The ‘Vape-In’ of Conservative MP James Lunney’s Office

Conservative Member of Parliament from Nanaimo-Alberni, James Lunney.Conservative Member of Parliament from Nanaimo-Alberni, James Lunney.It only takes one person to occupy a Member of Parliaments office but it helps if you have four or five people, more than that and it can be viewed as a disturbance. We managed to hold down the office in Nanaimo, B.C. with only four brave souls.

The easy part of taking this pro-active stance is you don’t need to gather 20-30 people; it only takes you and a few friends. If your friends happen to be holders of medical marijuana exemption cards, so much the better – otherwise I don’t recommend you ‘Vape-In’ or smoke weed at these protests or you might just get a ride in a cop car.

I contacted a few friends three days before the planned event and once I had four confirmed, the plan was set in motion.

We bought some bright posterboard, felt markers, masking tape at the local office supply store for making signs, and then got a bucket of ‘Sidewalk Chalk’ at the dollar store and we were off!

We gathered in the parking lot by a Tim Horton’s – not in front of the office in case they saw us coming and locked the doors. Someone had the idea that we bring ‘Tim-Bits’ as a ‘peace offering’. We entered the office as a group and while one of us presented the ‘Tim-Bits’ and announced what we were doing and asking if OUR MP would be in today, three others held signs up in the window while I took photos and phoned the media.

At first we were greeted with mild respect, the receptionist was very nice, but our MP’s executive assistant, Curtis Hansen, was not so pleasant (he’s an ex-prison guard, go figure).

We did have some discussion about marijuana, then Curtis told me that he thinks it’s OK and lets his underage teenage kids drink alcohol as long as they call him for a ride home but also thinks marijuana users should go to jail. During this time we were asked to leave the office, told we couldn’t be there, and had the police called on us to complain about “the smell of marijuana” – but in fact they were complaining about the smell of legal medicine.

After some time our Member of Parliament James Lunney showed up, he was pleased to see me…at first (I ran against him in ’04 for the Marijuana Party of Canada). We chatted for a bit and he told me that, and I quote, “marijuana is a gateway drug”. I can’t believe it!

This man is a retired doctor and should know better. He also tried to tell me that he knows all about marijuana and it has ‘benzostyryene’ in it. Huh…where did that come from?

I soon realized I was talking to an stubborn idiot about marijuana. I told him I wanted an open debate about marijuana policy in the House of Commons, and that I would debate marijuana with the Good Doctor anywhere, anytime, anyplace. He just grinned at me and then he too ‘told’ us to leave, we ‘told’ him we were staying. He was not pleased but scuttled off to his office.

Two plainclothes police officers were there to speak to everyone, and check our med cards; they were very nice to us and only explained that we couldn’t block the doorway or disturb the ability to conduct business. We told them we were there to raise awareness and EXERCISE OUR RIGHTS! The cops thanked us many times for making their job so easy and for being so well behaved.

Police often tell us at smoke-ins, 4/20 protests, and other pot-related events that they only ‘enforce’ the law; we should take up our beefs with our Members of Parliament, so don’t hesitate to mention it to police if they ask you what you think your doing in an MP’s office.

MJ-Vape has a battery powered vaporizer that he started using in the office while asking for office staff to help him with his medical exemption renewal. I rolled up joints and put FREE MARC EMERY flyers inside the conservative office leaflets and books that were on office tables. We also put up FREE MARC flyers on the windows outside and chalked up the sidewalk with pro-pot messages and “FREE MARC EMERY!”

We did get some decent media exposure – one TV reporter and two people from the paper were there as well, interviewing people, taking photos.

The media left after speaking with everyone and Lunney booked a hasty exit from the office while we stayed. The police then left and it was just the four of us and office staffers. I stepped into the parking lot to puff many joints and use my megaphone to let people know what was going on, FREE MARC EMERY PROTEST IN PROGRESS!

Curtis Hansen then thought it safe to come out of his office to complain and make disparaging remarks, then he found some of our FREE MARC EMERY flyers in the conservative books and flyers and he was pissed, mostly because he had to go through every single book looking for more. We left when we were ready later that afternoon.

Remember: act respectful, be direct, and stand your ground. You have the right to be there and you have the right to protest. MP’s offices are paid for with public funds.

Call the toll-free phone number at James Lunney’s office and tell him what you think: 1-866-390-7550.

Find out more about the ‘Free Marc’ Conservative MP Office occupations.



  1. Medicinal Mike on

    I do not have the papers in front of me that say what the chemicals found in the smoke are. There are hundreds of organic compounds in cannabis that go through many changes before and after getting into your body. That doctor was concerned about only one substance? Did you follow up with the facts that cannabis is non-toxic and even smoking it will not cause long term damage or death. I feel it is very important to know exactly what it is that we are putting in our body, but at the same time we need to know what the long term effects are as well. The studies have been done. Cannabis is for the most part – harmless. Even Doctors can embrace the truth, even if it means going against the wishes of big pharma.

  2. bluejetty on

    I looked it up, and can’t find anything about it.
    maybe a compound that kills cancer cells?

  3. UncleBob100 on

    I think the Feds don’t want Cannabis legally recognized because of Industrial Hemp. Keith Stroup of Norml org. shares this view. He points out that, if you make herb legal again…what’s to stop Industrial Hemp from becoming legal and mainstream? If you make Cannabis which can have lots of THC in it legal, then you must fully endorse Hemp…which has almost no THC content. The gov’t and corporations do not want the competition for Food, Fuel, Fiber and Medicine. They don’t really care about herb….it’s about their double-dealing back office politics and greed.

  4. parksvillain on

    I would’ve been right there with you if I had my medical card man. Outstanding work, very respectful and hopefully effective. I’m surprised his office wasn’t more impressive at 44K$/year.

    Lunney’s a dinosaur and he’s got to go. But trying to convince the ultra-cons that pot is safe when they lived through reefer madness is no easy deed. Maybe when they see that it can treat Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s dementia, recovery from stroke and a host of other neurodegenerative conditions they’ll think about it.

    Or maybe everyone will finally be sick enough of the feds that they’ll vote him out, yeah right.
    vive la revolution!

  5. Anonymous on

    Even though it won’t help Marc at all, these office visits are still good because we finally get some use out of those offices. They’re good for smoking Cannabis in. Aside from that, they’re pretty much useless. At least they got one day of beneficial use this year. BTW, I think that politician meant “benzopyrenes”. Cannabis smoke does have that when it’s burned in a joint or pipe. Vaporizing avoids it.

  6. persecutedinalberni on

    I agree with pissed off american, nice one keep up the good work.

  7. Anonymous on

    Well, well, looks like Curtis Hansen needs to have his kids taken away for their own protection. Daddy likes to watch them get drunk, thinks that’s amusing. You really need to start taking tape recorders to all these events, preferably video tape. This Curtis guy is a real baddie. Got to get his juvenile alcoholic kids off the streets and into foster care, post haste.’ I’m surprised the cops haven’t said anything yet about other people in those offices being exposed to Cannabis smoke. They could charge you for trafficking by transferring smoke from your joint to their noses.


    Keep up the GOOD work, if only you guys could do this everyday at every MP office, that would get some attention. Keep it up, do not quit, be a thorn in there side. Be an everyday reminder that they are your servents and not the American puppets there being.Demmand your Canadian sovereignty!!