‘Free Marc’ Protestors Occupy Conservative MP Gary Lunn’s Office

Vancouver Island Conservative MP Gary Lunn with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.Vancouver Island Conservative MP Gary Lunn with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.CANNABIS CULTURE – Free Marc Emery Campaign activists occupied Conservative MP Gary Lunn’s last week as part of an ongoing campaign of sit-ins inside Conservative MP offices.

The Weed Guy, Jacob Hunter, Nicole Seguin and Craig Gracey came over from Vancouver to Lunn riding in the Saanich-Gulf Islands area to demonstrate that only four people can occupy an office, even far from their home.

Other offices were occupied in two Ontario ridings, as well as another in BC on the same day. More occupations are expected in coming weeks.

Mr Lunn’s staff and the local RCMP were very friendly, welcoming activists into the office. Neither staff or RCMP took issue with right to protest inside MP’s offices.

For more information check out the live video of the RCMP from inside the office:

Click here to find out more about the ‘Free Marc’ Conservative MP Office Occupations.

Click here to go to WhyProhibition.ca.



  1. Blazemonkey on

    Nice case you made for yourself…

    These are the type of ass clowns we need to get rid of. Does this idiot actually spend his spare time trolling on forums he disagrees with? What the fuck do you care? Go do something useful you fucking waste of skin, and while your at it, learn to form a fucking sentence.

  2. theweedguy on

    I think it is important to stress that Marc Emery is Just another victim in this drug war. The purpose of these protest is to show it is possible to occupy an MP’s office, but also to let the conservatives know marijuana is medicine and that they have to support it. The supreme court ruled Marijuana must be provided by the government and they have failed with their fake med program. With critically ill Canadians waiting months (minimum 8 weeks) to be authorized by the government is just absurd. When a Doctor prescribes marijuana to a critically ill patient about to fight for his or her life, one would assume access would be immediate. As a Cancer survivor i was shocked to be treated as a Drug addict when i suggested marijuana therapy. I was told marijuana may kill me but they would give me drugs that were cytoxic and lethal and very addictive. Its a testament to my survival that marijuana played a key part, from helping me eat to stopping me from vomiting. The conservatives need to wake up and pick another fight. Marijuana for medical use is already here, its only a matter of time before they are put in their place by either an election or the Supreme Court.

  3. Anonymous on

    Marc is gone you assholes
    hes is in the United States
    go there and protest you fucking dorks
    if you pothead fuckers disrupt public life again with senceless annoying disruptions of our tax dollars at work serving eveybody in canada not just you little drugged up little pot brats.

    I hope next time you invade public workspace they turn off the lights, toss in tear gas & a stun grenade and when you crawl out crying and pissing your pants someone kicks you in the ass with a steel toe
    and we will be asking Health Canada to revoke your med pot permits because marijuana is clearly,
    bringing on some undesirable side effects..a couple of toll free calls to Ottawa and you will be dopeless in Vancouver.. trailing heat and kicked out of the med pot program forever
    If the Feds get complaints they will do it, because we are the public and you are Marc Emery wanna be assholes; you will end up in WiseGuy University just like him

    now smarten the fuck up

  4. Anonymous on

    I have an idea. In addition to the completely hopeless Free Marc campaign (unless you’re raising funds for an Apache helicopter), why not put MP’s feet to the fire about medical marijuana? Here’s a real injustice, Health Canada pretending that mail order weed of dubious potency, that will take a couple weeks to come (anybody got an accurate wait time on that?), is not the same as Oxycontin being available down the block at Shopper’s Drug Mart cash and carry. Get friggin’ real, Health Canada. What, it’s safe to have Oxy at all those drug stores but not Cannabis? Explain THAT!

  5. persecutedinalberni on

    awesome folks,right on good job and keep it up,hey well you guys are in harpers office why not ask when is Harper going to demand an investigations I have made against Port Alberni RCMP with their constant harassment.

    Tell them the genius in Alberni is still waiting to solve the abduction,torture and murders of of little children but has been waiting for close to thirty years for marijuaba laws to change.

    Tell him when a man knows he is the only one that can solve murders of little children but can’t untill the people come to their sences and demand an investigation into my accusations.

    The fact is the MAN doesn’t want the people to know I have been waiting for the laws to change for years and they don’t want you to know the true facts about the day I met Clifford Robert Olson and John Robin Sharpe before they were arrested while I was still in my teens.

    I was whistle blower and so our corrupt government let the law persecute me because they know I want total legalization of weed before I solve unsolved murders of children that as far as I can see no one gives a shit about.

    Let them know I will be at my location in Alberni every weekend with my signs untill emery is back in Canada,let them know I am coming for all the guilty slowly but surely one weekend at a time lol rofl.

    Again folks all you have to do is demand an explanation from these corrupt people like RCMP/ministry for children/EIC and watch what I can do.

    Untill then folks I will keep it nice and peaceful protests.