Massive Marijuana Grow-ops Appearing in Rural BC

Big-city pot growing is moving to rural B.C., and the locals aren’t happy about four commercial-sized grow ops recently shut down by police.

Part of what has become a $6-billion industry, the four expansive facilities garnered thousands of pot plants worth many millions if they’d made it to market.

Prince George RCMP netted the week’s biggest haul, reeling in 18,000 plants worth about $2.2 million on the streets and arresting three alleged growers living in tents near the industrial-sized outpost.

Williams Lake RCMP made a big haul with 9,000 plants the detachment figures would fetch $5 million on the street.

“This grow op had the capacity and potential to yield upwards of $15 million a year and is likely the most sophisticated grow seen in recent times in the Williams Lake area,” said Staff Sgt. Warren Brown.

“We encourage our neighbours and communities at large to have a zero tolerance for this menace.

Quesnel RCMP took out 10,000 plants of their own, along with $175,000 in equipment at a sophisticated grow op accessible only by logging road.

An 18-month investigation culminated in the arrest of four suspects at a sophisticated production facility, with plants set up in two two-storey barns and a packaging and distribution centre located in a third building.

Kamloops and Chase RCMP executed a warrant in Anglemont, taking in 4,300 plants and 27 kilograms of dried marijuana ready for sale.

The suspects had gone to elaborate lengths to steal electric power — B.C. Hydro tracks power use and often leads police to grow ops.

In this case, investigators found two stolen B.C. Hydro transformers and a hydroelectric bypass used to steal power.

Six people were arrested.



  1. Anonymous on

    You know i think its kinda bad karma to say those men deserved to go to jail. I dont think any cannabis enthusiast should wish undo harm upon another for their cannabis activities. If anything you should be rooting for them to suceed. HOWEVER, i have to say i definetly agree with your condemnation of what they are doing to the environment. Im not exactly what you would call a tree-hugger but what they were doing to that beautiful forest really bothers me and many others seem to agree. Please guys if your going to grow in the public woods keep your footprint minimal.

  2. TarBal on

    I’m going to Prince George to buy my pot it’s way cheaper than Williams Lake! lol Tho going to either of those rat holes isn’t worth the trip.

    So 18,000 plants are worth 2.2 mil in PG but half the number of plants are worth more than twice as much in Williams Lake ???

    Either someone screwed up the lead-in to this article or the RCMP can’t seem to figure out how to co-ordinate their press releases so they can keep their stories straight.

    Just legalize the stuff and then these growers will happily pay their electric bills and the gangs can starve.


  3. The BallyHoo on

    Free asshole is more to the point actually.
    Why not take your ” free man ” bullshit and shove it up your ass?
    There’s a message for you.

  4. Anonymous on

    i cried to see beautiful canada garbaged up. there are plenty of good pot farmers and you dont need that much to be happy. totally against our movement

  5. Anonymous on

    I’m just a guy who doesn’t like the Vietnamese, that’s all. Being a racist would imply making some sort of special effort. It’s just a personal viewpoint. Am I allowed to have a viewpoint, BallyHoo, or will that get me 30 days in a bamboo cage? If people like you had their way, nobody could ever have any kind of personal preferences, likes or dislikes unless you authorize it as acceptable unto you. Well, I have a message for people like you, BallyHoo; I am not a number, I am a free man!

  6. Anonymous on

    I cried while watching this. :C

  7. ray christl THC on

    Still they are global family.but the corrupt POLITY is the falt of the citizens. Canada more than USA because utilitarianism is the primary philosophy of commonwealth nations.Jeremy Bentham and father-son James-John Stuart Mill.Women should know that JS MILL is a saint in suffragette movement in England and the rise of simple human rights in the post agrarian social contract.Women across Canada need to GREEN-UP the Vote and get the BUSH-DEA out of sacred CANADA. GO BLACKHAWKS.

  8. THC_Farmer on

    These guys absolutely deserved to get caught up. Look at that operation. Completely disgusting and utterly destructive. Very unclean and horribly unfriendly to the environment. They were very careless and very neglegent at best.

    Although, I don’t think they should be charged for cultivating the plants. I feel they should be charged with severe polluting and destruction of beautiful and invaluable wilderness.

    Stealing power to grow cannabis outdoors. Do they get any dumber?

  9. The BallyHoo on

    Uh, are you a racist pig?
    Sounds like it! Just because they seemed short certainly doesn’t mean they are Vietnamese.
    Chances are it was a H.A. grow, but again that would be speculation.

  10. Anonymous on

    Did you see how short the two guys were that they arrested? Those aren’t Caucasians, unless they’re midgets. 99% likelihood that they are Vietnamese. Those guys love stealing power, now they’re even doing it at outdoor grows. Too many of their house grows must have been getting busted so they’ve moved outdoors.

  11. Anonymous on

    I guess police choppers only cover areas near population. Maybe planes flying in remote areas wouldn’t be low enough to see stuff like that. Or maybe BC police are just dumb buggers who don’t know how to find great big Cannabis farms. The US must have a lot more money for fly overs than Canada or something. No wonder it’s such a big cash crop in BC, they have no competent police there. Aside from Vancouver, BC is pretty much the Ozarks. There’s like 5 people in the rest of the Province. Cops don’t stray far from the donut shops so they don’t get to remote wooded areas much.

  12. Johnny C on

    I’m sure as the vote approaches for bill S-10 the conservative government and the conservative press would like to report on what a terrible problem Grow Ops are. How often do police bust the most sophisticated or biggest grow op ever? I presume the RCMP is hinting or dropping stories about what a terrible problem grow ops really are.

    According to bill S-10 An 18000 plant grow In the midddle of nowhere 5hrs down a logging road is deemed less dangerous by comparison to an undocumented Med patient 1 block from a school growing 5 plants for their epilepsy or MS. I’m not sure off hand about the exact time but the guys in the woods face a mandatory minimum of 6months while the guy in the wheel chair is facing 2.5 yrs. WTF?

  13. Anonymous on

    My four year-old kid was very upset to see those mean people kill all those pretty plants… If only she knew…

  14. Anonymous on

    I kind of thought cops were at least somewhat intelligent. I guess I was wrong. She points out the general hydroponics nutrients and says were smoking those too!? It’s the same stuff farmers use to grow food! It’s called fertilizer! What a stupid moron! The dumbest part is that she thinks she really knows what she’s talking about and believes it! Idiot! How dumb!

  15. Anonymous on

    there are millions of grows just like it and get away with it for 20 or 30 years i worked on many and it is extremely rare police find them..I have 500 plants one time with stolen power on the airport property in quesnel…

  16. Anonymous on

    I will sending these guys money for ice cream and deodorant in jail just like Marc Emery- they stood to make several million dollars in the pot industry , just like marc.. and also like Mrc they were transpatent aboy0-ut what they were doinbg- thithey didn;t hide their greenhousesm they priudly displayed them for the helicopters…these guys are heros too.. just like marc Emery, and just like marc Emery– theses freedom fighter’s partners will turn states evidence to avoid a decade in jail..

    Come on out and show your support & together we can Save the LOGGING ROAD FIVE.. thy arec not in trouble for anything except their political activism .. I am sure they are wonderful non violent peaceful people – just like Marc Emery

  17. Anonymous on

    How’d they expect to get away with that? Nothing unusual about a bunch of huge plastic enclosures out in the middle of the woods. Good thing airplanes haven’t been invented yet, Cletus.

  18. Worm on

    To fit on their goofy oversized heads.


  19. Anonymous on

    Damn, Too bad these growers weren’t successful…. BUT STEALING ELECTRICITy WILL GET YOU CAUGHT!!!!!!!!
    I still can barely believe that some grow ops pull in 27 kilos on stand-by and 15 million worth… maybe if the plants are weighed as soon as they pull them out of the ground, wet with leaves stems & dirty roots, they weigh everything possible and dirty roots aren’t sold on the street, neither is the moisture of the weight specified!!!!!

  20. The BalleeHoo..................... on

    If she really believes that will take a substantial amount of marijuana ”off the streets”, then I’d like to get hold of whatever she puts into her pipe @ home, because that won’t have ANY effect on weed on the streets, as she puts it!

    This is the same old bullshit, over and over again…………………..why is it that ALL policewomen have thin lips and beady little eyes?

  21. Anonymous on

    Too bad ur married? Otherwise you would have went for it?

  22. Anonymous on

    I missed the story because of the hot babe, too bad I’m married but I know hot when I see it.

  23. Pedro on

    Why do Mounties pose for pictures wearing goofy oversize hats?