Raid on Smoking Club Suggests Michigan Medical Marijuana Laws Still Cloudy

Marijuana advocates are up in arms about a recent raid of a smoking club for registered medical-pot users in Williamston.

According to the Lansing State Journal, officers from a narcotics squad burst into the Green Leaf Smokers Club with guns drawn. A registered user who was there said smokers were forced to the ground and were eventually allowed to leave after presenting state-issued medical marijuana cards.

Today, authorities filed felony and misdemeanor drug charges against Frederick Wayne Dagit, 60, who operates the club.

Advocates claim it’s the first such raid on a smokers club since Michigan legalized medical marijuana, and the legal fallout could be a test case in a state where some of the legal issues remain — to use the adjective most commonly employed in pot stories — hazy.

Since state law neither explicitly forbids nor permits smoking clubs for medical marijuana patients, this qualifies as another example of a relatively new state law being reconciled with federal and local enforcement.

Just last month, Drug Enforcement Agency officers in Saginaw County raided the home of a registered grower and destroyed property. Earlier this month, police raided a medical marijuana facility in Holland owned by two patients. In February, a Kalamazoo woman was cleared of charges in what is believed to be the first medical-pot ruling in that county.

Smoking clubs are yet another gray area. The club was private and no marijuana was sold there. The Green Leaf had been open less than a month and had been the subject of controversy, and an investigation, since day one.

So, again, medical marijuana may be legal in Michigan, but the haziness persists.

– Article from Michigan Live.