to think up of the things to do to support Marc and it can be very easy and fun too.

    Do it once every single weekend for at least two hours at a time if you can then take it down from your windows again, thats not hard to do.

    I see potheads evrywhere but no free Marc signs when I drive around it’s dissapointing.

    If every supporter showed it by posting a sign just once for an hour or two over the course of a weekend it would realy show and allways be on EVERYONES mind.

    When we are out and about on our weekends there would be signs up everywhere we looked,wouldn’t it be great to see?.

    Today is the sixth saturday in a row I have posted FREE MARC signs along highway #4 near in Port Alberni for two hours at a time.

    Get some freinds together and make it a get together everyweekend and have fun with it.

    It would be nice to know what it is like to drive by some signs and honk and give thumbs up to other supporters for once.

    I gave the pleasure to four to eight hundred motorist five times so far so two to four thousand motorist have seen my signs,would be nice to see others myself.

    Remember this is a free country and and we all need to fight to keep it that way because the Harper government is trying to take our freedoms from us and we must fight these evil sick people.

  73. Anonymous on

    The notion that a rule that prohibits sharing your prison phone calls with a third party could be interpreted such that posting a call on the internet would not violate the rule is not understandable.

    The days of Marc et. al. thumbing their noses at Canadian police are over. He is in a US jail and it should be obvious that they are not going to tolerate the kind of stuff that fly’s in BC when you are a convicted felon in a US jail. What is Marc going to argue at his disciplinary hearing? That he thought a third party didn’t include anyone on the net?

    Marc’s stay in solitary confinement is due to his narcissism. I hope he has learned his lesson — because his sheltered life in Canada is over. He could wind up having a nervous breakdown if he is not careful.

    I think the protests in Canada will backfire and he will do his 5 years in a US jail. It should be obvious that he Canadian government does not want him back to do pod casts. Frankly, many are probably amused by his current situation.

    Good Luck Marc

  74. RICKY on

    id post

  75. charlie brent on

    jodie , just a note to say ,stay positive you have many,many friends/people supporting you ! good luck and best wishes !!!!!

  76. Anonymous on

    Thanks J. I’ll write Marc this weekend and every weekend. Keep being yourself and talk about your feelings. I disagreed with the poster who suggests otherwise. Expressing your emotional responses is freeing in itself. Marc is strong, he knew it would come to this and he’ll get through it. Be strong too. Cheers. J

  77. Cremater on

    You have got to stop posting all of your personal feelings here for all the world to see Jodie. I posted about what was going to transpire from here on out in an earlier thread now that Marc is in a U.S. Federal prison. Every emotional comment you make about how difficult this is for you is just adding ammunition to thier already huge resources.

    I completely support both you and Marc and so I only say this out of concern. Prison is not only a place to punish the guilty (and some innocent) but it is also used to punish those on the outside. The only thing you are really accomplishing by reporting the play by plays and how you feel about the whole situation is giving them targeted means to basically hold you in prison as well.

    I wouldn’t be suprised at all from here on out to find that the U.S. Feds stop using a “shotgun” technique as to how to effect Marc and you, as well as the rest of the CC community and begin targeting thier actions specifically geared towards what effects you the most. You HAVE to quit telling them what it is that has the greatest effects upon you.

    ANother tactic you may want to consider is basically a campaign of dis-informaiton regarding what has the greatest effects on you and your supporters. Produce false rumblings of divorce, a falling out of some sort, whatever. Rather than proclaiming how sad it makes you to not recieve mail from Marc or to have to subject yourself to video visits tell them here how not recieving mail from Marc is a blessing as he is really needy and you need a break anyway.

    You have to make yourself bullet proof instead of just adding new and better targets for thier political prosecution.

    I know its hard to hear, but this is what you have to do Jodie. If you don’t its just going to get worse, take it from a guy with plenty of experience in this particular subject. Your giving them exactly what they want.

  78. maryjanesuncle on

    Mrs. Emery, thank you and please thank Marc. All she is asking for is help, she knows that we are not super human, she knows that some have very little to give. A letter to a man suffering to right a wrong isnt much, its the least one could do. If you fear that a letter will bring the police down on you, dont. Mrs. Emery lays it out right simple on the letter link… I live in the Center of America, the Bible Belt, Missouri. Twice I made the pilgrimage to see the re-Marc-able Mr. Emery, and twice failed the pleasure of his company. Even though I have never meant Mr. Emery he is one of those people that has changed my life, for the better. I am sorry to say that right now Mr. Emery could use some of the kindness he has spread. Their are those who give money, those that give time, surly there should be thousands who can donate a little ink for a worthy cause…. Know that the only true magic that remains in life rests in your heart and love will see you threw. …. Thanks.

  79. Wes on

    Jodie, as a drug war victim and going through a hell of a time with my dad getting a conspiracy charge for talking about pot on the phone, well thats enough to get you twelve years in the states. I know the ins and outs of the regulations and the sad part is that my dad was treated in no structured pattern, meaning i never knew if they stole the letters or thought they were too political, i was young and the time was the best period of my life, minus my father and best freind, who was locked in a cage and sent 500 miles away.

    I will never forget how marc came to my aid the minute i was arrested for my medical use, he truly was a inspiration and his thanks were greatly noted, it was a good injection of hope, for a mind who had almost been beaten into submission.

    When you get time i will tell who i am, as were freinds outside of this box, i know you came along late into marc’s life, but i still think the world of you after hearing so much gossip and trash, i found out for myself how much people adore Marc, simply noticed by the bile the ones that no longer work for him spit back, especially the women.

    It takes a great man to be strong, but behind every great man is a great woman/ or man. I know you will make it, so will he, and he will champion the cause like never before, we must keep our minds clean and away from the negative, as we are all one united front now!!!

    Love you sister, be careful, they will steal mail also, toss in trash or keep family photo’s make sure your prepared and always feel free to call.

    You have gained my respect many times now, please let me help you not turn into a pinball cause thats there game, no exaggeration, they literally keep you submissive to stop all questions from coming to light, but with a your clear mind about how you are treated, they want you to break or bow out, thats the sad truth.

    old man east wes.

  80. Jose Melendez on

    Perhaps set up a page for comments to Marc, then print the latest comments regularly and mail them!

    A nominal per post fee might even raise some funds!

  81. Tracy on

    I agree I love Marc too but sitting down writing a letter is something I have never done. I would like him to know I am thinking of him and hate what has happened to him. I can’t wait for the day he gets out. I sure miss the good old days reading a CC Mag it was a beautiful Magazine.

  82. Covey69 on

    What if we set up a website or such, where you allow people who wish to write these letters by sending them as an email to you , to be printed and sent as one or many mails at once from many people, then Marc would see a lot of people love him but were essentially lazy.
    People are generally caring but so involved with life that time takes to do these things.
    If you made it as simple as possibly by explaining to anyone who LOVES MARC and wishes to send your best feelings, stories a picture maybe.
    Explain in a simple term of what not to put in and they fill out a letter, all you have to do is print them all out and mail them off.

    Sounds easier then done becasue cost for postage could be an issue.

    Another thought to help the cause becasue I have no paypal or any credit card and you have No Bank Account for me to simply walk in and make a deposit but I wish to help Marc;
    How about someone set up a 1 800 line explaining it’s 10 cents a minute for the cost of the call and you charge an addition $1.00 or $2.00 attached to their phone bill but paid as a service to you and Marc’s cause.
    I don’t mind and I beleive others wouldn’t mind calling the number knowing the excess money will go to Marc’s Cause for lawyers and such and it’s just a added amount on my bill, my kids have spent that in one minute on stupider choices.
    People care but need simplicity so its very easy to pick up a phone to donate money in this way.
    I hope this helps.. 🙂

  83. Rasta Ray THC GLOBAL on

    contact without contact.This is complete systematic desensitization in reverse to remove any/deny love and human touch with family.To secure/seal prison as a info/psychological pogrom of Orwellian machination.Teach cannada the truth,and even brainwashed jesus-harperites christly people will awaken!?

  84. ray christl THC MInistry MediAsia on

    Beautiful and educational story of the daily misery.Love struggles with Babylon to touch and remember there is infinite love.Christians thrown to the lions,this biblical continual addictive war paradigm our creation seems to manifest.Cannabis is the neo-messiah as THC will become THE largest church/ spiritual/sacramental usage globally in 20,40, 100 years will be the THC ONELOVE Ministry that Roger Christie/James Kimmel/chris bennett/tom brown/peter tosh/shiva/ on and on throughout history.Maybe 50 years go past islam/christian/tao to billions of THC ONELOVE Destiny ,and healing of our sick ecosystem!?Green religion since plants have bigger brains!?

  85. renney b. on

    thank you jodie for your courage and devotion to this great cause; it is a wonderful thing to live in the moment… if canadains and the cannabis culture have not waken up to the evils of prohibition slavery by another name, how can they get away with this bad law for so long!!! this present canadian government are against the cannabis culture and has sold one of our brothers into slavery; haters of jah peaceful and loving family… we love you guys and i will send marc a letter and one to the president; telling him that it’s time to let the hemp slaves go… marijuana is one of jah greatest fruit tree to the earth; why should it be a crime !!! there is nothing bad about cannabis so this nightmare needs to end now; wake up people… overgrow the government as marc said and stand up for our rights… peace and love; rastafari