Raid on Smoking Club Suggests Michigan Medical Marijuana Laws Still Cloudy

Marijuana advocates are up in arms about a recent raid of a smoking club for registered medical-pot users in Williamston.

According to the Lansing State Journal, officers from a narcotics squad burst into the Green Leaf Smokers Club with guns drawn. A registered user who was there said smokers were forced to the ground and were eventually allowed to leave after presenting state-issued medical marijuana cards.

Today, authorities filed felony and misdemeanor drug charges against Frederick Wayne Dagit, 60, who operates the club.

Advocates claim it’s the first such raid on a smokers club since Michigan legalized medical marijuana, and the legal fallout could be a test case in a state where some of the legal issues remain — to use the adjective most commonly employed in pot stories — hazy.

Since state law neither explicitly forbids nor permits smoking clubs for medical marijuana patients, this qualifies as another example of a relatively new state law being reconciled with federal and local enforcement.

Just last month, Drug Enforcement Agency officers in Saginaw County raided the home of a registered grower and destroyed property. Earlier this month, police raided a medical marijuana facility in Holland owned by two patients. In February, a Kalamazoo woman was cleared of charges in what is believed to be the first medical-pot ruling in that county.

Smoking clubs are yet another gray area. The club was private and no marijuana was sold there. The Green Leaf had been open less than a month and had been the subject of controversy, and an investigation, since day one.

So, again, medical marijuana may be legal in Michigan, but the haziness persists.

– Article from Michigan Live.



  1. Anonymous on

    Let’s look at this on a different level. Michigan econamy is in termoil. State and Local Govt. are funded on a Federal level for the war on drugs.

    This is not a test of the law. This is a political agenda for the state to say that they made a major drug bust. This in turn can be given to the Federal level saying that they need more money for the war on drugs. Let’s be honest.

    How many actual illicit drug busts go on in Michigan let alone Oakland county, or any other county for that matter. The less money spent on police task forces in a given year means the less money they will receive on a Federal level for the following year.

    I know this because I use to be a Firefighter. If we did not spend our entire budget for a given year then the following year our budget would decrease for the next year leaving us with less money. So our Chief would have to spend the entire budget for that given year to at the very least get an equal amount of money for the next year.

    This now puts the cities and counties in a situation, if thier budget decreases then what will happen to their police force. It will have to decrease. Now I’m sure O/T is already cut along with hours, but let’s imagine this. Cutting out an entire drug task force due to not making any drug busts. Yes, we already know the chances of the federal Govt. comming in and prosecuting this scenario is probably going to be slim to none, so now we have to ask why they made the bust.

    I truly believe it has to do with budget cuts. I highly doubt i’m wrong on this.

    A little food for thought.

  2. David762 on

    Obama “talks the talk”, but doesn’t “walk the walk”. He’s just another fascist engaged in DoubleSpeak. The DEA raids on MMJ continue. Obama has bumped up the funding for the domestic War on Drugs. His new Drug Czar is just as much a totalitarian as the last Czar, and still spouting Ansinger’s propaganda. Plus, Obama has spun up a new and improved enforcement technique — going after drivers who test positive for marijuana, using the same old urine test that doesn’t show level of intoxication, only whether the test subject has smoked MJ in the past 30 to 60 days. Have you ever ripped a jay, and stayed stoned for the next 30 days? Didn’t think so …

    If this black Republican-lite President had been busted for MJ or coke as a young adult when he was a regular user, he wouldn’t have gone to college, or law school, or become President. The hubris and hypocrisy of this man is equal to that of Bush (43) and Clinton, IMHO. Hopefully Obama will be a 1 term President — now that is change I can believe in …

  3. Anonymous on

    I thought Obama was done raiding clubs.
    If I was him,i’d take care of what’s going on in the gulf of Mexico.
    Because the way hes handling this disaster now, hes not going to be around for a second mandate whether hes favorable to pot or not.

  4. David762 on

    Without carefully crafted pro-MMJ or re-legalization State legislation that precludes large grey areas subject to LE re-interpretation, the DEA and their minions in local LE will continue to chip away at State MJ laws. Our opponents in LE have vested interests to uphold, regardless of their actions being contrary to the will and intent of the States legislators and/or voters.

    The longer these battles are carried out by LEOs at the State level, the more the mask that conceals their fascistic non-democratic character slips away. The more that the Obama administration would like to re-label their draconian War on Drugs as something else, the more obvious their War Against People becomes — their latest argument regarding DUI is based upon a testing regimen that utterly fails to determine MJ intoxication levels. So much for the blather about science-based enforcement.

    Until such time as politicians at the national level decide to end both the War on Drugs and Prohibition 2.0, those various States that support MMJ and/or re-legalization of MJ need to consider parallel legislation that defunds local Drug Task Forces, or at least place them under strict civilian oversight. Stripping local LE para-military SWAT of their “toys”, as well as eliminating State forfeiture laws would go a long way toward defanging this police-state beast.

  5. Dave on

    Sounds like the feds are threatening to stop sending money unless the local bullies do something to show they are earning it. And what about forfeitures?