Free Marc Emery? Yes We Can

Sometimes it’s hard to wrap our minds around abstract things. Like when everyone said “Free Marc Emery,” but he was free, living in Vancouver. But now when we say “Free Marc Emery,” we are talking about a concrete thing. Marc is no longer free.

Protests are popping up all over Canada. People are outraged that a man can be sent to prison for selling plant seeds. Marc is a glaring example of the uselessness and waste of the War on Drugs. How much taxpayer money has the United States blown trying to put Marc away?

We all know that this has nothing to do with seeds. Governments are instinctively wary of grassroots movements (pun intended). Men like Marc, who can inspire the masses by their message, are Enemy Number One to entrenched power brokers.

And as many have learned over the centuries, taking on the government is – in most cases – a losing proposition. But as many have also learned, when one falls, there are more behind them ready to fight. Individuals lose their individual battles with those in power, but the groups that come after them use their story as inspiration – and we eventually taste victory.

The garbage heap of history is littered with the carcasses of oppressive governments. A wonderful thing in the big picture, but little solace to those men and women crushed under the wheels of arrogance and abuse.

Which is why we must use Marc as more than just inspiration for winning the battle over marijuana legalization…we must free Marc Emery.

Marc spending five years in an American prison can be seen as nothing but a defeat for our movement, no matter how many victories it leads to in the future. To leave one of our Generals as a prison of war to the enemy is unacceptable. But what can we do?

Marc’s brainchild and one of the world’s leading marijuana websites – Cannabis Culture – of course has many concrete steps we can take (some only apply to those in Canada):

How to help Marc:

1) Make a sign that says “America Must FREE MARC EMERY” and stand on a street corner for 2 hours this weekend. Just use a big piece of paper and a felt marker, or print a sign on your computer. If you truly support and want to help me, you need to help spread the word about my imprisonment in the USA.

2) Plan a protest at a Conservative Member of Parliament’s office in Canada. Information will be posted at so keep checking back for updates.

3) Take action! Do as many things as you can on the list of “75 Things You Can Do to Free Marc Emery”. Share it online through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other social networks.

4) Vote against the Conservative Party in Canada and support the opposition parties. Donate to the candidate in your riding who is most likely to replace/defeat your Conservative Member of Parliament. Protest and picket Conservative Party offices as often as possible – show them you mean business!

There are also more than 75 others things you can do to help free Marc. Again, many of these are for you Canadian readers, but many can be done by us here in the States. As Americans we must not lose sight of the fact that it is our government that is pressing our weaker neighbor to the north to sell out a citizen (although the Canadian Justice Minister did go above and beyond the call of duty in his decision).

Of course we are all busy people with our own lives, but this is not about devoting our beings to freeing Marc. It’s about all of us doing one or two things in our spare time; millions of voices directing their energy to the same goal. Let’s not assume that others will take care of it for us.

It’s not too much to ask to help a fellow warrior in need.

Joseph Klare is better known as The Pothead Pundit. He is a regular contributor to High Times and and runs the popular website The Pothead Pundit. With his addition to the roster of Cannabis Culture bloggers, he is now one of the most widely read marijuana activist writers in the world.