Stop S-10 Street Meets: Protest the Conservative Drug Bill

CANNABIS CULTURE – Activists fighting the Conservative government of Canada’s new drug bill, S-10, are taking to the streets on FRIDAY, JUNE 4 for a series of ‘street meets’ in at least 24 locations across the country.

Victoria, BC’s International Hempology 101 Society has organized the targeted actions, in which small, focused groups of activists holding signs and handing out “Phone Jam” leaflets will fan out through city streets talking directly to citizens.

“We’re having what we call ‘Stop S-10 Street Meets’ to get the word out about this bill,” organizer Ted Smith told Cannabis Culture. “We’re going about it differently than most normal protests because we want to not only bring supporters together, but to get out in the community and canvass the streets, almost Greenpeace, but instead of asking people for money, we’re just asking them to stand up for their rights by calling a 1-800 number. We want to have stacks of hand outs at these locations, so when people come up that want to support us, we can give them a stack to hand out to other people – one on one – they meet walking up the street.”

Hempology 101 had recent success with their Conservative Phone Jam targeting Conservative senators when the government was attempting to pass Bill C-15, the precursor to Bill S-10.

“At times we had the senators offices pretty much shut down for business because so many people were calling and complaining about this set of bills,” Smith said.

The Conservatives’ new drug policy plans, which includes mandatory minimum sentences of 6 months for growing just 6 plants (and 18 months for making hash or edibles), have been criticized by drug policy reformers, scientists, ex-law enforcement officials and other lawmakers who say that they will cost billions in prison costs, strengthen drug gangs, and put harmless Canadians behind bars.

“S-10 is the most threatening set of laws that the cannabis community and this country have ever faced,” Smith said. “It’s scary what would happen, not only to the plant, but to the entire culture. This set of laws would cost Canadian society a lot of money to implement and I know a lot of people would suffer for it.”

Smith says six ‘Stop S-10 Street Meets’ are planned on Vancouver Island, “the first time so many anti-prohibition rallies have been held at the same time here. Many more last minute locations could be added, as various Facebook groups and other social networking sites catch on to the idea.”

Participating Cities:

Courtney, BC – Peace Park, 620 Cumberland Road – noon-1pm
Victoria, BC – Lawn of Legislature – noon
Naniamo, BC- China Steps (downtown)- noon
Sooke, BC – Sooke Rd @ Otterpoint Rd. – noon
Parksville – Harrison @Alberni Highway
Coombs – Stairway to Hemp on Alberni Hwy. — check this on a map, by the pink building
Gabriola island- will all meet at the Ferry terminals at noon
Vancouver, BC- Art Gallery – noon-2pm
Maple Ridge – location TBA
Prince George, BC – MP Jay Hill and Dick Harris offices – 206-575 Quebec St – noon – 2 pm
Nelson, BC – Ward St. @ Baker St. – 2- 4:20 – bring your instruments!
Calgary, AB – Harry Hayes Building – 220-4th Ave. S.E.- 2-4pm
Edmonton, AB – Legislature Buildings, front lawn – 718 107 St. NW – noon
Lethbridge, AB – MP Rick Casson’s office – 255 8th St S. – noon
Medicine Hat, AB – Park Beside City Hall(train park) – 600 1st st. SW
Saskatoon, SK – Kris bluejetty @
Regina, SK – lawn of legislature – noon
Montreal, Que – Jacques-Cartier and the Champ de Mars, at 275 Notre-Dame Street East – noon
Ottawa, ON – Parliament Hill- noon
Toronto, ON – June 4 -West Federal Bld. of Canada @ 85 Richmond – noon
Sudbury, ON – June 4 – Kayla imperio.corrupto @
Chatham, ON – danage420 @
North Bay, ON – location TBA
Oshawa, ON – location TBA

For more information check out multiple Facebook pages, the CC Forums, and the Hempology 101 website.



  1. Ted Smith on

    Last Friday we organized a national day of canvassing the streets against S-10. Kristen will be writing a full report on the event soon.

    Getting media attention is always difficult if you are not prepared to light yourself on fire. We were interviewed by the Q, a local radio station, but no one else from the press showed up. Our friend Bob, though, was fortunate enough to get some attention from a small, free newspaper, demonstrating the power of one person. I understand he really enjoyed himself and will likely get out on the street whenever he can.

  2. Don on

    So, there were demonstrations all over. It’s been 2 days and not a single video or article about this initiative. Was it a flop?

  3. Anonymous on

    I’m a Texan and all for legalization of Pot. I need your help to get your message out to Texas. I,m convinced ending prohibition on Pot is close to becoming a reality in Canada and the USA. As a Texan I want to do my part. I’m a big fan of Marc Emory and his crusade. I hope to meet him someday and smoke a fattie with him. The revolution is on. We Texans need your support and help getting out the message in Texas

  4. Anonymous on

    Anytime there is a nationwide rally or protest…PUT MB ON THE LIST!I am so discouraged living in winnipeg where nobody protests! I have already instigated 3 impromptu rallies in Winnipeg since Marc’s extradition. I even went into Shelly Glovers Office. Of ourse I was by myself because even my most stoner friends don’t want to protest with me! Well I am Sick of it.

    Next time there is a nation wide rally, put the location for the rally as “The Legislative Building” or in case of a global or national March, Start it at “Kustom Kulture at River Avenue and Osborne TO the Legislative Building”

    And When are we going to have a Genuine Nationwide March? I’m talking about the march like the labour union had in the early 1900’s? It’s time we marched ALL the way to OTTAWA. Hell, I’ll Start! I can walk 4500 KM’s, Just need a few hundred pounds of Hemp Seeds for energy!

    P.S. HHAHA the captcha I have to enter is “The Nutmeat”

  5. GRANT G on

    june 4 th 2010 Winterpeg, Manitoba, Canada corner broadway/osbourne commonly called the “ledge” I, MOI, & Bill rallied from noon-one by ourselves, so in our bi-lingual country mange la marde or eat feces before you judge get facts straight uneducated person who wrote this…… i am sure you are to cowardly to say who you are of course?? ………….have a pain-free day….GRANT G a 55 yr old cancer conqueror free clean of cancer for 8 yes eight years…….. H O P E

  6. Anonymous on

    Imagine a government that allows oxy and bans a natural plant!
    me thinks this government is about the money from pharma drugs and about the money it can get by convincing the people it needs to keep people safe from cannabis. I am sure the people have a spare 10 billion dollars to put these rulers down. did anyone actually ask the government to increase the jail time for pot grows?
    or was it just the jail owners, the cops and the drug companies?

  7. Anonymous on

    you can have that many for medical reasons for one person.
    so why jail someone by claiming six means trafficking.
    what if you cant grow for your life.
    a lot of people would grow six and be yielding next to nothing but go straight to jail.

    these people might be forced to stop growing by ridiculous punishments, next you will see the market go to the thugs who wont mind growing 200 plus. you persuade a few thousand decent people to stop growing, they wont stop smoking and then there will be a number of people that will be willing to risk it for a less competitive market.

    right on government, if you think you will curb demand your wrong, if you think you will pull the criminals from the trade your wrong. oh thats right, its a dumb arse religious ideal.

    just watch as all of a sudden you will be complaining that the cannabis grow market now has more harms.
    then you will want to up penalty to life imprison all because you stuffed up and had no common sense.

    remember, adam and eve were expelled from eden because of zealots like you.
    over a quarter of the population admits to smoking pot and you want them to pay some of their taxes to lock up their supplier. i hope you get put on your arse again.

  8. parksvillain on

    It’s really unjust that a plant that can do so much good can cause such terrible social suffering because of bad laws. Canadians need identity badly, and I think legalizing would help us find our place in the world, hopefully as people who want to live well without prejudices based on historical conflicts. Free people who value the natural benefits we enjoy.
    Viva la Republic of Cascadia

  9. parksvillain on

    to you Bob. That is no easy feat getting off of that much dope. We should all thank you for your contribution to a better health care system by reducing your dependence on pharmaceuticals. It’s great to hear you speak out.

    Your doctor must be impressed with your pain management. I wonder, if you gave him permission to write a case study on your condition, if he would consider it?

    Truly amazing to cut your medication like that. I can only imagine what it must have done for your functional abilities.

    ‘forever loving jah’

  10. Anonymous on

    that is exactly how it is. It’s because big pharma wants to continue to push the vics, percs, oxycodone and all the doctors are the same because they get big bonuses from the drug companies if they can get so many of their patients to take drugs from certain companies. In addition the drug squads would be out of jobs, and the government would not be getting all income from all the seizures.

  11. UncleBob100 on

    Big Pharma better be scared. I know the power and efficacy of medical cannabis. The herb helped me to safely detox from 320 mg a day Oxycontin, plus 16 mg Dilaudid for breakthrough pain. My 15 grams daily prescription for Cannabis is all I use now to control severe arthritic pain. I would not be able to handle life otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth living without my medicine – Cannabis.

  12. Ted Smith on

    There was someone who expressed interest in gathering in Winnipeg but it was not a strong enoung commitment so we did not put it on the list.

    We would love to include a place in Manitoba if there is anyone there who can help put it together.

  13. Anonymous on

    No meeting in Manitoba?

  14. North on

    Talking to Prohibitionists sometimes feels like talking to white supremacists. They can’t hear. They can’t see. They feel good about doing bad. They think it’s the right thing. They want to do the right thing. Of Course a lot of Prohibitionists are people I’ve known and loved my whole life. They don’t like being lumped in with white supremacists and nazis. In fact they probably fought them for real in their lifetimes. It’s just that they’re wrong all the time about this, totally wrong. That’s anger talking on behalf of millions. People who smoke pot are thankfully coming out of the green closet even more and learning to abandon any sense of shame or guilt about their behaviour like the street meets and the MP smoke ins and all this other stuff. As people wake up they will feel ashamed for behaving the way they have towards marijuana. People can wake up, it is one of our remarkable abilities. It happens. I wish I knew what the winning argument was when homosexuality was legalized, when alcohol was legalized, when natives were allowed to vote, when the marginalized became legitimized. I mean it’s funny. People who know marijuana users and judge marijuana users see that their actual behaviour isn’t bad it’s just this little thing that’s been labeled. The old folk. I know. The old folk who have massive control and near complete decision making abilities don’t like it when there moms get freaked out by shocking looking rogues hanging out in front of the malls. So a notion is perpetuated among some that this is the case and the fear and the argument is made,” See they are all just lazy waiting for watermelon heaven.” Now that’s unacceptable wrong thinking. It always was, it’s just that it’s enough. Norman Mailer wrote a little pamphlet called The White Negro – it should be revisited. I think that marijuana users are the only criminals advocating for legalization of their behaviour. I’ve heard nothing from the association of bank robbers or loan fraud racketeers. Does any other group bust up Eddy Greenspan’s little text book right there on Parliament Hill? Just how many outlaws do we actually need to maintain and create in this country or is that a question best left for last by Senator Joe McHarper?

  15. Minneh Kamau Bushby on

    I am not from Canada and have only happened to live here for 14 years. My observation as someone who is 41 years old and had never smoked marijuana until age 27 once. And not again until I discovered it was a medicine in 1997. I was 28 years old. Yeah, my observation is that this is an issue of pharmaceutical companies being not only greedy and also insecure. They think marijuana will take over which it has the potential of doing. Instead of working with the medical marijuana and really taking into consideration people’s health, there is an aspect of ignorance and selfishness.

    It looks like a matter of “I am BIGGER than you, you are smaller,” and really it is a matter of GOOD over evil. We will keep fighting no matter how many generations it takes.


  16. ray christl THC Ministry on

    Get a bucket of HEMP NUT-SEED mix and start at the police and church and retirement home. Make CANNABIS real to the sick and afraid and build a MINISTRY to comfort and LOVE. Then the SCIENCE of SYSTEM TWO cognition takes over and vetted facts register in the reason process in ANONYMOUS NATION.Tom James HEMP USA ORG uses lies or we call SPINning the truth( HEMP is not MARIJUANA) so FEAR in PRIMAL SYSTEM ONE can be usurped with the CONSCIOUS cognitive mindal.Thomas is a Genius like MARC and MASTER RICK. Dan Gardner is another great ANONation brother who has COGENT arguments to slay the BUSH-DEA occupation on this brilliant small anonymous far flung entity.